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2015 Reading Challenge update

I have so far completed 41 of the challenges out of 50, so I’m a little over 80% through (82%, I believe). Here are the challenges I have completed: 723 more words


Why Are So Many Characters In Books Orphans?

I look back at the books I’ve read over the years and so many of the characters are orphans.  Or they’ve lost a spouse or sibling or child or best friend or everyone they ever loved.  321 more words


Summer Reading Pain

For all you students/former students out there, you probably know what summer reading is. It’s an assignment that takes place over the summer (duh) where you have to read certain books for a class the upcoming school year. 305 more words


Reading Slumps

I don’t have a creative title for this post. Bear with me here.

Anyway, for the past couple weeks, I have been in a reading slump. 221 more words


My Lifelong Love Affair With Fantasy Novels

I was a reader of fantasy long before I was a writer of it. Oh, sure, I have a notebook in a drawer somewhere where ten-year-old me started a story about a queen giving birth to a prince on a stormy night, but really growing up for me it was all about reading books not writing them. 670 more words

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Scholastic Points: Personal or School/Classroom Property?

The Question:

Do those of you who place monthly book orders consider the items purchased with bonus points PERSONAL or do you consider them SCHOOL/CLASSROOM property? 1,264 more words

Classroom Management

Help for Students reading ABOVE and BELOW grade level

The Question:

I have a kindergartener student who is reading far above grade level. What can I do to help her?

The Answers:


I have a child in my Transitional Kindergarten class whose reading level is at a 3rd grade level. 871 more words

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