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Scholastic Points: Personal or School/Classroom Property?

The Question:

Do those of you who place monthly book orders consider the items purchased with bonus points PERSONAL or do you consider them SCHOOL/CLASSROOM property? 1,264 more words

Classroom Management

Help for Students reading ABOVE and BELOW grade level

The Question:

I have a kindergartener student who is reading far above grade level. What can I do to help her?

The Answers:


I have a child in my Transitional Kindergarten class whose reading level is at a 3rd grade level. 871 more words

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Parental Tactics on Raising Readers

A study conducted by Scholastic Inc. in 2010 revealed that young people like to read because they read for fun and more importantly they have parents who are frequent readers. 179 more words


Fiction Fads: Wizards, Vampires, Dystopia, ???

Last week, I came across this infographic of a timeline of young adult historical fiction, and it got me thinking about subgenres of YA fiction. Book trends come in waves just like clothes and music. 323 more words

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Essay Thesis #1| The American Ideology: Our Socio-Institutional Internalization of Injustice and Inequality

Original Template

In discussions of racial discrimination, one controversial issue has been the persistent oppression of Black people. Michelle Alexander would argue _________. Ta-Nehisi Coates focuses instead on the obstacles to home ownership faced by people of color. 157 more words

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Everything is Better in List Form

I recently made a post about how I prefer written news to videos, but written news can be broken down into several different categories (tweets, articles, blurbs, summaries…). 225 more words

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