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Accessible Fantasy

Note: I’m going to be mostly talking about fantasy in this post so that’s the word I’ll use throughout, but Mieville’s book that I mention really falls more under the broader umbrella of speculative fiction. 863 more words

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You May Actually Like Fantasy Novels

Growing up I primarily read fantasy novels.  There was some science fiction thrown in there like Asimov and lots of Russian authors like Tolstoy and that time I snuck the whole Clan of the Cave Bear series behind my mom’s back.  366 more words

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Why Are So Many Characters In Books Orphans?

I look back at the books I’ve read over the years and so many of the characters are orphans.  Or they’ve lost a spouse or sibling or child or best friend or everyone they ever loved.  321 more words


My Lifelong Love Affair With Fantasy Novels

I was a reader of fantasy long before I was a writer of it. Oh, sure, I have a notebook in a drawer somewhere where ten-year-old me started a story about a queen giving birth to a prince on a stormy night, but really growing up for me it was all about reading books not writing them. 670 more words

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Scholastic Points: Personal or School/Classroom Property?

The Question:

Do those of you who place monthly book orders consider the items purchased with bonus points PERSONAL or do you consider them SCHOOL/CLASSROOM property? 1,264 more words

Classroom Management

Help for Students reading ABOVE and BELOW grade level

The Question:

I have a kindergartener student who is reading far above grade level. What can I do to help her?

The Answers:


I have a child in my Transitional Kindergarten class whose reading level is at a 3rd grade level. 871 more words

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Parental Tactics on Raising Readers

A study conducted by Scholastic Inc. in 2010 revealed that young people like to read because they read for fun and more importantly they have parents who are frequent readers. 179 more words