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The Tin Men

They say that if you want to be a good futurist, you should read science fiction. It is hard to argue that forward thinkers like George Orwell and Margaret Atwood and called a lot of things right in Animal Farm, 1984 and the Handmaids Tale. 108 more words


The Blockchain Revolution

“How the technology behind Bitcoin is changing money, business and the world.”

The book’s blurb is on the money.

Blockchain technology is revolutionary.

Forget bitcoin, The ICO bubble and the global crypto mania craze.

114 more words

The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis is one of my all-time favourite authors. Behavioural economics is one of my favourite subjects.

It is no surprise that I highly, highly recommend… 140 more words


You Are Not So Smart

If you understand how and why your mind plays tricks on you, you can not only learn to make better, more rational decisions, you can also learn how to manipulate others into agreeing with you and doing what you want them to do – otherwise known as “sales and marketing”. 28 more words

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