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The IED replaces the rock. Walking, breathing, soulless cadavers come home, missing their adrenaline fix and those who never made it back. Boys are numbed into fragile journeymen killers. 1,031 more words

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Book Club: "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins

This book may be about a girl on a train, but while reading it I was riding an emotional roller coaster.  Paula Hawkins’ murder mystery novel is set in the suburbs outside of London with the details revealed to the reader through three female narrators.   550 more words

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The Bell Jar

In all published fiction there is the legal disclaimer “All characters and events are a product of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” Sylvia Plath’s editor, Frances McCullough, in the prologue to the 25th anniversary edition of “The Bell Jar” affirms that this legal disclosure is substantially false. 514 more words

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Cré na Cille- The Dirty Dust

Imagine you are in a crowd. Everyone is having different conversations. You cycle between these conversations only catching snippets. Change the venue to the gossip of the interred in a Irish cemetery at the onset of World War II. 565 more words

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Book Remarks: Suggestions by Wendell Berry

The 3/20/15 issue of The Week features a book list chosen by Wendell Berry, who is one of the nation’s strongest advocates for wise land use to save our lives, as well as being a poet. 313 more words

Reading Suggestions

Rules for Old Men Waiting

I thought Peter Pouncey’s “Rule for Old Men Waiting” might be a bookend for “Nora Webster” which I just read and reviewed. Both are told from the perspective of spouses who had a very strong marriage. 314 more words

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Young Adult books for kids

Are you a great reader? Have you started to outgrow the kids section in your library? Look no further, because here are some suggestions of great books in the young adult section that won’t upset your parents too much. 389 more words