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Night at the Fiestas

I often ignore literary awards because of the hype. I am going to make an exception. Kirstin Valdez Quade, the author of the short story collection “Night at the Fiestas” was selected by Andre Dubus III (author of “House of Sand and Fog”) to be one of the 2014 recipients of the 5 under 35 award of the National Book Foundation. 923 more words

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The Body Where I Was Born

I don’t know if is still a feature at Yankee Stadium, but statisticians ran amuck when you attended a baseball game. It became a source of humor with my son to look at the scoreboard to see the latest announcement about how well a player was doing. 471 more words

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The Moor's Account

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca chronicled the1527 Narváez Expedition licensed by Carlos I to claim the Gulf of Mexico for Spain. Of the about 600 men who embarked on this exploration in search of gold comparable to that discovered in Mexico only four survived. 444 more words

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Paris Stories

I had been told that Mavis Gallant is a writer’s writer. A master of the short story whose tales for years found a home in the New Yorker. 1,357 more words

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The three book awards I follow (and why you should too)

Hello fellow OneFivers! My first book review will be coming up in the coming week. I’m taking my time with it, trying to make sure it’s something worth reading I know you’re all living in anticipation. 833 more words

Stone Mattress

For those of you who stay for the credits after a Monty Python movie there is a reward.

I have never understood why books include a note about the typeface. 904 more words

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The back jacket indicates that Peter Carey is available for select speaking engagements. I am thinking honorarium before I begin reading “Amnesia”. Peter Carey was a “Mad Man” in Australia, so self-promotion would not be inconsistent. 527 more words

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