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A Few of My Favorite "Snuggle Up" Books

Who doesn’t love a good book?! Something to snuggle up on a cold, Fall day and waste (in a good way) the day away. This time of year is perfect for such a book. 1,688 more words

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Richard Bausch’s novella is a slice of war: World War II, the Italian Campaign.

It could be a three person play. Joyner, a soldier with prejudices; Asch, a non-practicing Jewish soldier; and Marston, the immediate commanding officer, who is the “good soldier”. 146 more words

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I love the short story form, especially if it is done well. Edith Pearlman does it very well.

There is nothing exquisite about her prose. Her stories are plainly told. 1,641 more words

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Ice Breakers the First Week of School

During the first week of school, there’s always going to be ice breakers. Always.

Even though you’re a senior and this is your fourth year and you basically know everyone in your classes, the teacher will assume you don’t and yes, there WILL be ice breakers! 146 more words


His Own Man

The so-called dirty wars in South America that began in the 1970s and accounted for the disappearance and torture of thousands of citizens of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil is the backdrop for this novel. 702 more words

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They're Calling Out To Me

Have you ever tried to climb up a tall hill of sand? Now stop and think about all the great (and not so great) books that are being published which you really want to read. 391 more words


Dreams, Wishes and Life After Death

From Ronda on www.ModernOracleTarot.com

Q: Can you connect with someone who has died with a Tarot reading? ____ passed away suddenly four months ago. About a month ago, I started having dreams about talking with him. 1,095 more words

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