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Pat Barker’s Noonday is the final novel in her WWII trilogy. I previously read and reviewed Ghost Road, her Booker winning novel that was the final novel of her so-called  302 more words

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The Noise of Time

“Lenin found music depressing. Stalin thought he understood and appreciated music. Khrushchev despised music. Which is the worst for a composer?”

Julian Barnes’ does not answer this question in his biographical fiction “The Noise of Time”, which examines Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich’s life and travails in the Soviet Union. 463 more words

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Dermot Healy The Collected Short Stories

Dermot Healy was well-regarded by other Irish writers. I am not Irish.

The collection i read selections from included his 1982 published collection “Banished Misfortune and Other Stories.” The Editors’ Forward was helpful in understanding some of the stories I read. 176 more words

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This is a sensual gem. It is as relaxing as a good massage or warm bath or towel. A novella that if pages were compressed would be no longer than a short story. 225 more words

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Maps for Lost Lovers

In May, 2015 I very favorably reviewed Nadeem Aslam’s “The Biind Man’s Garden. Nadeem Aslam is to Pakistan, what Jhumpa Lahiri is to India. At some point in his career I would not be surprised if he is awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature. 1,211 more words

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The Bishop's Man

Linden MacIntyre’s “The Bishop’s Man” is a Giller Prize winning novel. It revisits the sexual abuse controversy in the Catholic Church. The venue is predominantly rural Canada, whose historic local fishing industry is vanishing. 169 more words

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