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Paris Stories

I had been told that Mavis Gallant is a writer’s writer. A master of the short story whose tales for years found a home in the New Yorker. 1,357 more words

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The three book awards I follow (and why you should too)

Hello fellow OneFivers! My first book review will be coming up in the coming week. I’m taking my time with it, trying to make sure it’s something worth reading I know you’re all living in anticipation. 833 more words

Stone Mattress

For those of you who stay for the credits after a Monty Python movie there is a reward.

I have never understood why books include a note about the typeface. 904 more words

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The back jacket indicates that Peter Carey is available for select speaking engagements. I am thinking honorarium before I begin reading “Amnesia”. Peter Carey was a “Mad Man” in Australia, so self-promotion would not be inconsistent. 527 more words

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Have a Great Reading Summer!

And here we are, at last!  Ten weeks of summer stretching before us.  Are you looking for reading ideas?  Check out these great resources over the summer: 186 more words


The Tusk That Did the Damage

As I was reading Tania James’ novel I kept thinking about Nikita Lalwani’s “The Village” which I reviewed in December, 2013. In both novels the BBC sends journalists to India to do a documentary. 253 more words

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A Summer's worth of Reading Suggestions...

School is almost over, and the summer reading season is about to begin.  Yippee!!
During the summer, there will be a new blog post every 10 days, featuring three or four titles for you to discover.  152 more words