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2016 Library Challenge: A Graphic Novel

Confession: I used to avoid graphic novels.

I didn’t have anything against them, per se. I mean, I liked fiction and I liked art, but the combination of the two of them just never occurred to me as something I’d want to read. 703 more words

2016 Book Challenge

Hermit shell, fraud, auto.

One of the wonders of creative nonfiction (CNF, to my fellow acronymers) is that pretty much anything goes, as long as it stays nonfiction.

If you’re concerned with the disappearance of communal eating, slap a one-handed soup container on a page and write an essay around it.( 219 more words


Quick Picks

Now that I’ve completed (read: survived) yet another first month of school, my state of denial has begun to waver. The increasingly weighty burden of eighty-some teens and their futures weighs heavily on my shoulders, which have already taken on their fall-semester slump. 613 more words

Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton is the basis for the highly acclaimed Broadway hip-hop musical “Hamilton”. Before this musical I thought Hamilton was the most underrated Founding Father of the United States and felt that a hip-hop version of his life would not do him justice.   557 more words

Book Review

2016 Library Challenge: A Book with a One Word Title

Off the top of your head, name a one word book title.

No cheating with Google or peeking at the nearest shelf of books!

I only torture you with this test because it actually took me an embarrassing amount of time to think of one word book titles when I first looked at… 667 more words

2016 Book Challenge


Pat Barker’s Noonday is the final novel in her WWII trilogy. I previously read and reviewed Ghost Road, her Booker winning novel that was the final novel of her so-called  302 more words

Book Review