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"To crave and to have are as like as a thing and its shadow."

So I wasn’t crazy about the opening paragraph in Housekeeping, as I explained recently.

But as I mentioned in that same post, Marilynne Robinson’s writing style is much less choppy, much more poetic, throughout the rest of the book. 186 more words


Here's An Example of Commas Gone Wild

Y’all know I’m big on opening sentences. The first page, the first chapter, of a novel really sets the tone.

So, when I came across this doozy at the beginning of… 343 more words


February 2015 Reading Plans

For some reason, I’ve declared this month as John Green Month. I don’t know – I just associate the author with love. Huh. So, yes, I’ll be reading some of his work, which is long overdue – they’re gathering dust on my shelves. 73 more words

Reading Updates

January Roundup. Reading slumps aren't meant for the first month of the year.

Welp, January is over and it’s nine days into February and I’m just putting up my “progress” for the previous month. Anyway, it was a massive failure – I have an incomplete challenge as early as the fourth week. 292 more words

Reading Updates

The Classics Club (7)

This is the seventh update on my TCC Challenge! I am one year and four months in (accordingly I have three years and eight months left) and have just finished my sixth (out of fifty) book! 99 more words

Reading Updates

"A Fragrant of Forgotten Experience"

A House for Mr. Biswas is full of beautiful passages.

But this one might be the best: 174 more words


Reading Failing... Need to Regroup

I am failing at reading… at least stuff that aren’t my textbooks at the moment.  I have seven textbooks for four classes and probably between 30-50 “articles” to read on top of all of that.   131 more words