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Site milestone and ‘Amercian,’ Odyssey: The Final Review

‘Odelle and Aslam make it to Barcelona, Spain, and are surprised that the person taking care of them is Luc’s ex-wife. Odelle attempts to meet with journalist Isabel Rainey but is intercepted by Colonel Glen and blackmailed that she is going to be branded as a traitor and deserter if she comes forward with her story and evidence. 752 more words

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Too Many Books?

I think you mean, not enough bookshelves. 24 more words

Tyson Adams

The Presence

It’s always a special moment for me when a story speaks into my life with something appropriate for the place I’m at. Unexpectedly, this book has done just that, more than once. 1,288 more words


Odyssey: Episode Twelve Review

‘While trying to stay incognito for their trip to Spain, Odelle and Luc face difficulties in deciding what is best for Aslam’s future. However, Odelle’s rescue of a drowning girl inadvertently places her in the spotlight as the event is witnessed by vacationing students. 833 more words

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Odyssey: Episode Eleven Review

‘Odelle finds herself at the mercy of a witch doctor.

Harrison and Peter temporarily cross paths, with both facing personal complications. Harrison learns of Ruby’s connections. 368 more words

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Parent Information Nights: 13 and 20 February

We’re grateful to all who came for the Parent Information sessions on Wednesday, 13 February. If you didn’t come, we’d like to understand the reasons so that we can continue to build and refine our Parent Information offerings. 68 more words

Parent Involvement

Prerequisite Readings: Cryptography

Please note that the posts in this blog assume readers are familiar with materials from the following two readings:

  1. UCLA CS 282A Notes by Rafail Ostrovsky…
  2. 26 more words