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#DuoDecAThon Day 004!

Hey guys,

So although I had planned to spend the entire day reading today, I did spend quite a bit of time with the family as I had all my nieces and nephews over and they were all ridiculously loud- so I couldn’t read even if I had wanted to. 807 more words


Half Bad: Sally Green

“I had sort of guessed that Celia had an issue with me, or rather with me being the son of you-know-who.”

You-Know-Who? Is it just me or did this book suddenly turn into Harry Potter? 394 more words


never looking back

“I went back to my notes, disinterested in the desire to be paid for doing what comes naturally, for business categorically destroys art by leading inexorably into pandering, playing always to the paying crowd, singing a sweeter song to please. 46 more words


'A Court of Thorns and Roses', Sarah J. Maas

Read it if you like reading about: Faeries, quests, permanent masks

Feyre is a hunter, trying her hardest to keep her family alive. When she kills a wolf and sells its pelt, she is dragged away by a faerie seeking revenge. 356 more words


Love Letters to the Dead By Ava Dellaira

This book is told in letters by Laurel to dead celebrities. She is a freshman in high school and she gets an assignment to write to a dead person. 103 more words


Color Coding Your Bible

Here’s an activity that can make your times of reading the Word of God more meaningful. If you give a verse from the Bible a specific color you will better understand what it is saying and will have it fresh in your mind through out the day. 45 more words