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Misinformation (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Elle Fiedacan

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It was a long time ago when people looked for Public Libraries and not Computer Shops to search on what they want to know in this world especially students who are now being modernized by the developments of our technologies. 405 more words


Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday

I understand how entertaining reading tweets and Facebook posts are but is that all we spend time doing all day and the other day? For the benefits of our souls, this should be minimized, because I believe the information we fill our heads and minds with from the social media aren’t always appropriate. 461 more words


The spoils of the library book sale.

I do think at times I have some psychic moments.

Since Thursday I have been thinking about this one library that I never go to.  I think I have been there once or twice maybe in the last several years, but only to run over a pick up a book they held for me, never having the time to browse around.   753 more words

Margaret Perdue

☕ Sunday Post #3 ☕

Morning sunshines!

Another lovely Sunday post coming right up for you guys.

So how is everyone today? i am great! sun is shining and kids are complaining lol. 154 more words

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Haiku Registry at The Haiku Foundation

The Haiku Registry is edited and managed by Billie Wilson, at The Haiku Foundation.

When I began my volunteer work in education at THF (2012), the registry was part of my general background reading.  67 more words


Reading Slump

Whether you’re a regular reader or an occasional one. I bet you’ve been there.

I used to think it was something that only happened to me probably due to lack of my ability to concentrate on one thing at a time & also my tendency to get bored of things quiet easily. 316 more words