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Friday Fifteen

Happy Friday, guys! I had a pretty good writing week, got to hang out with lovely bookish people last night (more below), and we’re heading into a long, relaxing weekend, so I’m feeling good. 67 more words


Interview with St Brigid Press

“Much of our experience takes place in an interior landscape. But … the most mindful way to access that seems to be through the external landscape.” 43 more words


How can you tell if the psychic or medium is real?

How can you tell if the psychic or medium is real?

Let’s face it, there are some not so good psychics and mediums out there. So, how can you tell if the psychic is actually psychic and not making things up? 432 more words


25 May – Together Forever by Ron Fernee

For ScriptTank’s next meeting on 25 May we have Ron Fernee’s stage play Together Forever – a comedy-drama with a supernatural twist.

Nick and Nancy’s future looks set. 145 more words


What is Channeling?

Channeling is essentially the ability to connect with a higher source to bring through information. You do this by going into a trance or meditative state. 621 more words


Mental Mediumship Vs. Physical Mediumship

What is the difference between mental mediumship and physical mediumship?

Mental mediumship is when the medium is the translator for the spirit. The medium will use their four clairs (clairvoyance, claircognizant, clairsentience and clairaudience) to communicate with spirit and relay the messages to the client. 480 more words

How To

11 May – The King's Head by Barry Staff

ScriptTank’s next reading on 11 May will be The King’s Head by Barry Staff.

In The King’s Head two ‘ordinary Joes’ – George VI and his socialist prime minister Clement Attlee – must find common ground to overcome major resistance to their extraordinary ambitions to create an equitable Britain in the form of  Winston Churchill, who opposes their attempts to forge an even-handed society, and their respective wives. 75 more words