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Astrorisa - Mini Libra Full Moon 4-11-17

Written by Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade

April 11, 2017

Libra Full Moon 21° in House 9

Aries Sun 21° in House 3

2:08 AM EDT… 235 more words

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Venus Я in Pisces squaring Saturn Я Apr.-Aug. 2017

Written by Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade

For The Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Obaluaiye’s planet, Saturn will officially go retrograde April 6, 2017 at 27° in the sign of Sagittarius in house 1. 334 more words

Spiritual Toolbox

If you only have a way to figure out how much I missed talking to you, what would you do? To tell you honestly, I’ve been battling all the temptations inside me to drop a message in your inbox to tell all the things I wanted to say, most especially the fact that I truly and deeply missed conversing with you. 209 more words


Note to Everybody about Sadness

As we age, life keeps on getting harder and tougher. Our emotions falter from time to time. Most of the times we feel something we couldn’t define. 291 more words


When the Idea of Missing you Hit me

I really missed talking to you where our stories to share stumbled upon one another. I really missed those days when we used to sleep at midnight just to simply converse about random things about our childhood, perspectives and beliefs and lives. 141 more words


First New Moon of Spring – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Monthly Lunar Workstudy with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring. I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. 1,219 more words

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English Student Society Symposium

Celebrate the end-of-term with an evening of food, drinks, and student lectures at the English Student Society Symposium! Students are encouraged to sign up and give a short presentation on a topic related to English Language and Literature. 67 more words