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Five Simple Things to Do when You're Having a Rough Day

  1. Wash your face. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that it’s just another bad day but everything is going to be alright. And in case you made a petty mistake, keep telling yourself that you are simply a human being, imperfect but capable of learning.
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3 April – Sunrise by Richard Cosgrove

On Monday, 3 April, ScriptTank will be hearing Sunrise – a horror-thriller by Richard Cosgrove.

This will be the last ScriptTank reading before Easter. Readings will begin again in May. 155 more words


Iraqi-American author visits UWaterloo

Announcing “In The Market of Sex Slaves,” a talk and reading by Dunya Mikhail. Mikhail will relate the true stories of heroism, liberation, and sometimes failure, told to her by Abdullah, a bee keeper, forced into the profession of saving captive women from Da’esh (ISIS). 82 more words


Just a Random Journal Entry

As I was walking along the street towards my office with my headphones on, my attention was suddenly veered into the falling dried leaves across the other lane. 112 more words


Food and Drink

” Jesus answered, ‘ It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”   Matthew 4:4


Please look at me like I am made of star dusts. I know I am a mess; miseries were stitched in my fiber, skin and bones but I can feel, at least, wonderfully created if you do me that simple favor. 36 more words


To Love Someone Like Me

To love me means also loving to hear all the raging thoughts in my head at one in the morning when all of my frustrations suddenly burst; it also means embracing all the quirkiness wrapped around my entirety like adoring how beautiful the stars up above midnight or how the clouds move in a slow motion to form warriors and knights; it may as well mean coming with me at Mcdonald’s when I crave for some fries and sundae at two in the morning; it’s also defined as listening to my senseless and repetitious stories about my dreams, fantasies and everyday life. 498 more words