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1/21/2017 是日牌









Self-doubt: Follow up

I wanted to post a quick note as a follow up to yesterday’s post about self-doubt. I did two readings, a chakra clearing, and Reiki on a dog this afternoon, and after doing so realized that spiritual guidance is probably what would help me pull out of my funk the best. 42 more words

I like your work: art and etiquette

“The auction houses, museums, the galleries, the artists, the curators all have their unwritten rules and they all intersect.”

  • A lot of rules and expectations in the art world are based on common sense, and the understanding that there is a social hierarchy.
  • 198 more words

The Universal Survey Museum

“The museum’s primary function is ideological,” to serve as a place of worship, and to signal the importance of it’s inhabitants: artwork. I wonder at the constraints of the religious sentiment of the museum, and the resulting effect a museum has on the art itself. 686 more words


Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space Brian O’Doherty

“Galleries are a place of worship. Art is a religion.”
The gallery creates a space out of time, allowing the concept of eternal beauty and immortal artworks, and yet the gallery maintains a form structured from the modernist perspective, and does not evolve through time. 258 more words


Museum, Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Danny Danziger

A collection of interviews detailing the systems and structures in place that ensure the successful function of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Malcolm Daniel Interview, likely questions: 87 more words


First Week of School

So this past week school started for me- and it was met with a ton of complications. The biggest one being- my schedule literally changed almost every day! 313 more words