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Through the Eyes of Tarot - Mars in Sagittarius - August 2 through September 27, 2016

At long last, Mars returns to Sagittarius after several exhilarating, scary, intense months in Scorpio. As activity and attitudes take on a less serious note, while there is still so much which seriously needs to be done, manifestation is on the minds of everyone. 868 more words


7 Rules To Conisder While Praising

“Words are powerful, more powerful than swords,” my mother read out loud while pointing to a line in a newspaper she was reading. Witnessing how my passion for writing was growing, she encouraged me with her words to let me believe more in the value of what I’m doing. 387 more words


Picture Reading: The House Fire

My Opinion:

Imagine in the night, you are awakened and it’s dark.

But baby is crying, screaming, then crying, then

screaming. Just groggy and waking up to oddness in… 140 more words


My Opinion:

At first glance-over this seemed to be a harmless photo.

But … no, it’s not.

The gentleman is seated on Mayan architecture. He has… 135 more words


Picture Reading: Husband Fishing and the Little Girl Close By

A woman was taking photos of her husband as he was fishing in a

remote location that they had to hike to get to. There was no one… 85 more words


Skilled Visions 4

Today, I spent most of the day walking a small part of the Freedom Trail (the Paul Revere part) with my family, who was visiting. I did find time in the evening, however, to finish Skilled Visions, the final chapter and the epilogue. 545 more words