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WK 33A (2017)

Jesus is driving home that those who achieve goodness are those who have learned the one lesson that supersedes all others: the woman, man, or child sitting next to us is Jesus Christ. 170 more words


Featured Card of the Day - 4 of Wands - 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist: Marlon Teunissen

Website: http://www.dreamchasergallery.com


Joy, celebration, harmony

Artist Interpretation

The four of wands is a card that stands for celebration, harmony, marriage, home and community, and is one of the more happy and positive cards in the deck. 311 more words


The Weekly Text, November 22, 2017

The minute I viewed, as a middle school student, Alain Resnais’s short but magisterial film on the Holocaust, Night and Fog (there is a lesson plan for this film elsewhere on this blog–a simple search from the home page will take you to it) I became interested, perhaps obsessed, with authoritarian political movements. 207 more words


Cross Border Book Talk with Karen Dionne - TOMORROW!

Please join us for a spectacular event at Biblioasis! I’m hosting the great Karen Dionne – author extraordinaire for an intimate interview. Karen will answer all my probing questions then she’ll read for us, and  251 more words

On Writing

Card of the Day - 10 of Swords - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

There has been so much stress in recent years, and many methods have been tried to alleviate it. It appears now the dawn is rising off in the distance and all of the betrayals of the last five years are lifting. 367 more words


Nov. 25, 2017 (Luke 19:45-48)

Jesus upsets the selling and buying of animals in the Temple. He knew He was a marked man yet took on the religious authorities for turning the house of God into a “house of thieves.” The courage of Jesus is not just something for us to admire. 19 more words


Nov. 22, 2017 (2 Mac 7:1, 20-31)

The First Reading is the story of the martyrdom of a mother and her 7 sons by the Greeks for refusing to eat pork, representative of they’re obeying Torah. 59 more words