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Card of the Day - The Tower - Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Tower is one of the most-feared cards of the Tarot deck. This Tower does not feel so ominous today. Previously, its appearance has respresented such things as the implosion of your life (you’ve been working on cleaning up the rubble), but today has an element of surprise to it. 301 more words


44Square Launch

We will be launching the 2016 issue of the 44Square Literary Journal on 31st May 2016 at 19:30.

Please do come along to:

The Rudder Room, Wallacespace St. 65 more words

Launch Night

Corpus Christi (2016)

The Eucharist is a communal act of remembering and worshiping that tells us to go forth and live in the world what we celebrate in the church. 72 more words


I have read that..

All it takes is ONE IDEA discovered in a single book to LIFT YOU to a whole new level and revolutionize the way you SEE the world.


Psychic chats by phone in your comfort zone

I am Christine and I am pleased to meet you.  I have been interested and active in the ‘clairvoyant’ side of life since I was very young.   838 more words


The Importance of Helping Others in Personal Fulfillment

It has been a fantastic couple of days. I have had readings each of the past two nights and they have both been really good. I really feel like the reading I did on Wednesday night really taught me something, and that is the importance of spirit work and the ability to provide people with much needed closure and the ability to release things that they have been holding on to. 266 more words

Card of the Day - 10 of Wands - Friday, May 27, 2016

Again with the Wands! Fire and change, I’m really liking this depiction. Generally, you see a figure weighed down by the burden of trying to carry 10 sticks on their own. 363 more words