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Peace is only a choice away

This is a good card for me. It is reminding me to choose peace in all things. It’s easy to forget that our emotions are actually a choice. 158 more words

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What you should know about Clairvoyant or Psychic Readings ! 295 more words


15 December - ScriptTank Shorts Night and Festive Drinks

On the 15 December, ScriptTank will be holding a special Shorts Night – which we need scripts for – and our annual Christmas Drinks.

First, we’ll be hearing short scripts from a selection of writers. 176 more words


The Cost of Discipleship: Introduction

As a reminder: what follows is a brief attempt on my part to follow what Bonhoeffer is on about in this section of The Cost of Discipleship, concluding with some brief impressionistic reflections on my part. 759 more words


Rotten Reviews: Emily Dickinson

“An eccentric, dreamy, half-educated recluse in an out-of-the-way New England Village–or anywhere else–cannot with impunity set at defiance the laws of gravity and grammar…. Oblivion lingers in the immediate neighborhood.” 24 more words


Featured Card of the Day - The Tower - 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Artist: PeeMonster

Website: PeeMonster.com


Turmoil, sudden change, rude awakening, revelation, new beginnings

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“When I was given this card, I knew exactly what I wanted to convey – the turmoil and pain associated with a sudden change in one’s life, perhaps anticipated prior. 278 more words


Card of the Day - Knight of Cups - Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This is always one of everyone’s favorite cards. Today, depending on where you live, it is representative of the Pisces Moon, or the moon being void of course. 435 more words

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