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Card of the Day - King of Wands - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Look at you taking charge! The King of Wands has a vision, and is able to enact the necessary plans and changes to make it happen. 367 more words



The piece below is a Swiss style design made by Joseph Muller-Brockmann. While the piece features circular elements on the outside the text is obviously arranged on a grid. 35 more words

Up Close & Personal!

In-House Tarot Readings!

Next Millennium
3141 N 93rd St, Omaha NE

I’ll be giving live in-house Tarot Readings
at Next Millennium 
on this date:

Friday, April 27th… 72 more words


Manga Review: Bouken Erekitetou

This set in the early 1990’s, Miruka is a licensed pilot, sea-plane to be exact, working along with his grandfather for deliveries from island to island. 707 more words



Today is April 25th. On this day in 1874, Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, who brought wireless telegraphy to the world, was born. Also, on this day in 1990, the  72 more words


Emphasizing Digital Mentorship

Throughout this weeks readings, I could not stop thinking about the book I read last quarter, Screenwise. In Screenwise, Heitner emphasizes the importance of parents engaging with their children and technology and mentoring their children while they are learning and developing new skills about tech. 332 more words


Module 15: Final Revisions (hopefully) (5/2)

Timeline slides input into Googledoc. Revise and refine.

Blog Post: See the Course Blog or Slack for this week’s prompt; due by 11:59pm on 5/9.