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Love and Finance Tarot Guidance - May, 2016 

This is a special and rare month. The first nine days feature five retrograde planets and a New Moon! You are gearing up to make your way to the future for which you have long hoped. 240 more words


Return to the Secret Garden - or, on Fanfiction

If you’ve read this blog before you may have picked up on the fact that I love Burnett’s The Secret Garden. It is one of the few novels that I return to at least once every year, and its warming charm has not been lessened in the slightest. 789 more words


Readings on Evolution

“Evolution is a light illuminating all facts, a curve that all lines must follow.”  Teilhard de Chardin

“What is evolution if not creative adaptation and the progression of our own souls?” 1,396 more words


Easter WK6C (2016)

In the ancient world, if you didn’t have an “inside source,” or a “Paraclete,” you were certainly not in the know.” In today’s Gospel, Jesus guarantees that the Father will give His followers a “Paraclete” who will give them enormous peace, a peace that the world cannot give. 11 more words


Is there Room for a Social Justice Warrior in the Future?

Amy Wallace writes in WIRED’s November 2015 issue about the battle for diversity in science fiction. I still don’t quite understand how such a outspoken group of authors managed to seize control of the nomination ballots, or how the voting panel (apparently it costs $40 to register to vote) so easily defeated these whitewashed proposals (with votes instead for “No Award,” but the argument itself is a familiar one. 599 more words


In the End, We Become Them

Andy Greenberg’s piece for WIRED (April 2015) on the struggle to smuggle information into North Korea is very readable. But while the cause is obviously just–expose an indoctrinated people to the reality of the outside world in the hopes that they will revolt against their oppressive, tyrannical government–I wonder just a little bit if the means (propaganda) aren’t committing the exact same sin of omission, in the fact that we’re carefully curating the sort of contraband that we ship into North Korea. 428 more words


I have read that..

Love is when you are as concerned about someone else’s situation as you are about your own.