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Video Review: India.Arie "Ready For Love"

As India.Arie plays her guitar, the camera focuses on her glossy lips.

On stage, she performs in a small venue. A guitarist plays while a woman listens. 271 more words

Music Video

This Is What It Means To Marry Young

I know that right now the trend among Millennials is to put off marriage. Many men and women are waiting until their late twenties or even early thirties to tie the knot, remaining unattached in those initial years of adulthood. 1,220 more words


The worst thing I ever did was fall in love with someone that wasn’t ready to love. You can’t teach or force someone to move forward with you. 236 more words

This Is Me Ready To Love Again

I’ve faced all my demons of the past. I’ve come to accept all my regrets and more than that learn to live with them. The ghosts no longer haunt me. 692 more words

Week 10: Jojo and JoRo

It’s the final countdown. Two men, one rose. One stays, one goes. Let’s get to it.

We begin with Jojo’s family and come to realize she has a sister. 1,257 more words

What's next...

There always seems to be a challenge. Our lives can’t possibly be perfect and everything will never line up to be utopia. What purpose would we find in our lives if it was always bliss. 241 more words

June 28, 2016: Are you ready for love?

Hello June,

are you ready for love? I am in a test mood so I took this one, in Psychologies and apparently I am. So much the better. 82 more words