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There always seems to be a challenge. Our lives can’t possibly be perfect and everything will never line up to be utopia. What purpose would we find in our lives if it was always bliss. 241 more words

June 28, 2016: Are you ready for love?

Hello June,

are you ready for love? I am in a test mood so I took this one, in Psychologies and apparently I am. So much the better. 82 more words


It's Okay If Love Doesn't Find Me

Hello Love.

I know you haven’t found me yet. But I just want to say that it’s alright.

You don’t have to find me anytime soon. 340 more words

Ready for Love Checklist:

Love is beyond beautiful … but only when we are ready for it!

Before we consider entering into a relationship, we should go through the “Ready for Love Checklist”. 632 more words


Ready For Love (again)

My heart is ready for love again.
Preparing my mind to do the same.
It’s telling me to keep on looking
“don’t settle for the first man I find”. 9 more words


From Nothing Comes Something and other 100 word vignettes


Little is left of the God
When the eyes the ears
The senses that feed one’s brief being
With the fruits of living… 602 more words

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