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Love Waits Until You're Ready For It

I wish I could put into words then the ones I can now that are telling you I wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready to accept love, because I was nowhere close to accepting myself. 687 more words

You know you're ready for love when...

Of course we all want love…but how many of us are truly ready for it? The truth is, you can’t ever really prepare for it. You just have to be ready to give it. 536 more words


Lyrically- Ready For Love.

We’re still on the India Arie train, last week I put up Can I walk with you which is one of my absolute favourite songs and which I have listened to more than a hundred times this week. 442 more words


I'm Really Glad You Weren't Ready For A Love Like Mine

You took me by surprise, coming into my life at a time when I was still learning to love myself. At first you were sweet, thoughtful, spontaneous and always bringing out the best in me. 927 more words

Read This When You Become Tired Of Waiting For Your Forever Person

We sat on the sofa watching Wedding Crashers on the big screen. It’s that scene where Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are standing on the balcony. 573 more words

This Is The Difference Between A Man And Woman's Idea Of 'Timing' (And Why It Makes Dating So Difficult)

I don’t believe in love, but I believe in timing. Everything in life is dependent on timing. “The one that got away” is the classic bad timing fairytale. 652 more words

Be complete before relationship.

Two years ago my heart was broken. I was broken. I truly believed that I could never be capable of loving someone so much ever again. 634 more words