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Vangibath powder

“Vangibath powder”is readily available in the market. But I prefer the home made one. This gives an authentic south Indian taste to my dishes.

I make it once a month and use this for, of course making the vangibath ;). 108 more words


Musuem visit

I took a day to visit the history of science museum and the Ashmoleon museum, in order to draw, observe and find objects to use or draw from in my design. 161 more words

Ready Made

Readymade: Idea development, concepts and artists analysis

Having researched readymade art and experimented with mold-making, I am beginning to develop a piece. I am interested in the way that artists like Ai Wei Wei and Damien Hirst have developed Duchamp’s idea of commenting on and changing the value of an object by setting readymade objects in a gallery environment, asking the viewer to question the value of modern art in contrast with historic artifacts and heritage (Wei Wei) and modern science and medicine (Hirst), and to consider how society values these things and why. 441 more words

Ready Made

Ready Made: transforming the readymade

As I researched readymade art further, I began to understand how the readymade could be used as a material as well as a subject, and how through various techniques of altering the object, changing it’s material, reacreating it multiple times, rearanging and repainting it, artists are able to make a comment on the nature of that object and it’s value. 381 more words

Ready Made

Ready Made: Placement and Context

I began my research considering well known pieces of ready made art, and how they use the context of the gallery in combination with their chosen object to make a comment. 81 more words

Ready Made