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roasted crushed new potatoes

“The corporate model over-produces food that poisons us, destroys soil fertility, is responsible for the deforestation of rural areas, the contamination of water and the acidification of oceans and killing of fisheries. 685 more words


10 Things I Learned During My Ilumi Challenge

A few weeks ago I embarked on a challenge unlike no other. The Ilumi Challenge. It was something no-one has ever done before. 10 Meals. 10 Days. 856 more words

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Night Shifts

Oh man, night shifts!

What can I say. Not only do they mess up with your body clock and you sometimes forget what day of the week it is but it is difficult to plan meals around your night shifts too. 238 more words

Weight Loss


Encouraging folks to eat better, has, as you can imagine, it’s challenges. You are essentially asking them to change their habits and stop eating a lot of the foods (usually quite processed) that the love. 529 more words

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French tarragon and olive oil ice cream

I wonder how many of you in the UK have come across those large delivery lorries with a “3663” logo painted on the sides and wondered what just what the “3663” represented. 601 more words

Gluten Free