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Love your leftovers

Just the word ‘leftovers’ gives the suggestion of something unwanted, the remains. To some it symbolises a lack of wealth and prosperity, a need rather than a desire, and therefore something that’s undesired. 340 more words

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British People Can't Cook


So according to several polls, although British people love food, they’re not actually very good at cooking.  With a lack of time, lack of knowledge and food costs being just some of the many factors that influence modern day food choices and a decline in good ole home cooking time.   548 more words


Cooking from scratch

I remember once reading a book where one character complained to another, ‘you have no food in this kitchen, just ingredients’.  I don’t recall anything else about the book, not the author or the title or the storyline. 577 more words

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American style ready meals: The Shack

If you shop in Iceland regularly then you may have spotted some new American inspired ready meals. Kerry foods recently launched nine meals under “The Shack” brand. 337 more words


The Challenge of an Awkward Timetable

Having just looked at my meals for the week gone, I am very conscious that they all look various shades of red and brown. I swear I am eating healthily, I am just really not that fond of green vegetables and some much of my week has been eating my frozen ready meals – most of which were made last month using an unbelievable number of cans of tinned tomatoes. 420 more words



The ready meal industry is worth over £2bn a year and whilst there are a handful of halal ready meal brands, there are none that offer healthy, nutritious ingredients without compromising on taste and quality. 457 more words


Meat processing with the Terlotherm

For those of our readers who were unable to join us at PPMA this year, the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger from Terlotherm made a stir as one of the star features on Holmach’s stand. 275 more words