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Lemony Snicket

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

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Now that you have hopefully answered these eight questions, you should be able to know exactly what you want and find your metal frame quickly and easily. 187 more words

Lets Get Ready to Plunder Funny Pirate Sword TShirt To

Take a look at Elizabeth Swann’s sword. Her slim cut lady like sword is truly exquisite. Elizabeth’s sword is 36 inches long and made of stainless steel. 228 more words


Lets Get Ready to Plunder Funny Pirate Sword

Sao Feng was also featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. His sword is a Chinese pirate sword made of stainless steel. It measures 35 inches long and has an image of the raging sea on the blade. 294 more words

For Lets Get Ready to Plunder Funny Pirate Sword

The scimitar is an elegant sword from years gone by. It’s an authentic blade used by actual pirates from history. The scimitar has a curved blade and can be rather lengthy. 303 more words

Simplifying Lets Get Ready to Plunder Funny Pirate Sword

When should I clean my tank? You should clean your tank once every two months unless you can really tell it needs cleaned before then. Why should I clean my… 347 more words


summer's over

get ready for the wind and the masks and the strangers on your doorstep. all my friends wanna know what happened to who i said i was gonna be by now; “where is she? 30 more words

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