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4 years of college education to prepare me for nursing wasn’t enough to make me ready.

I wasn’t ready to watch the first patient die as I pushed the morphine he needed for his pain. 267 more words


The Best Hiking Boots Under $200

If you’re starting to get serious about back country hiking, it’s time to ditch your old sneakers and get into a pair of high quality hiking boots.   1,107 more words


The 5 Coolest Concealed Gun Storage Options

When storing your weapons at home, it’s incredibly important that they’re safely out of sight from children and other untrained individuals. It is however also important to consider how you would access your weapons in an emergency situation such as a break-in. 195 more words


How To Use A Tactical Pen For Self Defense

Why do you need a tactical pen? While nearly everything can be a weapon of some kind, it’s reassuring to have the security of knowing that you’re carrying a tactical pen that can also save your life in a self defense situation. 403 more words


The Ultimate Camping Checklist

All the Things You Need to Survive In the Wilderness

I love me some campin’! And I’m sure you do too. But apparently our short-term memory can only hold onto 7 things before breaking down in the “did you remember to pack…” area. 1,198 more words


Cool DIY Video: Free Gasoline from Wood, Plastic or Trash

We’ve all probably thought about finding ways to get gasoline more cheaply. For me, it was the last time I filled up my car. But what is your plan for fuel when SHTF? 384 more words