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Playing Hide & Seek With God

Hide & Seek.

I’ve played a LOT of Hide & Seek in my lifetime…

And, as I think back to the games I’ve played, one thing sticks out in my memory. 184 more words

Christian Living

in the cold light of morning

coffee breath
cigarette stained fingers

long bursts of yawns
fidgety stretching, inhaling deeply
office talk
finance, weather, small town crimes

ears popping
overly caffeinated… 7 more words


Devotionals For Leaders: Be Ready

Be ready in season and out of season. —2 Timothy 4:2

Feelings are not reliable when it comes to readiness. If we wait until we WANT to get ready, the feelings may never come. 326 more words


Ready for the Hike

As the 5-day hike approaches, Doug has had a few dress rehearsals.  Here are some pictures of his gear that will be traveling with him along the trail … 44 more words


Seller's Advice: Hiring a Handyman

As you get ready to sell your home, you may discover the need to make numerous repairs and updates. But when do you have the time? 31 more words

Evil Sheep

24th April 2015
By Becki Ashton

The evil sheep come

When they are ready

When there is enough of them