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Observations after watching School of Saatchi

“I feel insulted to have to look at this”. It looked like crap.

Why am I writing about a reality TV show about aspiring artists from 2009? 2,407 more words


Switzerland Alps Ready-made by JM Architecture

This Switzerland Alps ready-made by JM Architecture is really a small yet monolithic construction that comparison with the hill scenery. Nearby building program code stated the fact that structure required a black color pitched roofing. 9 more words

Jeff Koons review

Jeff Koons Review at Newport St gallery

This is a collection of Koons work that has been created by his friend Daimen Hirst. This is the first time this much of his work as been shown in the UK. 663 more words


'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom And Aline Brosh McKenna On Making Music And Writing Together

By Antonia Blyth

Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) wasn’t necessarily looking to do TV comedy when she stumbled on Rachel Bloom. “I was procrastinating at work,” McKenna says, “and I saw one of Rachel’s videos and I was so smitten with it that I then just watched as many of her videos as I could find.” 848 more words

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Dreams come true

Dreams can drown you like the violin sound drowns the piano’s song just to lift it back up in all it’s beauty. Catch that moment and make it real, swinging from the haze of your mind. 97 more words

Textile Art

How To "Stay Beat In The Heat" [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

D.C. celebrity make-up artist Kym Lee has done make up for many famous faces, including Erica Campbell! She joins Erica and GRIFF on air to discuss how the ladies can keep their faces beat in the heat. 160 more words

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