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Timing is everything


A friend posted:

Just saw that people in America living at or below the “poverty level” has doubled in the past 5 years! Good times!!!!!

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Income Inequality

The revolution has been televised

I’m not referring to the revolution that Gil Scott Heron warned us about.  I’m talking about a more recent revolution that has been taking place on American soil.  963 more words


Term limits; or, How to win my vote and prevent the do-nothing climate that led to Trump

I am not a Trump enthusiast.

I am not anti-Trump either.

I am trying to look at this from a pragmatic perspective and determine how we got to this point in our current political process. 1,920 more words

Just Musing

There's something Toxic in Michigan (and its not just Flint's water supply)

Flint, Michigan residents have been drinking and bathing in lead-poisoned water for almost two years. Yesterday, the Environmental Law Society and Sustainability Program co-sponsored a panel at USD Law School to examine various aspects of this tragedy and to raise money for the residents of Flint. 1,102 more words


Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! May the Reagan Revolution Continue!

May the Reagan Revolution continue!
Hopefully this is the time we have waited for. Hopefully we can elect a conservative president again after three long decades without one. 42 more words


American Myths

One thing you’ll notice when discussing libertarianism with the unconverted is that their first protestations will likely pertain to a current political situation or the implications the philosophy has for interpreting past historical events. 999 more words

Central Government

Reagan Democrats Meet Trump Republicans

I’m not a political animal. My views on just about everything are all over the map. Voting with my feet is my preferred form of political expression. 405 more words