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Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! May the Reagan Revolution Continue!

May the Reagan Revolution continue!
Hopefully this is the time we have waited for. Hopefully we can elect a conservative president again after three long decades without one. 42 more words


American Myths

One thing you’ll notice when discussing libertarianism with the unconverted is that their first protestations will likely pertain to a current political situation or the implications the philosophy has for interpreting past historical events. 999 more words

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Reagan Democrats Meet Trump Republicans

I’m not a political animal. My views on just about everything are all over the map. Voting with my feet is my preferred form of political expression. 405 more words

Glenn Beck : Michael Reagan Interview: The New Reagan Revolution

Source: Glenn Beck: Michael Reagan Interview: The New Reagan Revolution

The Ronald Reagan that I most respected, was the Ron Reagan before he became President. Even though he did some good things as President as well. 551 more words

Republican Party

Reagan's farewell address: a warning (and how!)

Hello and welcome to part 4 of our series on Reagan’s farewell address of January 1989. In this section, the final one, Reagan shares his final thoughts on our nation’s history and identity, and gives his parting presidential warning. 2,413 more words

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