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And it Just Keeps Rising

The graph above illustrates the the number of incarcerated American over the timespan of 1920 through 2006. As pointed out in graph, there was a huge spike in the number of incarcerated Americans with the creation of for-profit prisons with the CCA in 1984. 29 more words


Trumpomics and Reagans lost legacy

The spirit of neoliberal market capitalism is back with vengeance. Republicans love to say how big, costly and ineffective governments are. One of the most popular presidents, Reagan stated his wish to become President was for to give back the country to the people. 968 more words


You don't save the middle class by making the rich richer

You do not save America’s middle class by making the country’s rich even richer. You save America’s middle class by making America’s middle class stronger. Making the country’s rich even richer DOES NOT make America’s middle class stronger. 48 more words

Donald Trump

Get It, Got It, Gold 2 - The Presentation

Nearly a couple of months ago now we reported on Grant Williams’ December Things that make you go hmm…(TTMYGH)  newsletter entitled Get it, Got it, Good  which in turn was based on Grant’s presentation at last year’s Mines and Money London given in December, shortly after the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. 483 more words

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My Hometown and McMansion Hell

I grew up in a small town that, over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, became a “small town.” If you grew up in one of these towns during that era, you probably know exactly what I mean. 1,098 more words

Urban Geography

THE Best Report On What's Wrong and How to Fix It

In my opinion, one of the best writers (not a journalist but I would call him one) on history and politics is Samuel C. Spitale… 421 more words

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Trump and Reagan

A couple of days ago I had an interesting debate hosted by France 24, on Trumponomics. Interesting because there was an overall agreement between me and Dan Mitchell from Cato Institute, even if from totally opposite points of view, on the fact that Trumponomics does not exist. 288 more words