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A MODEL FOR ESTABLISHING SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE U.S.: The Dream of Progressives, the Bane of Conservatives

A Citizen’s Perspective

A brief prologue:

I want to be clear at the outset; I do not want my government building my automobile, manufacturing my clothes, growing my… 10,122 more words

Social Justice

Osun jumbo loan (Conclusion): N19b; N30b & Others - Tola Adenle


This is NOT a good omen from Osun State, Governor Aregbesola, especially with the outstanding Oyinlola’s N19 billion loan. Or has that been paid?  559 more words


Seder And Caller Discuss Tax Policy / Reaganomics

Sam Seder / Majority Report

Many conservatives believe that if you lower taxes on the wealthy, tax revenue will go up – a core belief of “Reaganomics.”   Majority Report’s Sam Seder discusses “Reaganomics” with a caller. 190 more words


"What The Godfather Of Reaganomics Gets Wrong": Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge; More Distorted Reagan Nostalgia

Chris Christie just announced a big tax-cut plan. Well, of course he did. Offering such proposals is de rigueur for Republican presidential candidates. And it pretty much has been since the Reagan presidency. 947 more words


Stone Pillow

STONE PILLOW – it was the mid-1980’s, and the cultural elites’ favorite pasttime was “illuminating” the plight of the poor and homeless against the backdrop of Reaganomics (and not personally doing anything about it– they were simply messengers, you know). 29 more words

The Confessions of an 11th Hour Hippie

(Note: I posted this on a Facebook Group earlier. After reading it again, I thought to myself: “What the hell!! This is going on my Blog as well!!) 715 more words