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19 Dec 2016 (AFR) - Ronald Reagan (Reaganomics) warning for Donald Trump bull market

(19 December 2016, AFR, p20, by John Kehoe)

‘As the Trumpflation trade pushes the Dow Jones Industrial Average within a whisker of an historic 20,000 points, there is a cautionary lesson for investors from the stock market ride during the Ronald Reagan presidential era. 103 more words

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FIVE RANDOM FIVE (1980s version)

I discovered this old FIVE RANDOM FIVE back from the days of my old LISTSERV column, Sparky Mac’s Super Crucial Totally Boss Deadly Fresh Fun Happen’en… 211 more words


Donald Trump’s attempt at Reaganomics will prove costlier than the original

Trumped-up trickle-down economics

American generosity might be in especially short supply as a result of a second side-effect of Trumpian Reaganomics. As the dollar soared in the early 1980s, America’s current account flipped from a small surplus into sizeable deficit. 338 more words

Saint Reagan: Trends in conservatism following the Reagan Revolution

There are many examples of exceptional presidential leadership in American political history. Ronald Reagan is the most iconic figure of the Republican Party, and stands as an example of greatness for both liberals and conservatives. 368 more words

11 Nov 2016 (TheAge) - Election 2016: 'Soft Trump' a replay of Reaganomics in the early 1980s - Trump is a 'demagogue but not ultimately a fool' over agenda

(11 November 2016, The Age, BusinessDay, p18, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

‘If Donald Trump means what he says, the West is dead as a meaningful concept. The international system and liberal trading order upheld by the US since the Second World War will disintegrate in short order. 47 more words

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What does a pizza have to do with Republican Economic policy?

Photo credit: Huffingtonpost.com

So, I was chatting with a friend of mine, from MI, who is lower middle income, a single mother, and a Trump voter! 1,091 more words


Have a Heart

By now, most Americans are coming to the realization that “trickle down economics” do not work, and have nearly obliterated the middle class. The deep tax cuts Reagan set in place have benefited only the… 1,017 more words