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Why Won't the Corporate Media Push Back Against Lying Think Tanks and Experts?

 Lauer’s moderation left a lot to be desired during the Commander-in-Chief candidates forum last week, but it wasn’t any worse than what goes on day in and day out during interviews on any of the corporate 24-hour news networks.    969 more words


The War On Drugs revisited




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The Fallacy of Brexit and the Illusion of Ronald Reagan

I don’t know how many of you either understand or care about the cessation of Great Britain from the European Union known as ‘Brexit,’ but it’s worth discussing. 397 more words

"Reaganomics": The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981

Today’s blog marks a return to our focus on creating classroom-ready resources for teachers and students, as today is the first day of school for many school districts. 1,000 more words

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Happy Birthday, George Orwell, ironically on the day after #Brexit...

Happy Birthday, George Orwell. As a teen I was a bit obsessed with 1984, Keep The Aspidistra Flying, and Animal Farm. Perhaps it was because I was a teen during… 160 more words


My Jams 1980

“By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”–William Shakespeare, Macbeth Act IV Scene I

***Warning, this post is long and it contains controversial observations, coarse language and real talk! 2,993 more words


Was Reaganomics a Success?

Among Republicans and conservatives, Ronald Reagan is widely revered as a great President.

From their perspective, he was the candidate who actually made America great again. 918 more words