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A Sourdough Adventure

This is my starter, it is alive and bubbles away quietly waiting for me to use it or feed it

You can see that while I was asleep my starter rose a fair bit in this jar and then fell back to this level, but it is lovely and bubbly and has such a lovely smell :) 1,147 more words


A postcard from Heir Island, Co. Cork

I spent some of the June bank holiday weekend in West Cork – baking bread on Heir Island and over-nighting in the fishing village of Baltimore. 68 more words


The Real Bread: What it Once Was

Italy is home to hundreds of ‘artisan breads’ made from a homemade slow yeast (not the supermarket-bought yeast). My husband Nello is an expert bread maker. 287 more words

DIY Reflecting

first-time starter

Here’s to my first sourdough diary: a day-by-day obervation in photos and words.

Day 1. 30g rye flour, 30ml tepid water. Mix together, cover and leave at room temperature. 275 more words


PrairieBoy Bread News Flash

Happy Spring! It has been BUSY the last few months…making LOTS of bread, growing the business, trying new recipes…

New breads like…Sprouted Red Quinoa, Oatmeal, Cinnamon Raisin and Potato Rosemary. 304 more words

Early risers bag the baguettes

Getting up at 0630 means I have plenty of time to have these ready for lunch.

Bread And Pasta

Bread Bins and Bread Binned

On Saturday I made some pretzels. Today I tried to eat the final leftover one. It was beyond edible. It was with a heavy heart that I threw this lightly-chewed, rock-solid knot into the bin. 850 more words