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German artisan bread v Organic bread.

Flour, sourdough, water and salt – a traditional loaf needs only four ingredients.

German bread is the synonymous for proper bread and it doesn’t have to be organic to be good, taste good and healthy. 168 more words


Oven spring 

In the absence of steam, the best way to get maximum oven spring, in my opinion, is a cast iron Dutch oven. It holds in the steam and gives the dough time to rise while still soft. 11 more words


Real Bread

Over the last couple of years an occasional hobby has turned into quite a big obsession!

I used to bake the occasional sandwich loaf or tray of rolls but I gradually got into sourdough. 67 more words


Kefir Sourdough

Kefir has great health benefits, similar to a probiotic yoghurt drink. It also contains beneficial yeast, minerals and vitamins.

Easily digestible, it can be eaten by lactose intolerant, due to an enzyme which breaks down lactose. 30 more words


Lactic sourdough bread

Lactic sourdough bread:  I call this loaf  ” lactic sourdough”

because this loaf has full of lactic acid.

I treat my sourdough starter as levain. You can read how I made my sourdough starter from scratch just using flour and water… 206 more words

My Recipes

No Time for Sourdough?

Daunted about having to make a sourdough starter?  Sourdough isn’t hard, but it requires a lot of waiting and feeding!  Try this simple sourdough recipe (adapted from one by Peter Sidwell) – it’s a cheat’s version, but gives an almost authentic taste and texture for those of us with too little time to wait!   282 more words


For the Love of Bagels

Want to get straight to baking? Find the recipe here!

Being from Los Angeles, I cannot say that I am the authority on what constitutes a perfect bagel. 1,128 more words