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New York deli ciabatta sandwich

Our small sourdough ciabatta rolls filled with cream cheese, pastrami and fresh rocket leaves: a New York deli-style lunch shortly to be enjoyed in (almost) sunny Cumbria.


Spicy heat from Calabria

A lunchtime surprise for former colleagues: a Focaccia Calabrese, with plenty of chilli, spicy tomatoes and mixed olives.


Chestnut Sourdough

It has been raining cats and dogs for two days and June is like autumn at present.

In the store cupboard we had some pre-cooked chestnuts and, using an overnight levain, this mildy nutty sourdough came about.


Food for thought

I’m a girl who loves the simple pleasures. I’ve waxed lyrical about the joys of sliding into bed with clean sheets – I say it out loud, every single time the sheets are changed and if I could afford it (and the washing powder to continue it) I’d have clean sheets on every single night. 979 more words


Sumac and sheep cheese focaccia

A continuation of our al fresco offering: Sumac and sheep cheese focaccia, a rather rustic ‘fusion’ of Italian and Middle Eastern ingredients and taste.

A delighful crumb texture with a hint of cheese and the tart citrus of the ground berries. 7 more words


Freshly baked al fresco focaccia

Perfect summer evening outside with fresh focaccia and a glass of wine.

Great way to unwind, watching the lambs and chickens settling down with evening birdsong accompaniment.


1.5Kg Tartine - style sourdough

Possibly one of my best, although I can’t see myself winning any prizes for scoring for a few more years! Nice glossy, open crumb.