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5 quick tips when starting to save up for a new home

It takes a lot of time, and effort to buy a new home. Whether it is your first home or not, purchasing a home entails a lot of compromises particularly when it comes to saving enough money for a down payment.   560 more words

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Buying a condominium in Manila? Don’t forget about your safety

Purchasing a condominium unit entails a lot of decision making. There are a lot of aspects to consider that go with buying a condominium. Location, price, and space are constant deal-breakers in the search for the perfect condominium.  494 more words

Types of lighting for the home

You probably don’t think buying a lighting fixture for a room is all that complicated. It isn’t. However, it does require you to consider which types of lighting you may need. 176 more words

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Effective Pruning

Trees are the most prominent component of most home landscapes. They add aesthetic and financial value, and they can help control energy costs as well. But having trees in the landscape isn’t as simple as just digging a hole and dropping a seedling into it. 512 more words

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Buying a Home That Was a Rental

A home that used to house tenants can be a great deal for a home buyer—they often sell for less than owner-occupied homes. But there are reasons why these homes may command less than top dollar. 624 more words

5 Tax Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Few people look forward to tax season, and when you’re a new homeowner, filing can be even more daunting. Suddenly, you have new forms to fill out and more potential for making a mistake. 438 more words

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Five Tips for Beautiful Granite Countertops

The interior design industry has been trying for years to break homeowners’ addiction to granite counters. They’ve introduced stainless, concrete, glass, quartz, wood, marble and other ideas to wean people away, but the alternative surfaces just don’t have the luxury look that granite does. 822 more words

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