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Where can I get pro forma info regularly?

I’m reading the ‘ABC’s of Real Estate Investing’ (total newbie)…

He talks about getting on mailing lists to get pro formas for rental properties. I’m wondering what type of mailing lists I’d be able to get on that’d include these for different properties? 47 more words

Tenant wants to buy my house

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I own a second house, inherited from my mother. Fully paid for. I've been renting it to the same tenant for the last 12 years. 309 more words

This is going to sound crazy but has anyone bought a house because renting was too expensive?

I cant find a decent 3 bedroom apartment in a nice area in my city for less than $1000 a month.Most of em are around $1k a month without utility. 54 more words

Buying with cash or mortgaging a rental property

Is it generally getter to put a 20% down payment and mortgage a house while renting it? Or, is it better to wait to buy a house in full with cash in order to rent it out? 9 more words

My lender cant give me a definite rate

Im a first time buyer so I'm just looking to see if this is how it works. I'm trying to figure out if I can afford a home but my lenger cant give me a definite rate because of factors I dont really understand. 79 more words

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