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Commercial vs. Residential

I cringe whenever I hear that a business owner hired their residential Realtor to help them find their commercial property. Why? It’s very simple. THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TRANSACTIONS! 203 more words

Have A Multiple Leave Strategy

This 20- year plan is potential and straightforward to execute for anyone who does prefer to develop success. With nevertheless you need to appraise your own personal investments, possibly you have just invested in a house that’s great plus a superb start. 505 more words

Newsflash: Real Estate Investor Son /Agent Mom what is the best partnership?

As title says I am on my way to becoming a real estate investor and my mom is a seasoned Real Estate agent. These two professions go hand in hand. 89 more words


Newsflash: Moving before closing?

I’m buying a small condo in as-is condition and my closing is tomorrow. I will be doing the final walthrough and approval this afternoon. The unit is vacant and I don’t foresee anything going wrong at this point. 51 more words


Newsflash: If home appraises high, how does it affect PMI?

Let’s say theoretically I have an offer in on a home that is lower than the appraised value. How does that affect the PMI? A co-worker mentioned that the PMI is based on a “loan to value” ratio, so if the loan is less than 80% the appraised value, does that mean we won’t have a PMI to pay??? 23 more words