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Mi phone

So after 1.5 years of buying my phone, a few weeks back, I decided to explore features other than the beauty app. As I was fiddling, I got reminded of the times when I used to have special ringtones for all my favorite people. 256 more words

Real. Fiction.

My tryst with chapatis

I hated chapatis as a kid. Hate is a mild word. Since I was not allowed to make a fuss/waste food /skip breakfast, I came up with a great plan. 289 more words

Real. Fiction.


Proyectos 8 – Año 2015 – Andrea Olivares

Este proyecto se desarrolla en la Abadía de Westminster de Londres, una intervención que parte del conocimiento de la historia de la Abadía, su religión, construcción y de los acontecimientos importantes que se han dado en ella y en Londres, para a través de este conocimiento imaginar un futuro posible. 268 more words

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Don't angry me - 2

The dude for gets to do something and I am put in an awkward situation. Since he is away, I vent my feeling in a strongly worded SMS.    75 more words

Real. Fiction.

Hair troubles

Bored with the hair you have been growing (?) for 8 long months, you feel it is time for a trendy hair cut. You go to the parlour and the talk to the stylist. 282 more words

Real. Fiction.

H...for happy vishu

Tomorrow is Vishu.

It is a happy day for every mallu child and (silly) grownup like me. So what happens during Vishu?

Real. Fiction.

G ..for geography

I was very good at Studies and always scored good marks in school. But I was not interested in certain aspects of the syllabus. For example, diagrams required in the Science subject. 349 more words

Real. Fiction.