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When Achu got mail!

All of us get emails with ridiculous offers tempting us to spend money or invest time.. one way or the other…no?  Here is a sample of the colourful ones that I get …. 345 more words

Real. Fiction.

When we are very hungry and have no food to eat

A friend got us a dabbah of Hyderabad biscuits called Badamees. They tasted really really good

Day one – 1/4th of the dabbah is over. A joint effort by the dude & me. 342 more words

Real. Fiction.

I have a shoe and I am not afraid to use it

A few years back I announced my intention of buying new shoes cos I wanted to start going for a morning walk. The Dude, who always has something mean to say, suggested that I should wait. 403 more words

Real. Fiction.

I am not a man

It has occurred to me that my life as a woman has been over shadowed by societies push towards making me a man.

I am not a man. 2,323 more words

Earth our Home ?

In the previous article we talked about the evolution of life on earth and now in the second article we will talk about the evolution of Human beings assuming the 8th theory as base. 716 more words

Real Fiction

not just smart, mind you!

I have noticed that my phone battery drains very quickly from 98% to 65%.. during the day without much usage. By evening, it comes to 15% something. 55 more words

Real. Fiction.

Hello world!

This is my first post here & let me tell you that you would love my blog only if you want to explore about the world,religion,universe & unknown facts.

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Real Fiction