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XXIX-I-V (Part 2)

Days went by, 14 days or so passed us by, the gap between us got thinner each and every day. The revealed truth, the undisclosed desires, the intimate exchanges, and the forbidden hidden secret hit us between the eyes, surprisingly, we did enjoy the online scene we had. 285 more words


XXIX-I-V (Part 1)

She talked when she felt she had to. She had acted like she didn’t attach to anything surround her. The fact that you only heard her voice once in a blue moon was totally surprising. 390 more words


The Journey Begins

This migh

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Ripped From The Headlines

“You can’t put that in there!” Michael was exhausted, this was the last thing they needed. “You know we can’t afford the fine.”

“What else am I supposed to do with it?” 583 more words

Writing Prompt

Winning eitherways

She stood there gazing out of the window, as she scrubbed the dishes from the previous night. There it was, his plate stealthily placed under hers as if she wouldn’t notice.  452 more words

Real. Fiction.

About us

Ping! Anu lifted her phone to check. It was a WA msg from Varun- There is a woman in a saree, very slim, probably 28 waist, seems to be married, having a meal with a man weighing twice her size. 366 more words

Real. Fiction.

Morally true but practically?

I have seen posters that scream’Don’t waste food. Children are dying of hunger’ , ‘Throwing away food is like stealing it from the poor’. I feel this is such a lame concept.   255 more words

Real. Fiction.