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Breaking the Wishbone

“He sees you!” Beth yells from across the street.

Georgia squeals, leaps from her hiding place behind the panel wagon in Mr. Mann’s driveway and takes off running. 595 more words

Real Fiction

The Conversation

“When I die, please don’t let there be any gardenias at my funeral,” she said, staring blankly out the car window.

All the lights in the history of time reflected in the wet street as the caravan of shiny black Town Cars crawled through Manhattan at dusk. 412 more words

Real Fiction

Proud Father

My dad has always been a hard working man. He worked a job he didn’t like for over 30 years to support our family.  He is a family man that sacrificed some of his dreams, sleep, whatever he had to so he could be there for me and my siblings.  1,059 more words

why i love being a (book) worm

My Amma says that as a toddler I used to turn the pages of Misha (which translates to bear in Russian), one of the most popular children’s magazine in the 1980s. 406 more words

Real. Fiction.

How does a 29.6 year old fall off the bed?

It is possible. Ask me coz I fall. A lot. Whether it is tripping over my own feet or a blade of grass or climbing the stairs or walking in the slush after the rain. 324 more words

Real. Fiction.

In Pie We Trust

Tess added a pinch of lavender into the bowl as she stirred. A quick glance at the old train station clock over the front door told her that Johnna would be in any minute to open the shop. 792 more words

Real Fiction

Even Steven

Late afternoon light spilled into the modest living room through the open door. Monty, who lay napping in the sunny spot, was probably taking Claire’s sudden death harder than anyone. 742 more words

Real Fiction