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Morally true but practically?

I have seen posters that scream’Don’t waste food. Children are dying of hunger’ , ‘Throwing away food is like stealing it from the poor’. I feel this is such a lame concept.   255 more words

Real. Fiction.

Nice to Meet You, Mr. J.

I know, I know.

That is not even the slightest description of our reality. I guess those are the words I’ve been rehearsing to say to you when we reach the end of our getting-to-know phase. 901 more words

Random Sentiments

Sie isst noch ein Stück

Die vielen Angriffe hält sie nicht gut aus. Sie bringen sie raus. Sie lernt nicht dazu. Wenn andere einen Haken schlagen, einen Purzelbaum machen, die Rechte und die Linke schwingen, sieht sie hin und öffnet ihre Arme. 132 more words


Mi phone

So after 1.5 years of buying my phone, a few weeks back, I decided to explore features other than the beauty app. As I was fiddling, I got reminded of the times when I used to have special ringtones for all my favorite people. 256 more words

Real. Fiction.

My tryst with chapatis

I hated chapatis as a kid. Hate is a mild word. Since I was not allowed to make a fuss/waste food /skip breakfast, I came up with a great plan. 289 more words

Real. Fiction.