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Valentines day Spl

How is it that 10 years ago, going out for dinner or buying gifts for Valentines day didn’t make you feel as silly as it does now? 32 more words

Real. Fiction.

Don't make me a murderer

I support small vendors. I like to buy vegetables and fruits from street vendors rather than a departmental store but incidents like these piss me off so much. 339 more words

Real. Fiction.

The Thing

Carrot, Beans and Peas in the fridge.
When I bought veggies, my intention was to make vegetable soup. But as usual I proceeded to make veg biriyani instead :D :D… 143 more words

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Mind your teeth

For my Kona pallu** I had to wear braces for 2 years and then retainers for a year. Thats when my teeth started folding in which everyone but my dentist noticed. 59 more words

Real. Fiction.


New year resolution to lose weight?
Your freezer is stocked up with dark chocolates (thanks to some friends from the U.S who are visiting us) . 49 more words

Real. Fiction.

2016 resolutions

My Top 3 new year resolutions **
1) I will spend more time with the spouse.
2) I will make sure we go for lotsa kutti trips together. 20 more words

Real. Fiction.

He Said. She Said.


“Hi”, he said.

“Hello,” she said with a smile. He loves the way she talks to him. He feels he is always alone and unheeded. 1,086 more words

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