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Lunch for "Mome"

The other day, I came home from training and the boys came running out to greet me. Of course like any excited child they were leaping with joy at what they had done. 328 more words


Garden Turkey Burgers and Garden Organ Meat Tacos

Get into a rhythm! Is that even possible with kids? YES! Especially young kids! How does that happen? DEDICATION! I know how difficult establishing a rhythm can be. 649 more words

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No more booster seats: Twin mealtime freedom

About two weeks ago Annabelle learned how to unbuckle herself from her booster seat. Now, when you have twins (or I suppose more than one child) everything has to be the same. 833 more words


First Grade Real Food Lunchbox

I build Cameron and William’s school snacks and lunches around a protein and then fill in the sides with fruit, starch and vegetables. There are important considerations… 908 more words

Real Food Kids

Garden carrot top smoothie

This was a banner year for my carrot crop! The longest carrot I have ever grown was a whopping 3 inches long. This year, I had one that came close to 5 inches!! 442 more words

Real Food Kids

Mealtime resistance...don't give up!

There are days that every meal goes amazingly well. Where the girls are thrilled with everything on their plates and the boys eat without hesitation. And…there are days when it takes a little more encouragement or mom trickery to get them to eat. 546 more words