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Namaste, Bitches

Crazy caterwauling broads heading out for mandatory Bravo sponsored vaca from hell.  Melissa packed her entire hair and makeup team in her largest Costco Louis Vuitton knockoff.  796 more words

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Home Improvements

Snow is falling in Jersey, we start with Dolores “I want to stand on my own two feet right after I squeeze every last dime out of former Mr. 1,130 more words

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New Beginnings, Same Old Endings

Boring filler on undercard cast mates.  Dolores suspiciously close to her ex-husband Frank, we learn he is former Mr. New Jersey.  Dolores wants to redecorate on Frank’s dime.  830 more words

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – S07E05 – Full Recap – Call of Duty: Jacq ops

I think we can all agree that except for the addition of Siggy Flicker, who fucking fascinates me for some reason, this latest season of Jersey has been a bit of a snooze so far.  3,122 more words

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Downward Dawg

Melissa preps for grand opening of Envy, steps in dog poop, tracks into shop, wipes on low-rent Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu.  Gay assistant not sure what to do.  633 more words

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Real Housewives of New Jersey - Full Recap - S07E04 - Mean with Envy

Everyone ready for a quick Joe Gorga history lesson?  Here goes- back in the 1800s, cavemen went out and hunted food that they would later bring back to their women to cook up in what I can only assume is a thatched roof mud hut.  2,557 more words

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This One Time at Band Camp…

Hello all – I really enjoyed last week’s style of breifcapping, so I think I am going to stick with it. If it works…roll with it…AMIRIGHT?!?!?! 573 more words

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