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Recap - Real Housewives of New York Episode 6

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Wishful Invitation

Not much happened in the first half of this episode. Here’s a quick breakdown – but heads up, it may put you to sleep. 809 more words

Zang Toi - Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear - Brilliant Royal Blue Collection

Date: Monday, February 13th. Venue: Pier 59 Studios Stage A

Zang Toi takes us on a luxurious getaway to the Paris Ritz grand reopening. 200 more words


a girl can dream

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Here Is The Myers-Briggs Type For Each 'Real Housewife' Of New York

Bethenny: ESTJ

ESTJ Strengths

• Dedicated
• Strong-willed
• Direct and Honest
• Loyal, Patient, and Reliable
• Enjoy Creating Order
• Excellent Organizer
• Energetic, excited, friendly… 1,247 more words

Top Moments of the Real Housewives of New York Episode 5

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This episode was kind of a let down after all of the hype we’ve been seeing about “election night”.  It turned out to be pretty anti-climatic.  I’m glad though that we didn’t draw out all of the depressing stuff and still managed to have some funny moments. 695 more words

Gross Moments - Real Housewives of New York


There have already been so many disgusting and horrid moments on this season’s RHONY that have literally made me want to throw up in my mouth!  831 more words