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"Complacency and Apathy: The Death of Freedom" by Luke Lirot, Constitutional Attorney

The Libertarian Party of Pinellas County is proud to present Luke Lirot, Constitutional Attorney, on Constitution Day 2015.

Come spend one hour on the topic of “Complacency and Apathy: The Death of Freedom”, we need to end the “go along to get along” mindset and stand up against those who destroy our freedoms. 135 more words


Rulings on the Right to Travel...No license Needed

There are many of us that are put at serious odds with the system because of the biometric and full on singularity of the tracking and control paradigm via Real ID and the associated Morpho Trust international collusion. 2,497 more words


Facebook and Facial Biometrics

Facebook’s Use of Facial-Recognition Tool Draws Privacy Ire
by Rachel Adams-Heard
July 28, 2015 — 4:00 AM CDT
Updated on July 28, 2015 — 1:14 PM CDT… 1,024 more words

Privacy Rights

Peter Kinder for Missouri Governor!

I heard yesterday that Peter Kinder has indeed thrown his hat in the ring for Missouri Governor. Over a year ago, he and I had a conversation about it, and I told him that I would indeed support him for that position. 924 more words

Legislative Issues

REAL effed up ID

I’m now in a REAL ID state. Getting my new driver license was an adventure. Not counting the time spent on the Internet to determine what paperwork I’d need to bring* (and assembling it all), it only took four or five times as long to swap out my old license for the new POS, than it did in my previous state. 304 more words

Congress Pushes Obama-backed National Biometric ID for Americans

  • After largely failing to prod state governments into developing a national identification system known as “REAL ID,” Republican lawmakers in Congress are once again pushing an Obama-backed scheme that would force every American to have a national ID card containing sensitive biometric data.
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Papiere Bitte

We all remember those old 1940s black-and-white movies where the hero or the heroine is on a train making their escape when some sinister looking Nazi official comes into the car, looks at them with one eye half closed and says “Papiere bitte” which means in German papers please. 1,090 more words