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Hello, Can You Hear Me?

If you are Kenyan then this is what you see when you are watching news; a news anchor and a passport size sign language interpreter positioned at a place that will not disturb you. 494 more words

Real Issues

Hello Adulthood!

Hello everyone. It’s night here in Nigeria and as I write this, I’m in a night bus on my way to Jos, in Plateau state. From there, I will move to Bauchi where I have been posted for my compulsory year of serving my country. 484 more words

Real Issues

"It Takes Two to Tango"

Recently, more often than not, I have been seeing a variety of jabs and subliminal posts at the male gender, whether on the famous meme pages on social media or just females expressing themselves. 669 more words


Hiatus? A two-week break.

Hello everyone. It’s been an intense week and it’s only Tuesday! These ‘Bar Finals’ are coming upon me like really heavy. I dream about being in the exam hall. 130 more words

Real Issues

Declared interests...

I remember my first heart break. It was not as devastating as some others that I have witnessed but it was a heart breaking situation all the same. 610 more words

Real Issues

Grateful and Celebrating!

Hello lovelies! There is so much to celebrate! I’ll go point by point.

  • I published the last official story of Embellished (see previous post). I remember when I started writing these stories, just looking around in class and generally picking stuff on the way.
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Real Issues

Travel and the toothpaste

At the last moment, we decided not to pack toothpaste on our vacation. Maybe it was because our baggage was too full or because we didn’t have a spare toothpaste or because we were too lazy to take out the toiletries pack from the well-packed bag. ¬† 417 more words