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People over here in the Klang Valley are going nuts over the unusually cold weather. Calling it “winter” and such.

Yes, folks. Aren’t we a cute lot? 112 more words



While the year is still pretty fresh and crisp and new, I ought to make it a point to expand the variety of content on this blog. 317 more words


Reality check: The Work-At-Home life

Greetings from the home front! Weekly routine has resumed, after much disruption and unusual activity in late December due to Christmas and my husband being on leave, etc. 1,618 more words


Things I learned In 2017

I follow the same ritual every year for having a list of the things that I thought they are the most important things happened to be as lessons learned through 360 days. 597 more words


A year full

We’re off into 2018 already, but it doesn’t entirely feel like a Happy New Year to me.

Well, I suppose it could be worse, but nevertheless, I feel somewhat reticent about another beginning. 259 more words


Christmas chaos and beyond

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas has come and gone over here, and we’re into the last few hours of Boxing Day (which is NOT a holiday over here), but hopefully it’s not too late to wish all you readers out there 🙂 497 more words


Mum Mishaps #1: Unholy water

I think I shall start this mini series about silly things that befall me at home. Here’s the first one…

Disaster description: Had toiletbowl water splashed up nicely onto my nose due to being overzealous in cleaning Jamie’s potty. 21 more words