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Being human, Human Rights and other things we've forgotten

The recent (and on-going) crisis in Calais is not a pleasant topic of conversation. Nor should it be: it’s hardly a walk in the park for the people living in squalor or dying in the attempt to get to safety, either. 1,183 more words


Mixed Messages

The route by which teenagers and young people come by information these days is not through conversation and the word of mouth of their friends and family but through the Internet. 377 more words

Real Life

Real life is more exciting than Internet life

So obviously I haven’t posted in awhile, if anyone is really keeping track.
I got a real life job! I’d call it a grown up job, but it’s at a preschool, so I basically just play with kids all day, and tell them repeatedly to follow the rules and not do mean things. 167 more words

Listening to The Nick Thomas Podcast

Listening to the Nick Thomas Podcast. This southern USA podcaster is someone I haven’t listened to in quite a while and there have been some dramatic changes in Nick’s life. 29 more words

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At The Cusp

I’m still praying that none of the cases I submitted for review during last night’s shift was incorrect.  I wasn’t too confident, after that particularly bad call that got escalated during the shift, a call that, mind you, I had several chances to de-escalate, but seemed to have missed all the important cues to do so. 113 more words

Personal Thoughts

Giving Away my Virginity at 23

Good morning, peeps.

Today, or rather, yesterday I found myself reading an article on Hello Giggles of the same title.

My first thought: I guess 23 was an okay age to give away my virginity. 458 more words


"We Might As Well Ruin Our Friendship By Having Sex Because our Friendship Isn't That Great."

My apologies for the lack of blog posts. This blog post recounts a terrible memory and it’s taken me a month to figure out how to write about it. 1,540 more words

Tales From My 20s