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It’s a sure thing that you’ll not finish if you don’t start.
An ancient proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You have probably known people nearing the end of their life’s journey who looked back and said, “If only I had done things differently….

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Living Our Dream

Bread and Roses: The Rising of the Women

“What the woman who labors wants is the right to live, not simply exist — the right to life as the rich woman has the right to life, and the sun and music and art.

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I was never planning on making this a political blog, but recent events in American politics are rather pulling posts in that direction, at least for a brief time.  This won't be a habit, but we wanted to put this in for your thought. In the light of the world's Marches on Washington this past Saturday, we're sharing with you a blog article I found. I hope you will read it all when you hit the link, then take the power we share out into the street and the state house and the ballot box, and continue the struggle both for bread and for roses -- the equality of the sexes, the recognition that we are people and not to be marginalized or objectified, the struggle for human dignity for all people, no matter sex or creed or country. signature 3 Jem's signature Conan's signature

"So I says to Mabel, I says--"

Haayyyloooooo futures followers and present followers! How’s it going? Are you well? Getting over those nasty winter colds? I sure hope so. I have an annoying residual cough that deprives me of any dairy based foods or liquids. 1,360 more words


Just get back up when it knocks you down.

On the 3rd January 2012… My entire world came crashing down!

At 2am that morning, Jay got up to go to the toilet. I’d spent two weeks sleeping on and off because I was so scared he would stop breathing in the night. 710 more words


When life knocks you down...

In one single moment, your entire world can come crashing down. Everything you have ever believed in, everything you have ever known. Your entire mapped out future… 2,383 more words


We Can Stand Together

Here is my disclaimer; I have never really been interested in politics. Yes, I know it’s my responsibility as an American, it just really turns me off and I struggle to keep up with any of it. 605 more words

My Story

Welcoming a New Year!

Happy New Year! Yeah, I know I’m late to the New Years party, but time to write is scarce these days. Better late than never, am I right? 1,493 more words

This Ukrainian Life