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And the wool slips from your eyes...

It’s never quite so easy as they make it out to be, is it? Life, that is. You’re in high school, and you’re miserable. But they tell you, “hey, life isn’t going to be like this; this is just high school.” You hit university. 590 more words

A stigmatised diagnosis

This is a post I wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready to write; it has taken 8 years to finally commit to paper (pixel?). I have been wanting to share what it means to live with complex mental health conditions but have kept a lot to myself because of the fear I have carried about the nature of my diagnosis. 777 more words

Mental Health

Drawing the lines

Why should there be Us vs. Them? Why cannot there be just We?

Okay. Let’s start things simple.

How do we identify ourselves? What do we see when we think about ourselves? 714 more words


How I Cope

These past two weeks, I’ve been in an episode. For those unfamiliar with the term, an “episode” is when depression-prone individuals fall into a temporary bout of darkness. 293 more words



I have been a game since I was a kid. One of the components to most of the games I played was the NPC (non-player character). 719 more words


The Conspiracy of Silence #MeToo

This whole Harvey Weinstein scandal makes me sick, just like the Bill Cosby one has made me sick and Donald Trump’s way with women makes me sick. 1,532 more words

Real Life

3,5 Jam Tanpa Gawai

Saya lahir di tahun 80-an, dan besar melewati era 90-an sampai ke 2000. Saya masih SD ketika RCTI pertama kali launching.

Saya menikmati Nintendo, sega, VCR sampe ke laser disc. 1,117 more words

Real Life