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Mom Life; Children's Songs

PBS, the most wonderful channel in the world. Hosting such shows as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Super Why and others. I believe this channel is God’s gift to weary mothers; supplying a much needed, educational, distraction for young children. 374 more words


I Know He's Cool

This is embarrassing, but I reacted to a stupid comment yesterday. The 9th graders are going to have a live in, or at least that’s what our school calls it. 520 more words

Smiling through Tears

#1 has completed her final day of preschool. She’s excited for what’s ahead. I’m a wreck.

I know she’ll do great in kindergarten. She’s outgoing, positive, friendly, bright, adaptable, independent, and takes direction well. 340 more words


A life update

I’ll get back to normal blogging soon, I promise, but first:

I left my job in March and spent a few weeks unemployed. I didn’t get up to as much as I should have done – no travelling, because I didn’t know how long it would be before I had an income again, and not very much of anything else except making a huge scrapbook with my travel photos from the last eight years. 289 more words

Real Life

The Blog Tour bus has stopped right here with 'Something Old, Something New' with Darcie! (and Annie!)

“Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Annie?” -moonwalks-. I wonder if anyone has moonwalked down the aisle on their wedding day…hmmm. Darcie, did Annie? 1,056 more words

What, you love me?

You’ve seen the poem that he sent me right? I thought it was his way of saying he misses me because he had to do a couple of night shifts but it turns out that it was his way of telling me that he does LOVE me. 311 more words


Awakening (ie give way no longer ...)

He woke up at four, but four was too early;

what’s more, far too wrong

in the long scheme of things.

Then he went back to sleep, more… 159 more words