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In the talk I gave the other day at a diabetes educator conference, I shared my most recent A1c result with the audience. I did this after very careful consideration, because I generally don’t share that information. 409 more words


Turning it off.

So this past week off of social media (mostly, I’ve still kept twitter on, it’s less distracting for me) has been refreshing. Hard to say if I was addicted or not, but it’s been freeing to be off of the need to capture a picture and seek external gratification from the mightiest of followings on Instagram or hear the latest rant about how much someone hates Trump or Trudeau or the shitty human that cut in line of the unfortunate soul now venting about it on my Facebook news feed. 666 more words


life is worth it.

Challenges and persuasion…
Necessary ingredients
For a little more growth
Adding movement to the stagnant mind
And courage to the silent tongue
Maybe I will come to believe that I was once wrong… 473 more words


Fantasy versus Reality

Fantasy worlds can have a huge role to play in helping people cope with their real life. You probably know what I mean, it could take the form of movies, games, books, sci-fi, imagination, role-playing etc. 178 more words


Random thoughts

I’ll most likely not be able to change who I am at the core, but sometimes I wonder how different my life would’ve turned out if I had made certain important decisions differently. 115 more words

Real Life

A mini-jaunt in Leicester.

There are no books in LOROS’ charity shop. Instead, all manner of tat is available within – chalkboard hearts that declare the buyer’s home as messy, but loving; decorative wooden ducks of the variety inexplicably found outside WH Smiths at motorway services (as if the second essential long-journey item besides sharing bags of Wine Gums is an inanimate waterfowl ornament sporting a bow tie); woven hearts painted white that exist for no reason at all, and Scrabble tiles forever isolated from use and their own kin because they have been superglued onto a picture frame to spell out “NAN”. 691 more words


Mosaic Memories

They say to slice up, not across, when you’re trying to make the deepest cut. A macabre truth indeed. There doesn’t seem to have been any coherent chain of events that led up to it, but in retrospect of the mosaic memories preceding, it’s clear now that I had been racing toward a red light all along. 1,175 more words