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Tanner, Date 007

It has been a little bit since I’ve gone on a Tinder date. November just wasn’t an active month for me. But I did get the essentials: … 1,063 more words


The "EDAT" Harvest Is Here !

A number of years ago I was teaching a 12th grade health class and I had a rude, and very unexpected, awakening. I had given incoming students a basic survey to test their ability to sequentially and logically think. 1,214 more words


Still Diabetic

Diabetes Awareness Month is over, but my fight with diabetes isn’t. I’m still diabetic. There still isn’t a cure for my condition.

Technology has advanced, but I have to rely on it and constantly plan ahead in case it fails. 59 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

'Men are from mars - women are from venus'

As a women of nearly 34 years old I am still dumbfounded by the opposite sex. When I was around 18 I just thought I was choosing the wrong kind of man because I was immature or that I was seriously unlucky. 262 more words

On The Past

We all have a past.  We have all journeyed to the place we are currently at.  Your path has made you who you are.  It has made you strong.   79 more words

Pet Health Matters

There are so many pet owners around the world.  The responsible ones ensure their pets see a vet regularly, even if just annually for a checkup.   573 more words

Real Life


This is like a who dun it. A story about suspects in an intriguing study of the different elements that builds suspicion amongst colleagues. What lies at the centre of this set of circumstances and why is that so important? 739 more words