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This kid lights up my whole world and I am eternally grateful for him. I would say the last 11 months have been nothing short of a spectacular whirlwind and yet suddenly in the last few weeks things have shifted into what is clearly the next season of our life together. 803 more words

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Baby Steve's Adventure: A Week In The Wild

After completing my “Collections” Project, I was tasked with with the opportunity to take one of my Steve’s outside of the studio and out into the open world for a week. 186 more words


Social Media vs. the Baby Boomers

I think I can safely speak for all baby boomers.

I think I can safely speak for all baby boomers. And I say this not only because I am one but because so are both my friends and sister. 595 more words

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A Cool Glass of Water

Pregnancy. Oh, Pregnancy. I sometimes forget how awful you truly are. The constant nausea, restless legs, backaches, heartburn- the list could go on and on. But you are also beautiful too. 1,001 more words



I’m just in time for the latest ‘Mach Was’ (‘Do Something’) challenge. The theme of the challenge this time around is “Glück”,  which translates to “luck” or “happiness”.  321 more words

Real Life

Shut up and kiss me

As I watch you speak,

I realize I’m not listening to the words

No, I like the way your lips move

They look so full and soft… 66 more words