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The two percent

The two percent project our kitsch
And keep themselves well stored.
The masters of real property
Remind slaves not to hoard.

The powered do control the view, 37 more words


10 Simple Ways to Help Keep Closing Costs Down

By Tim Janzen, Notary Public

Here are some simple tips to help you keep some of your costs down when you are buying or selling a house. 975 more words


Fully Furnished Room & Flats for Rent – Sada Chandigarh

In today’s era most of the people are staying away from their homes which directly increased the need of rooms & flats. Boys and Girls are equal , they are now independent ! 280 more words

Flats On Rent For Boys In Chandigarh

Community property versus separate property -- what's mine is mine, or maybe it's yours, or maybe not...

Idaho is what’s known as a “community property” state — one of 9.5 such states in the United States. (Alaska has an opt-in provision for community property, so it is the 1/2 state.) The rest of the states are “common law” property state. 445 more words

Wills And Estates

What is a "CHIP" Mortgage?

A “Chip” Mortgage (or commonly called a “reverse mortgage”) is a lending tool that is appealing to seniors on a fixed income. The term “Chip” stands for Canadian Home Income Plan. 222 more words

Real Property

You Mean I Cannot Evict A Tenant If It Is Unfair?

Yes, this seems strange doesn’t it.

However, the North Carolina Supreme Court has determined this can be the result in certain circumstances.  In Eastern Carolina Regional Authority v. 392 more words


Foreclosure vs Deed in Lieu: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to debt resolution, there are quite a few options, and many of them can be confusing and/or overwhelming at first. Although you have probably heard the term “deed in lieu of foreclosure” before, you may not be completely sure of what exactly it entails. 531 more words

Real Property