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Can a Dementia Patient be Served with Foreclosure Papers?

New Jersey now has more residents than ever who are age 70 or older. This is in part due to the post-war baby boom that occurred after World War II soldiers returned home to their wives in 1945. 641 more words

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Filing for a Mortgage Modification and Bankruptcy at the Same Time

If you’ve been fighting off an impending foreclosure for a significant amount of time and you don’t seem to be making much headway, you might need to get more aggressive with your debt resolution strategies. 490 more words


Walters v. Boosinger

The relevant limitations period on a quiet title claim is governed by underlying basis of the claim; in this case, the gravamen of the quiet title claim was that defendant induced her erstwhile boyfriend to sign title transfer documents while inebriated, so the three-year limitations period applicable to fraud claims applied.  170 more words

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I. Introduction and Brief History

We shall begin the discussion on machinery with the following backdrop. Essentially, machinery and equipment are movable. However, machineries and equipment, by way of exception, can be considered as immovable and hence subject to real property tax. 5,241 more words

Berkenkotter V. Cu Unjieng E Hijos

Lien In

Lien In

At the Alameda County Law Library, we regularly have patrons who approach the Reference Desk and make the following statement – “I want to file a lien.”  Tell me more, Pat Patron. 1,918 more words

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How to Buy a Home With a Low Credit Score

If you’ve made some mistakes in your financial past, you’ll see the effect of those mistakes displayed in your credit score. Many people with poor to fair credit scores wish to make a large purchase (like a vehicle or house) but are stymied when they realize that their credit history adds a degree of difficulty to the process. 523 more words

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Widow's Exemption from Property Tax

The Mourning Widow by Carl Wilhelm Huebner

“Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another, do not oppress the widow..” Zechariah 7:9

Property taxes can be particularly harsh for the elderly and disabled who no longer have earning capability and are on a fixed income.  483 more words