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Crops - Real or Personal Property?

If land is foreclosed on and there are agricultural crops growing on the land, or being stored on the land, who does the crops belong to? 241 more words

Real Property

Can I File for Bankruptcy to Delay Foreclosure on My Home?

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t only helpful for alleviating excessive debt, although we primarily associate the two together. Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy can be used as a strategy of sorts in order to allow you and… 582 more words


What is "Real Estate"

Real Estate Terms | What is “Real Estate”

We all hear and use the phrase “real estate” and usually we are talking about our homes or residential properties. 195 more words

Real Estate

How to Properly Assign a Real Estate Contract

One component of investment strategy involves securing a property under contract, and then assigning those contract rights to another investor. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s good news and bad news. 733 more words

Real Estate Investing

Can I File for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 at the Same Time?

“Sometimes one bankruptcy isn’t enough.” – George Veitengruber, Esq.

As we’ve discussed before on our blog, there are time limitations put into place that prevent a debtor from receiving a second chapter 7 discharge unless at least eight years have passed since their first chapter 7 discharge. 581 more words


The Advantages and Limitations of How You Take Title to Real Property

Title to real property in California may be held by individuals, either in Sole Ownership or in CoOwnership. Co-Ownership of real property occurs when title is held by two or more persons. 650 more words

Title Insurance

Have You Been a Foreclosure Scam Victim?

We’ve talked about foreclosure defense scams before – these happen to homeowners who realize they’re facing foreclosure but don’t think they can afford a foreclosure attorney to help them save their home. 654 more words

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