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Missed One Mortgage Payment: Is Foreclosure a Possibility?

You probably already know that making your mortgage payments on time every month is of the utmost importance. Failure to do so can ultimately end up costing you your home and ruining your credit score. 455 more words

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How Many LLCs do Real Estate Investors Need

How many LLCs or business entities should you create to protect your assets? This is a common question during an asset protection consultation, and my standard lawyerly answer is – “it depends”.   592 more words

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Force-Placed Insurance: Who Pays?

Also known as lender-placed, creditor-placed or collateral protection insurance, force-placed insurance is a topic that not many people know much about. Even so, it’s an important concept to understand, because if you end up with force-placed insurance, you’re going to feel it where it… 600 more words

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Surface Water and the "Reasonable Use" Doctrine

Each possessor is legally privileged to make a reasonable use of his land, even though the flow of surface water is altered thereby and causes some harm to others, but liability is incurred when his harmful interference with the flow of surface waters is unreasonable and causes substantial damage. 547 more words

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Installment Land Contracts in North Carolina

An installment land contract is a contract to convey property upon the payment of all required installments. Foy v. Foy, 78 N.C. App. 188, 190, 336 S.E.2d 707, 709 (1985). 389 more words

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How Do You Choose a Good Condo?

Seek ownership in a well-maintained building, and pay special attention to the financial health of the condo association. Lax maintenance may be a sign of financial trouble, which could result in higher maintenance fees and problems trying to resale the property later. 184 more words

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Appraisers, Sellers Closer to Agreeing on Home Values

Quicken Loans just released its Home Price Perception Index (HPPI) with data as recent as January showing that appraisers’ opinions of home values were only 0.18 percent higher than homeowners’ estimates, according to the index’s national composite. 223 more words

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