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Utilization Test

In Real Time System we need to know schedulability of a system which normally has more than one process or thread that will be running in a pecific period and muss meet the deadline.

Real TIme System

Introduction to Real Time System

RTS (Real Time System) is an information processing system which has to respond to externally generated input stimuli within a finite and specified period.  In RTS ,  it is  introduced term… 41 more words

Real TIme System

Soft Real-Time System

Q4. What is Soft Real-Time System?

Ans. Another kind of real-time system is a soft real-time system, in which missing an occasional deadline, while not desirable, is acceptable and does not cause any permanent damage. 8 more words

Hard Real-Time System

Q3. What is Hard Real-Time System?

Ans. If the action absolutely must occur at a certain moment (or within a certain range), we have a… 35 more words