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http://realvamp.webs.com – Is the Real Vampire Communal/ity site I’ve been building to replace the one I created at spruz. Spruz is starting to have some issues – thumbnails in the links, chat rooms, newsletter, etc. 63 more words

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Medical Symptoms Possibly Confused as Vampirism

This article was written by my friend, “SpikeJonez”. I take NO credit for it and request that NO ONE repost or reuse this article without written expressed permission. 2,135 more words

VampirIC Otherkin

Vampiric Otherkin

September 19, 2011 at 12:31pm

by Amelia Nightside

An attempt at explaining/understanding those who claim they are NOT vampires, yet have a need to take/exhchange energy. 604 more words

Teach The Controversy

Nobody knows why some people need blood. Why they need to consume it regularly or suffer serious physical and mental ill effects. It doesn’t make sense. 795 more words

Human Blood Drinkers