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Step-by-Step Psi-Feeding

When I first started researching methods of psi-feeding in order to better meet my needs as a psi-vampire, I was overwhelmed by the processes described in available texts and online tutorials. 845 more words


A Sanguinarian Treatise: An Argument For Partition From The Vampire Community

By CJ!

As the long-awaited (by all nine of you) sequel to “A Sanguinarian Treatise” is now in review stage, I felt it was appropriate to repost and reintroduce the original for those to reconsider after a few years of life experience as well for those who have yet to read it. 3,156 more words


Sanguinarian FAQ - Ask a Sanguinarian!

I’m writing this article to answer some of the basic questions sanguinarians get on a regular basis. I do this in the hopes that it will answer questions that some may have about us, but have been uncomfortable in asking or haven’t had the opportunity to ask; also to dispel some of the myths surrounding us.  2,093 more words


How To Find A Donor

How to find a donor

by Damien

This is a question a lot of folk tend to ask. There are of course alternatives to a donor which you can find in our alternatives to a donor article. 590 more words


Method Writing Video

You’ve heard of method acting? Full immersion in the role. We fancy ourselves method writers – really helps us with a character’s perspective.

Vampire Vic

Facts, Speculation, Evidence... Oh My.

As some of you are aware, I have been tirelessly researching plausible causes to explain the experiences of sanguinarians. Whether it be the symptoms we get from periods of not feeding, delving into the so-called “Beast,” or even why blood works so well as a nourishment source to begin with. 474 more words


The Misadventures of the Modern Vampire (pt 1)

Whether dealing with the consequences of not feeding, or enduring stupidity there seems to be never a dull moment as a vampiric person (and usually not in a good way). 536 more words