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The Misadventures of the Modern Vampire (pt 1)

Whether dealing with the consequences of not feeding, or enduring stupidity there seems to be never a dull moment as a vampiric person (and usually not in a good way). 536 more words


Dear Real Vampires: Let's Be Real for Once.

Dear Real Vampires:

For the purpose of the content in this post, the term “real vampire” excludes life styling, roleplaying and fans. To an extent, it also excludes pranic/psi feeders… This is from the perspective of a physiological sanguinarian (blood feeders) and those of my peers. 746 more words


So, you think you're a vampire

Dating back since historians and scientists don’t even know vampire folklore, myths, and legends have run rampantly throughout the world. One of the top choices when dressing up for Halloween is a vampire. 1,014 more words

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As a Black Swan, it is my hope that, by donating to a trusted friend or partner, I can make their lives more pleasant. My only motive for donating is to help. 988 more words

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Vampires Exist?

So, I was looking up some myths about vampires that I may be about to put into the demos characteristics in my book, I am Destined, but I came across an article that caught my attention. 126 more words


An Open Letter to the Community

By Damien

The community experienced a terrible loss. Elizabeth, or more known to many as Sanguinarius or Sangi passed away a few days ago. It is a time to mourn and grieve the passing of one who did and gave so much to the community. 208 more words