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Overnight, the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia, became synonymous with Nazi hate vs Liberal agendas. In order to get a complete idea of how that happened, one needs to know the history of the place. 724 more words

Experiences Of A Late Blooming Writer

CN-Tower, Toronto

As seen from King St./Simcoe St. and Spadina St. crossing the railroads

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CN-Tower, Toronto

CN-Tower, Toronto

CN-Tower as seen from crossing King St. / Simcoe St.,
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'X' and 'Y' Stories #3

X : ”Hey”

Y : “Hello, welcome!”

X : “Bye”

Y : “Thank you very much!”

Wandering Mind

The End Is Nigh!

I’m not exactly ground zero for the coming eclipse, but I’m pretty damn close: the “line of totality” is only about an hour south of me. 385 more words


Episode #163 - You Better Find Out What is Stressing Your Customer Out!

The quickest way to increase your sales is to quit selling features and start selling solutions. You need to get to the emotion of why someone is buying your product.  601 more words


Gender Roles in Fairy Tales

Preface: A recent class I took regarding writing, interpreting, and understanding fairy tales was the motivation for this piece. My instructor asked me “Would the gender stereotypes and differences of men and women in fairy tales relate and carry over to the real world?” I never got around to submitting a good answer to him, so this is my way of answering it even though the class has ended at this point. 1,402 more words

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