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Where Are You?

are you?

Have you ever been at an unfamiliar area, like a shopping mall, found the directory and the first thing you search for is the “you are here” sticker? 341 more words


Jobs and Rejection


It seems our younger years are spent preparing us for the inevitable day when we start working. Some of us get lucky and find a career and a passion and enjoy what we do while others simply push through the work day and exist on the life they have outside of work. 1,170 more words


Adulting Struggles  (& How to Solve Them)

Well it’s been exactly 349 days since I graduated from college, or as I like to think of it, my 349th day in my crash course in… 929 more words

The Process of Job Applications & Interviews

So in my last post a couple of weeks ago, I opened up to you guys and talked a little about my graduation (soooo close!) and how I’m starting to look for jobs. 515 more words



With only eight days left to hand in all my work and put up my exhibition i’m a little stressed. Real World was already completed as our group worked really well together so I am pleased with the level of work which was produced, I have done half of the research and development however need to complete it. 192 more words


It's All About the Money

Save, Save, Save!

The first point that I would like to emphasize in this section is the vitality of saving money. During the 5 months that I have not published any posts on this blog (my sincerest apologies on that score), I have learned A LOT about money and finances. 1,133 more words

Real World

The Hugo Dispute: Round II

The shortlists for the 2016 Hugo awards were announced yesterday. The results are a clear demonstration that the Hugo nomination process has a serious vulnerability in it, and that once again, Theodore Beale is willing to exploit that vulnerability to seize control of the nominations process. 1,369 more words