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What To Do When I Don’t Know What To Do?

I wish I knew what I was doing to do.

I’m only about a year away from my quarter-life crisis (side note: I’m going to be 25 next year?!) but it might come early. 465 more words


Trump Is Oblivious To Reality

Trump’s latest break with reality can be assessed from the statement he made that, “He is not a racist at all and in fact is a person which harbors the least amount of racism of anyone the press and we as individuals may know of.”  To put forth a statement like after the statements concerning immigrations from countries that have a majority darker populous to which he asked the question, “Why do we keep accepting all these people from these shithole countries? 140 more words

Socail Commentary

The First Year of the End of the World

A day after the Las Vegas massacre, there were reports of an active shooter at Fertitta Hall on the campus of the University of Southern California. 1,265 more words



What, exactly, is Natalie doing on this week’s episode of Challenge: Vendettas? John and Sheldon discuss her puzzling social moves and give praise to Devin, Sylvia and Killa Kam. 50 more words

You Killed It: The Challenge Podcast

The 'Real World'

Everyone always talks about the ‘real world’. All the way through school and my teenage years, I only ever heard “You wouldn’t get away with that in the real world!” or “You’ll have a shock when you enter the real world, girl.” But it wasn’t until I got a full time job, moved out and had all of the monthly bills transferred into my name, before I actually fully understood what this ‘real world’ was. 233 more words


Things I Can’t Do

As a writer, there are lots of things I can do in my fiction that bring about a Happily Ever After by the end of 60K words or so. 739 more words

Experiences Of A Late Blooming Writer

There Is This Man

“So there is this man,” as most of my stories begin. This man puts most men to shame- he is a total flower-child, beat generation hippie that my parents would never want me dating. 173 more words

Sleepless Mind.