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An Alzheimer's Poem

Lost in a fog. I forgot I was here. Where was I going? I feel such a fear!

It’s rising upon me like thick falling snow; covering my leaves so I can no longer grow. 275 more words

Living History

The Renaissance Festival was so much fun today!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh and the house we will hopefully be moving into also was pretty nice!)

I love the Renaissance Festival because we get to dress up in costumes and just have a fun time exploring all of the cool items from that time period. 184 more words

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The Power of a Good Novel

As a recent college graduate (hey hey I actually did it and promise to type up more about it throughout some upcoming posts), I realize that I now have all of this free time on my hands. 300 more words


10 Reasons Why College Students Are Never Punctual

In high school, I was that student who carried a handful of books and a backpack that weighs as much as I do while I ran down the hallway like my life depended in it, just so that I would not be late to class. 1,220 more words


Dear little sister: The real world is now

Dear Little Sister,

I have a secret you may or may not have heard already. Ready? Its a secret hidden in plain sight but you will be tempted to believe otherwise until you see it for yourself. 938 more words

Growing Up

Focused Work

When you have a big project to work on, it is amazing how helpful it can be to just dedicate a large chunk of time for working on it. 306 more words

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May 22nd - Cloud-Cuckoo-Land

Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – n: a realm of fantasy or of whimsical or foolish behavior

He gripped my hands in his. “We’ve tried the real world. We’ve tried it and it chewed us up and spit us out,” he whispered, his voice rough and pleading. 47 more words

365 Words Challenge