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Dear Mr. Lucas

I have complicated feelings about George Lucas. Really complicated feelings. Sometimes I think, “I don’t like him but I respect him” and then I’m like, “But I don’t respect him much either.” And then I go, “no, this feeling is definitely respect, but I don’t think much of him.” 1,013 more words


A Sense of Awareness 

My senior year of college was a big year for me.

Obviously it was my last few months before entering the real world, leaving home, and figuring out how to survive. 508 more words

One Sided Friendships Need To Go-NOW

We all have those one-sided friendships. Those friendships where you seem to put in all the effort and the other person does not reciprocate. If you are always the one calling or texting them to make plans, if you always the one to see how they’re doing in hard times or just life in general and they seem to make no effort to check on your or catch up on your life-they need to go and they need to go now. 289 more words

Take Home Message

Starbucks serves wine. Who knew… Well, probably a lot of people that have the fancy new level of Starbucks in their neighborhood. The type that now wine and dinners. 223 more words


Delete Me

Delete me


without regard

Press me

into the shape

of your PC

and remove me

How easy

would it be

to delete me

In reality?

 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author

The Graduate

That picture, minus the date, is how I felt when I sat for hours watching the graduating class of my sons’ take their diploma and walk away into the night. 422 more words

Graduating College Is Hard

Graduating college is hard. Sure, everyone knows college academics are challenging, but that’s beside the point. Graduating college is difficult emotionally, and it’s often overlooked and masked behind the celebrations surrounding the achievement itself. 282 more words

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