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Command Design Pattern

The command design pattern is a commonly used design pattern.

In the command pattern, a command execution is encapsulated in an object. The ‘what’ of the execution is defined. 543 more words


my eating disorder story - part 1

now before I start writing about this, I gotta make a little disclaimer. in no way am I trying to promote the current eating disorder hype, complete with Kayla Itsines and the #fitspo hashtag. 584 more words


Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern

The Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern is a behavioral design pattern. There is a request involved which needs to be processed. There is a sender and a receiver. 556 more words


Is this real?

This summer’s last long weekend sadly ended today, and it was a very good long weekend. Apart from spending a great weekend at the beach with my family ( 149 more words

World Peace

Journalists are watchdogs of society. But who should 'watch' them?

Journalists report to the public. They inform us and shed light of what’s really going on in the world. The communication of journalists to the public isn’t a one way street though. 58 more words

Practical Physics

Maybe you took some physics classes in school, maybe you didn’t. Physics is an important subject, with all kinds of real world applications. If you do gymnastics, a successful flip in the air is governed by physics. 1,256 more words

High School

{insert phobia here}

The world seems to be falling apart at present.  Every time I look at the news, Twitter, Facebook or any sort of social media there is some sort of death, destruction, fear-mongering and spread of hate.   762 more words