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The one night stand girl

That’s me. I’m the one night stand girl, whether I’m in a relationship or not.  All I get is a one night stand – connections so few and far between that it feels like I am drifting alone just waiting for someone to see the need within me and reach out and touch it. 480 more words

Caffeine Confidential: Empowering Women & Embracing The Obstacle Course 

I was having coffee with a good friend of mine this past Sunday (how suburban and house-wife-ish of me) and we got into a pretty intense conversation about women and society and accomplishments and achievements and fulfillment. 598 more words

#2 Rescued Heart

There are traces of snow on the ground enough for me to bring out the space heater and think of some stuff.

As impossible as it is for me to swim, I find it difficult to save my heart when its drowning in my emotions. 307 more words

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In Nomine

Holiday Spotlight 2016 ---- Amy Jo Cousins

Amy Jo Cousins

Real World (Bend or Break Book 5)               
Series: Bend or Break
Author: Amy Jo Cousins
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: November 17, 2015… 246 more words

MM Holiday Delights

9 reasons 'summer camp counselor' is better than 'intern'

Every summer college students suddenly have three months of free time, and there’s often an overwhelming amount of pressure from colleges, parents or professors to get an internship and gain some work experience. 211 more words


Echoes in the Dark (poem)

As I sit, on the edge of this bed I can see,

The mists of yesterday, off in the distance.

The promises of a bright future… 69 more words