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Favorite Poem. 

Every single word hits my soul.

The JDSitem Simple Realtrees Real Tree Camo Camouflage Design

TREE TRIMMINGTree trimming is as much an art as it is a science. Knowing exactly where, when and how to cut is critical to the health and to the appearance of a tree.TREE CAREGood… 328 more words


Literary Pretension: Real or Imagined?

When you see the same situation appear in multiple works by multiple authors, you start to wonder whether it happens in real life. At least, I do. 469 more words

General Thoughts

Salaries In Real Time

This website shows you how long you have to work to buy different things.

Here’s a cool website that’s only totally depressing. You enter your salary, and it shows you how many hours you have to work to afford five things: A burger, shoes, a TV, a new car, and a home. 32 more words


Words kill like cancer

People just don’t understand how words cut deep, I’m sick and tired of people judging one another as if they are perfect. People judge other people because their just not happy about themselves, either they have something you don’t or they have someone you don’t. 60 more words


There are people you know, people you knew, and people who just know. Tonight I had the privilege of running into a few people from my past. 191 more words

Life Is Funny