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Keeping up with the Jones's

It has occurred to me after commenting on a Facebook post that I’ve lost touch with a big lesson in life. Everything is not always greener on the other side. 395 more words


A Cosmic Forest Is A Surreal Exploration Game

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A Cosmic Forest is a free game by Titouan Millet. Filled with pillars of pure color, drifting creatures, and calm ambience, it is probably one of the most relaxing games ever created. 352 more words


 the one you love 

He means good, he has a good heart. He gets annoying at times but it’s nothing. He will frustrate you. But don’t get mad, don’t get stressed, don’t shout. 480 more words

A New and Ancient Technology

At 5:55am an alert went off on my phone. That meant that at 6am there would be a Cavetime call (www.cavetime.org). This was a bunch of men from all over the United States that all got on the same call and for 30 minutes shared together and heard Jeff Voth share a word from Luke chapter 2. 193 more words



He stood behind Lo ready to burry himself deep into her. His cock slap’s her ass; jiggling it a little. Lo giggled she loved the little things like that. 102 more words