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Authentic Listening Material

I’ve been looking out for some authentic listening material for some of the Business English courses I teach. I just found a website called Freesound… 86 more words


Homework for Monday April 27

Hi guys,

Back to normal again! Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you the tests back on Monday! But no promises…

Today we started working with chapter 6 which is about the perfect and places you have been to. 253 more words

Present Perfect

Keep it real

Loads of teachers seem to think that using realia (real-life objects) is a pain. I think before the prevalence of the internet throughout everyone’s lives this was true; however, you can now source… 157 more words


Homework for Thursday January 22

Good to see you again! Hope the homework didn´t create any major problems for you! Today we talked about the APOSTROPHE. Do you remember when to use it? 230 more words


Homework for Thursday January 15


Good to see you again and also great to see some new faces! I hope you will enjoy this term and learn a great deal. 199 more words



Niby ponuro w moim świecie, a jednak gdzieś przeplata się wspomnienie szczęścia. Gdy wytężę wzrok widzę powód do uśmiechu. Może tak naprawdę nie jest mi tak źle? 306 more words

Minnesotan To Meet: Jewelry Designer Jen Scheffler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hobbies usually fill our time between work hours. But what if a hobby turns into a job?

Jen Scheffler had it happen. Tinkering and taking a part vintage jewelry turned into a full-time career in 2008, just as the recession started to hit. 442 more words