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Realia - more teen magic, adventure and friendship in Noni's second instalment

Alexandra Jennings is back for her second year at Akarnae Academy in the magical world of Medora that she stumbled into by mistake last year. The enemies are still out to get her, the professors to teach her lessons she never thought she’d need to learn, and her friends to support and surprise her along the way. 334 more words

Book Thoughts

Getting Ready for Year 7: the content cabinet

This content cabinet (CON-tent, not con-TENT) is one of my favorite organizational projects this summer. Since I have taught ESL for 6 grades over the last 6 years, I have taught related social studies, science, and math lessons to help build their vocabulary. 164 more words


Life on Scilly

Den här serien från UR är helt underbar. I sex avsnitt får vi följa ungdomarna Tom, Amy, Harry, Shamus och Jess. Vi får följa deras liv, tankar, drömmar, skola, hobbies och mycket annat från deras liv på de vacka Scillyöarna utanför Englands sydvästkust. 534 more words

Pedagogiska Tips

Προκαλεί η συναυλία του χρυσοθήρα Νταλάρα στην Κων/πολη

Συναυλιες στην Κων/πολη παραμονές και ανήμερα της 25ης Μαρτίου πρόκειται να δώσει ο Γιώργος Νταλάρας προκαλώντας δεκάδες αρνητικά σχόλια στα social media.  7 more words


TEFL Realia

In EFL teaching, realia is the link in the classroom to the outside world.  It can be motivating, it can inspire your learners to have conversations with native speakers that would otherwise not have happened, it increases the incentive to learn new credible vocabulary, it increases the amount of speaking in English that takes place between learnings in your classroom. 207 more words


Realia in the bag


Find a cloth bag. It should be as big as a school bag and made from normal cloth, not hardened. Collect at least 20 different objects. 275 more words

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