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Livening Up the Process

This morning I saw this post by Marianne Petty in my Twitter feed called Ideas to Liven Up Your Class where the author is sharing several simple ideas to use a soft ball in the classroom to make a lesson livelier, more engaging and tech-free. 741 more words

Teacher Training

Netflix and Chil(dren)

It is certainly not as suggestive as Netflix and chill… but have you ever considered using your home entertainment subscription in the classroom?

Netflix, like many subscriptions, can be set to the language of your choice and many tv shows and movies have alternative dubbing or subtitling options, giving you instant access to a library of language content. 273 more words


What's Coming Up Shouldn't Be a Surprise

When I was little there were family reunions twice a year for both my Mamaw’s and my Papaw’s family. Mamaw was one of five kids, and Papaw was one of eight. 1,115 more words

More than the subtraction of its parts

We tend to understand processes of emergence as the specific significant reality that is produced by a sum of parts. In this we emulate a… 323 more words


Theory in the making

This blog is a theoretical puzzle in the making, except that the final image is not predetermined by its author. I shall start however with a few elements and intuitions rather than nothing, as arguable hypotheses. 163 more words


Mestieri (lista dei)

Il fr. 10 di Nicofonte contiene una lista di mestieri: in accumulazione verbale sono menzionati venditori di sardine, di carbone, di fichi secchi, di pelli, di farina, di cucchiaini, di materiale librario, di setacci, di frittelle, di semi (μεμβραδοπώλαις, ἀνθρακοπώλαις, / ἰσχαδοπώλαις, διφθεροπώλαις, / ἀλφιτοπώλαις, μυστριοπώλαις, / βιβλιοπώλαις, κοσκινοπώλαις, / ἐγκριδοπώλαις, σπερματοπώλαις); gente comune che viveva dei proventi del proprio lavoro quotidiano.



Sebbene il titolo lasci intendere un’allusione a mitologici mostruosi e giganteschi esseri «tentacolari», la commedia non doveva essere estranea all’interesse per la vita quotidiana e per le normali occupazioni della gente comune. 254 more words