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Cops (Buster Keaton, 1922)

Cops is a 1922 Buster Keaton short about a man who aspires to become a ‘big businessman’ to earn the love of a woman and in doing so accidentally becomes a criminal and is chased through the city by a comically large number of police officers. 397 more words

Component 2c: Silent Cinema

The High Sign (Buster Keaton, 1921)

Buster Keaton’s The High Sign tells the story of a man, played by Keaton, who is looking for work. He proceeds to start working at a shooting gallery and is then hired by a gang to assassinate someone he has also been hired to protect. 414 more words

Component 2c: Silent Cinema

Here's to life

I live in a beige apartment with off-white curtains
and a grey marble floor. There’s an old piano in the living room
that I never use, and an untuned guitar and a screechy… 201 more words



An innocent man is undeceived and unafraid. He sees things as they are.

Keith Ashford

Friends of friends

I don’t think you and i can be friends, not while knowing about each others trysts. You remind me too much of your friend who I’m trying so hard to forget and have sworn not to speak to again if i can help it, I’m sure i remind you of her too because after all I’m her little mentor and though you sent her halfway across the world, you can’t banish every piece of her she left behind. 72 more words


Be at ease : Spread peace

An inevident existence of anything across the universe is just the less probability to be an non-existent. A sudden burst caused everything? or Mr. God designed it with the help of himself?. 165 more words