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Don't Be the Dream Crusher

A Trainee Careers Adviser recently told me her school careers adviser was known as “the dream crusher”.¬† This filled me with sadness as I think this may not have been uncommon and this is why our profession is unpopular in the public consciousness, (although I hope that times have moved on and careers professionals have too). 1,076 more words


 Kantian antinomies, (anti-)realism, and free will

The free will(and consciousness) debate goes on and on but the citation of basic physics proves very little since the foundation of the whole subject is unclear. 92 more words

August 16 2019

A view toward central London from Canonbie Road, Forest Hill, South London

Today’s photo is similar to one I took here back in December 2017. The main differences are: location – I am a little higher up the hill for this image; the trees are now in leaf; the light is more diffuse here; my colour treatment is warmer than with the other photo, and I have used a 3 by 6 aspect ratio here as apposed to the 2 by 1 on the previous photo.

King of the Hill

I sat on my metal throne and looked out over the kingdom. All of the
swings were full and I wanted a go. I was watching, waiting for my chance to… 260 more words

Creative Writing

Realism, Wine, and a Brushstrokes!

We are happy to announce that we will be holding the 14th Annual Juried Exhibition for the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) on September 20th 2019 from 6:30pm- 9:30pm! 190 more words

Fine Art

It's not pretty... Look, See, Pray

What a choice of photograph.¬† A diseased, dying leaf- and a “greenbottle” fly, purveyor of muck, filth and germs. That’s so inspirational- how, exactly?

I could have just put up pretty flowers. 448 more words

The political significance of realism

This useful essay in the Hedgehog review links the contemporary flourishing of realism to the politics of ‘post-truth’, making a change from crass accusations that trump is the fault of postmodernism. 243 more words