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Getting to know your characters

This is an updated version of the post found on my Tumblr page


In order to write characters that are fully developed, well-rounded, and consistent in their characterisation it is utterly necessary to  858 more words

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The Physical Capabilities of your characters

This is an expanded and refined version of two posts previously written for my WriteDemon page on Tumblr. They can be found here and here… 1,568 more words

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Defining Nationhood-Some Self Reflexive questions

Title : Defining Nationhood-Some Self Reflexive questions

Subtitle: On Indian Independence day-2016-Part 1-Discussions of “Tripoli Reading Group”

‘All they did was collect the revenue; they took no responsibility for overseeing the lives and property of the Bengalis . 1,476 more words

Post Colonialism

How To Build Realistic Characters - A Quick Introduction

I’ll be brief with this one, since I’m a little tired tonight. But I’ll be going through a step-by-step guide of what I think makes a great character. 355 more words


Shylock-Reverberating through Centuries-Remembering Shakespeare Part 2

In the second of this series, on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare, we have a closer look at Shylock. In the first of this series, we had a look at “The Immortal Falstaff” (King Henry IV-Part 2) (see blog    … 1,379 more words


The Immortal Falstaff- Remembering Shakespeare Part 1

What the Gnostics called the pleroma , the fullness, always abides with Falstaff.

Harold Bloom

As a secularist with Gnostic proclivities , and above all as a literary aesthete ,I preach Bardolatory as the most benign of all religions. 1,270 more words


Author Interview: Angelica Cat

Kelly played the baby grand piano in the middle of this old, abandoned mansion. The piano wasn’t in perfect tune, but it still played, and that worked well enough for Kelly. 2,050 more words