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Getting Down and Dirty in 7 Questions

Getting to know someone isn’t as easy as when we were little kids. That first meeting to best friends, or just friends, doesn’t happen within five minutes. 280 more words


Creating Believable Characters

This applies to main characters mostly. I really hate characters which are always doing the right thing. They are simply not believable to me in the least. 440 more words


You owe me nothing-Antwone Fisher

In the fifth movie we saw together, and discussed, the ending

scene which shows Dr.Davenport and Antwone Fisher talk about

their indebtedness to each other, was a teaching point. 198 more words


Lessons Learned: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I’ve been on a quest to read some of the classics I should have read by now. Actually, I listen to them on audiobook while I run, but same difference. 659 more words


Do Everything But Kill Your Characters: Why Struggle is Vital for Character Development

When we write, we all have characters that we love. We don’t want anything bad to happen to them. They’re our children, and like all good parents, we want to keep our kids safe. 428 more words


Getting to know your characters

This is an updated version of the post found on my Tumblr page


In order to write characters that are fully developed, well-rounded, and consistent in their characterisation it is utterly necessary to  858 more words

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The Physical Capabilities of your characters

This is an expanded and refined version of two posts previously written for my WriteDemon page on Tumblr. They can be found here and here… 1,568 more words

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