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Earlier Perspectives-Readings in Riverwood

Reading made me a traveler; travel sent me back to books.

Theroux, Paul. Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads (p. 293).

Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition. 458 more words

Post Colonialism

Riverwood-Reflections in Fall-2017

“A human life is like a single letter of the alphabet.

It can be meaningless. Or it can be part of a great meaning.”

Words in a Jewish Theological seminary-quoted by… 609 more words

Realistic Characters

How Real Are Your Characters?

Besides the physical challenges of being a writer and the obvious release it gives any megalomaniac tendencies you might have, writing also challenges the psyche. As a prolific writer, you have written several stories—fiction, of course—with characters you have either modeled on real-life personalities or whom you have created completely out of nothing. 370 more words

Random Thoughts

PUPPET ON A STRING Creating believable characters

“If you treat your characters like people, they’ll reward you by being fully developed individuals.”

Don Roff (writer & filmmaker)

It’s the Geppetto syndrome. We have all the tools and we know how to use them. 749 more words


Bringing down the "Strong Female Character" (in favour of strong female characters)

The differences between a strong female character and a “Strong Female Character” are huge, and they are key. While the former refers to a well-rounded, three dimensional, flawed, and entirely human character who is consistently and effectively written, the latter refers to a Hollywood fuelled trope most often seen as a gun-slinging, cold, aloof, but eminently sexy and accessible heroine with big tits (or at least titties on display). 475 more words

Opinion And Discussion

The Bloodforged

**Copy of The Bloodforged by Erin Lindsey graciously given by Literary Agent Lisa Rodgers in exchange for an honest review**

Last night, I was sitting in the living room while my friend was building a project for work. 634 more words

Book Review

Why You Should Write Unrealistic Fiction

One of the perennial questions on the internet is “how do I write for the opposite gender?” After that, you usually get the whole argument about who can (and can’t) capture the true essence and mystique of a specific gender.  703 more words

Write Inside Out