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What is my calling?

So I have tried to initiate something which I should have done years ago and I suppose I sort of did anyway which was have a life goal, a calling, a direction, a purpose. 380 more words

Perceptions- The Mind Component of Balance

Mind, Body, and Spirit. They are so intertwined that we can’t have balance without considering all three. If we leave one out, it’s like trying to balance a three-legged stool. 271 more words

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Home Sessions

Every Sunday, my daughters and I have a “Home Session”. It is our family meeting, where we meditate, congratulate one another on recent accomplishments, choose personal goals for the current week, assign ourselves chores, and calculate the allowance money earned for the week prior. 343 more words

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Every member of my family is unique. I want my children to remember a childhood in a loving house that congraulated and complimented the differences each member brought to the team. 386 more words

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H.O.W. to Change and Evolve

By this time, nearing the end of February, most of us have figured out whether our New Year’s resolutions were set off with a bang only to see they’ve already have fizzled out. 210 more words

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Complaining Burns Calories

“I wish complaining about my diet burned calories.”

I wish this were so, as well. Healthy eating and exercise are NOT easy. At. All. Especially when you see such a slooooooooow rate of weight loss. 156 more words


Mistakes and Misfortune

I had a bad feeling about sending her out the door with broken glasses. One earpiece was crooked, so I unscrewed it this morning to try mending it before the bus arrived. 458 more words

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