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Weekly Words 1-7/04/2018

01/04/18: 334

There was a reason for this: I was planning. Plans were happening, because I was doing them. Plans for my own projects, even. This week, I am going to be focusing on fleshing out these plans, and am realising that this is actually a learning opportunity for me: how to write meaningful action scenes. 2,843 more words


Weekly Words 18-24/03/2018

18/03/18: 1558. Not a ton of writing done volume-wise, but had a fantastic brainstorming session with my friend with whom the co-writing is being done; she really helped me with a few key things I was really stuck with character-wise, and gave me a fantastic idea to work with in my current episode. 1,636 more words



I was pretty disappointed in 2017. It absolutely did NOT live up to its full potential. 2018, though, I’m making that sucker my year, y’all. My list of goals? 821 more words

Wellness Wednesday: The Secrets to My Success

As of today I am five weeks in to my health path, and so far I am incredibly happy with the changes I am seeing! I have lost weight, but more importantly I am learning to enjoy healthy foods AND healthy portions. 641 more words


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve set myself some completely unrealistic goals!

‘I want to be back to my original weight’

‘I want to be skinny again’

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Clean Eating

HSP: Staying Motivated 

You’re not obligated to win.

You’re obligated to keep trying. To do the best you can do every day.

– Jason Mraz

When it comes to achieving any goal, everyone needs motivation.

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Highly Sensitive



  • Perfectionism is the unreasonable and self-defeating ambition of getting something absolutely right – which makes us difficult to be around and punishing to live within.
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