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4 Reasons That Your Dreams Never Come True.

Dreams and hopes take you to a better world, there where peace mean peace and you nearly touch the skies. That’s the feeling. Dreams keep you going. 519 more words



Well, given the lack of updates, I would hope you all could assume that I failed my attempt last year at NaNoWriMO. I say “you all” like anyone reads this. 232 more words


Everything In Moderation

Hey, everyone! It’s day two of NaNoWriMo and I’m up to 4500 words. My original goal for today was 6000 words, three a day, but I’ve learned how to be more flexible about the goals. 81 more words


Two Meatballs: Math is Hard!!!

I don’t want to make you guys barf or insert side eye/intense eye roll….but I’m just so happy!  Sara here and I just want to say, it’s always easier to focus on what isn’t going well, what is a struggle, what we wish was different since we are such a goal oriented society that is discouraged from sharing their true feelings, but sometimes we forget to say when things are just going swimmingly!   1,143 more words

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How I quit Sugar

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love loved sugar. Yup that’s right, about two months ago, I quit the white stuff. 866 more words


I'll start fresh on Monday? 

I have heard this from every person I’ve met who wants to change something about themselves. Whether it was to stop smoking, drinking, to start eating healthy, or exercising. 262 more words


Children, you (mum) and food

So being a mum is like the best thing ever and also the most demanding job on the planet. Caring for kids is a full time job and if I had a nanny, a chef and a cleaner believe me I would look and feel like a single woman. 397 more words

Children And Food