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Just Passing Through

Lately I’ve been trying to stay mindful of my passing emotions as just that, passing through. I acknowledge the fact that I am feeling gloomy or excited or anxious or hopeful, and then I try to allow myself to focus on whatever else it is that I’m doing, unattached to my ever-changing emotional state. 533 more words

Be Mindful

You are Amazing!!

This is the 3rd week in January ,how is it going so far for you? Have you set your goals, do you look at them daily? 483 more words


Running a Costuming Business, part 3:The Art of Objectivity

A short follow up on my earlier posts, ( part 1 and 2), dealing with running a creative business – not only a costuming one I suppose, but applying to many art- and craft-related business as well. 2,337 more words


Is There a Downside to Setting Goals?

I recently read an article about the downside of setting goals. To me, someone who has always abided by the virtue of goal setting—and, more specifically, the value of setting SMART goals (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded goals)—this was heresy! 457 more words

Business Development

Setting Goals for 2016, Part II

I hope everybody had a great New Year’s! Mike worked New Year’s Eve, so I ended up taking the kids to the zoo and Chick-fil-A. It was my first attempt at going to the zoo without another adult to help me with the kids and I have to say I was impressed – the little people were exceptionally well-behaved. 839 more words


The whole new year new you ish

Hello beautiful! How are you? I hope you were able to celebrate the holidays in whatever way you wanted too. Welcome to 2016!

I am sure that you have seen a million and one blog posts about new year resolutions? 506 more words


Getting the Lard Off Progress Report 2015-12-30

I started my low carb lifestyle in mid-August, so I’ve been doing this for a little over 4 months now. My basic goal is to get healthier by getting down to a reasonable weight and moving more. 642 more words