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Losing Interest by BACouture


Until now, my blogs have been from a writer’s perspective, but this one is about my experience as a reader, specifically, what makes me put a book down and never pick it up again. 863 more words

B A Couture

"Achievement: Setting Realistic Goals"

When motivation is high, your tank is full and you are ready to go 0 to 60 in two point five seconds flat. You can climb Mt. 353 more words


Pencil Drawing of Amanda Seyfried

I wanted to do a few more portraits of female celebrities and found a couple of photos of Amanda Seyfried I really liked. Her hair and her complexion are very light, but I went in with my 8b to do some of the darker areas to make the picture really pop. 136 more words


Two more realistic drawings

Here are two more realistic drawings of women. I really should learn how to draw men, but another time, perhaps.


The Week in Reviews 6/29/15

It’s that time again!

The idea behind “The Week in Reviews” is to review the books I have read the previous week, each week…simple really! 1,199 more words

Mice by Gordon Reece

Release date: 18th August 2011

Pages: 336

Age Range: 15+

Contains: Extreme descriptions of violence (murder and bullying).

Genre: Thriller

Awards: Ned Kelly Award Nominee for best novel (2011) 1,084 more words

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