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Giving Yourself Incentives

A lot of times, when I am trying to reach an end goal, I try to give myself incentives to finish the job.

If I work out, I’ll let myself have one piece of chocolate. 439 more words

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Fantastical Storybooks help Children learn better

What is the best way to encourage learning in preschool-aged children? Does children’s learning  depending on content – whether it contains realistic themes of cooks and firefighters or… 152 more words

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Lets Talk Overnight Successs

Walking into this business, many of us are under the impression that we join some big guy, making big money, that we will get the same thing, overnight, without any more. 248 more words


What worries you most?

No matter who or what I read, the list of what one would consider a threat to your safety is likely to be the same as someone else. 624 more words


Pointe by Brandy Colbert

Pointe by Brandy Colbert
Putnam, 2014.

The title and the cover of Pointe suggest that this is a ballet novel – and it is, to a degree, but it is also a complex, subtle portrait of a young Black woman who is at a point of crisis in her life. 534 more words


A Helmet

This is a helmet…. I forgot what it was. Trojan or something??

I did this drawing awhile ago. In September or October.

 It would be SO COOL to own one of these!!!


Featured: Vanessa C.

Vanessa C.

Major: Theatre

Year: Junior

1) How often do you feel stressed or have anxiety? I feel stressed fairly often. I find I live in a constant state of minor stress, with the occasional (about once a week) moment of pure stress. 194 more words