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Family Business

A really long time ago, when I was very, very young, I remember Saturday afternoon chats with my dad in the basement bathroom.

He was constantly working (both career-work and home-type-work) so that was one of the only times he ever seemed available to me. 84 more words


The Hardest Part is Putting It In Words You Can Understand

I wrote this at some point this summer. At first, it was for my eyes only. However, the closer we get to November 8th, the more sick and terrified I get. 1,002 more words

A Bit About Me

Conversations with a Catfish #1

Technically, this is Conversation #2. A while back I wrote briefly about Big Daddy. Very briefly…

Since that time we have been chatting via text (until recently) and (rarely) talking on the phone, but I haven’t been taking it seriously. 410 more words


I haven’t posted here in a long while. There are many excuses for that.

  1. My bipolar depression has flared up some.
  2. My computer has pretty effectively died, so I’m needing to use the hubby’s.
  3. 940 more words

Toy Infinity Has a New Website!

I have finally got my act together and transferred this blog over to my new self-hosted website. All future posts will be written there.

You can now find Toy Infinity at… 17 more words

Reality Bites

A Memory Jar - New Year's Eve Tradition

I started this in 2014 after sitting with a glass of Prosecco with my husband and realising how much of the year we have forgotten. I wanted some way of keeping the small memories alive so that we could all remember them. 143 more words

Reality Bites

What are Conkers?

That is what my 7 year old said to me when I told him I’d collected some Conkers for him and his sister. What are Conkers? 109 more words

Reality Bites