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When The Shit Gets Real

We already read about the successful people on the net or Forbes, or rolling stones or some other god forsaken magazine, how a 20 something bloke started a social website that is a rage now, or how a college drop out started a million dollar tech industry, or how a college drop out becomes the world famous guitarist, or how a kid from the slum went on to become a legendary sports personality. 1,099 more words

Soul-sucking ‘entertainments’

Despite sitting in the secure and cosy hostel room, and knowing that the visuals on my laptop are way far from reality, the trailer of this soon-to-be released movie on a serial killer, and the gory acts of horror depicted in it, did make me sick to my stomach. 605 more words

Reality Bites

Not even Lisa Loeb.

It’s been a minute since our last update. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it, the posting. Sometimes it’s just easier not to talk, you know? 1,107 more words

Who teaches the eye roll? The joy of 7 year old sons.

My 7 year old is perfect at the eye roll. He has the right balance of pause and exhaled breath; a teenager would be proud of his efforts. 514 more words

Reality Bites

Film & Food Friday: Reality Bites

Normally I write my blog post the evening before I post it, right after my tot has gone to sleep, but yesterday it took so much longer to get her to sleep that I decided to relax instead of write. 1,072 more words

Major breakthrough

This is going to be long, and I’m going to be real here. If cursing offends your sorry ass, move on.

(thanks, Michelle)

Okay, I have a problem with money. 852 more words

My Life

Parenting the TV Way

I vividly remember having lines when I was in year 8 of school. I came home and started doing them, and thought my Mum would be so pleased. 340 more words

Reality Bites