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A Fresh Start

Almost 34 years of my life was wasted because I have a troubled past, a life full of BS, I learned to create a world of my own to mask my true feelings. 971 more words

Reality Bites

#20 Reality's bite

Days come
& thoughts of you
never go.

I run around
in arbitrary lines of time
trying to drown you
in hot coffee cups,
in half-hearted smiles, 77 more words


Apparently, exactly 2 years ago, I posted this.
The Facebook gods of the past were kind enough to remind me…
I don’t even remember it!


Undiminishing love, but book closed forever...

Life is augmented with responsibilities, once, renowned as crown jewels on one’s head.

Is it not what we are to run to, please the society, satisfy the guilt, and crave for un-loved? 315 more words

Reality Bites

Reality Winner

Truth is stranger than fiction they say and I suspect that is true. These days I read the news and think, I could not have imagined that if I tried. 752 more words

O love! What have you done?

I am alive but unlike dead,

I am cared but left behind;

I belong to someone but orphan,

I want to be a rover but forlornness is engulfing me.

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Reality Bites