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Bright as Yellow - The Innocence Mission

With its soundtrack by and cameo appearances from all the big-name Seattle bands with the exception of Nirvana, Cameron Crowe’s Singles is basically the official movie of the grunge era. 547 more words


Why Is #MeToo Being Branded As Anti-Men?

No smartass title. No lengthy introduction. Let me cut straight to the chase.

Why would some people think that something that is pro-women has to be anti-men? 744 more words


Mirage of Motherhood

Society paints a very serene picture of motherhood: A glow on your face as you smile down on your little one while the song of a music mobile plays on the background. 616 more words

8 Lessons Learned - What 2 Years Of Blogging and 30K+ Followers Taught Me

Today I woke up with a realization that its been exactly 2 years since I started this blog – its my blog’s 2nd Birthday! … 939 more words


Fashionably a competent historian?

Confusion, that is what the Swiss history professor Jacob Burckhardt, caused. The reason for the constant perplexity was that in his simple attire Burckhardt did not look at all what a nineteenth-century professor was expected to look like. 1,168 more words

Reality Bites


The trees are tall,
majestic, and barren:
a missing block 
from a foundation,
a mall of desolation.

Life is on stall;
a ball that's 
always bouncing… 17 more words

Oh no you didn't...

Do you ever have one of those days where it’s going great until something so bizarre happens that you can’t help but say “WTF?”  Unlike stories though, there is rarely any foreshadowing to real life craziness; the days are always perfect until they are not. 632 more words

Crazy Adventure