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Reality Bites: The Naysayers and Crazymakers

Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.
       ― F.W. Dupee, American literary critic

The simile that life is like a baseball game has become a bit of a cliche’.  568 more words

On Being Human

Top 5 Movies from the 90s

If the acid wash mom jeans and babydoll dresses are any indication, the 90s are back in fashion in a big way. So why not take a break from assembling your collection of Doc Martens and relax with a 90s movie? 683 more words

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Reality Bites: Baby Steps

Reality has finally gotten so up in my face that I cannot ignore it anymore.  The reality is that I am at an age where I am beginning to see my friends and family members suffer from all sorts of debilitating and life-threatening conditions.  346 more words

On Being Human

Reality Bites-Jamaicans Are Not Black??

Hey people.

I go on ThoughtCatalogue.com a lot. The website’s never ending articles are always attention-grabbing and life-affirming. One day I was reading an article called… 835 more words

Reality Bites

Meditation - An Introduction

This is not me.  I do not sit crossed legged, hands gently posed in “gyan mudra” listening to myself breathe.  I don’t just struggle to meditate, I writhe, kick – internally judging myself and every thought I have until I forget what I was doing and give up exasperated. 1,545 more words

Crazy Adventure

On The Pedestal (aka Infatuation)

Ahh yes, all good things must come to an end as the saying goes. And infatuation is one of those things.
Infatuation has a very important purpose. 402 more words

Relationships - Online Dating

bipolar bear

i go from one end
of the emotional spectrum
to the other
at the snap of a finger

Reality Bites