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Claim for a name: Agnes Strickland and the disputed ownership of a title

A title is one of the most crucial paratexts a history book can have. In a few words a title captures the essence of a text – its topic and genre – as well as contextualizes and explains it. 1,274 more words

Reality Bites

The Faithful and the Faithless

I’ve been reading through the book of Ezekiel during my quiet time. I wanted to go back to the book from which the Lord showed me my my nothingness and need of Him. 400 more words

Reality Bites

It’s been a month or so since I last posted. I’ve had an upper respiratory thing going, and then Thanksgiving, then December, which has been a hard month for the whole family for the last several years. 568 more words


Why it's probably better not to come out as multiple

I think the best way to tell whether you’re being faced with manipulation, with a situation which is bad for you, is to see what happens when you prepare to leave. 206 more words

My Life

The fault is in all of us...

“Bhenchod, haath nahi lagana, tu jaanta nahin main kya cheez hoon,” the flamboyantly dressed mustachioed thug glowered.

“Police ka danda jab padega toh tu samjhega, hum kya cheez hain” 1,812 more words


Fantasy Fighter Experience I

Recently, I’ve been playing mobile games as my stress relievers from day-to-day schoolworks and I found myself scrolling over the game description of Fantasy Fighter in Google Playstore as I browse for a decent online game. 222 more words


Expat, repat, and otherwise displaced reactions to the 2016 US presidential race

Welcome to the Displaced Nation’s virtual panel discussion on the most recent presidential election in America. (Hey, we figured if the pundits could get it all wrong, we could all be pundits, too!) 3,048 more words