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Which trip would you want to take?

Guilt Trip or Power Trip?

Power Trip is defined as sustained and often aggressive exercise of power over others in order to boost one’s stature or feelings of self-worth.  519 more words

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Five film characters I'd like to take a road trip with TODAY :: Friday Five

Five film characters I’d like to take a road trip with TODAY :: Friday Five

1. Margot, Take This Waltz

Video killed the radio star… 25 more words


What others say about you...

Adjectives are words that describe or modify another word. Every first grader knows that. But have you ever thought what  actually defines you as  person? 362 more words

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sometimes these episodes
of rebellion
feel like a forced choice
between You and happiness
but the truth is
the choice is
between life and death… 22 more words

Reality Bites

DIARY OF AN EXPAT WRITER: Back in full-time writing mode and full of resolution(s) for 2016!

We haven’t heard from American expat in Hong Kong and aspiring writer Shannon Young for a while. Does that mean she’s thrown in the towel on the full-time writing gig? 1,393 more words


To Be Enjoyed In The Winter

Welcome back! It is finally cold. If you are from the east coast and had to live through a Christmas, that was in the 80’s you are welcoming the change. 965 more words

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A Nurse's Conundrum

You graduate from nursing school. You pass the board exams. After all those long hard years of toiling away, studying and cramming, sleepless nights and the lack of a proper social life, this is it… you are now officially an RN!!! 943 more words