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37) Facebook, Fake-News, and Friends

I am the resisting sort, a non-conformist, and a skeptic of well — Everything. I read widely and deeply. I try to have an open mind. 1,250 more words

My X-perience

Winona Forever

An actress with one of the biggest cult followings, with many fans around the globe (myself included) has got to be Winona Ryder.

It is perhaps her choice in the roles she plays which makes her so influential and so adored by many. 249 more words



I suppose I don’t share the usual new year sentiment. To be honest, I was disgusted with my selfishness. It started when for the first time in my three decades, at the start of the year, I didn’t wake up to ham and hot chocolate. 314 more words

Reality Bites

Picture-perfect scholars and uncontrollable portraits

Edward Freeman, the venerable history professor in Oxford, had his picture taken in 1888 and proudly he informed Edith Thompson how, for the first time, his picture was to be sold by the photographer. 845 more words

Reality Bites

A Farewell Letter for 2016

You held my hand, tighter than ever, our fingers intertwined. You told me, “Just one last time, baby. Let’s stay this way until end comes my way.” 1,398 more words

Reality Bites

a costly freedom

the last time i was here
i poured out the jagged
pieces of my heart
beneath the stars

how You send forth wind
to blow away… 123 more words

Reality Bites