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People will always judged and condemned you through our physical appearance. The way they perceived about you because of your troubled past and the peers you hooked up with. 63 more words

Life As We Know It

She’s Back

In 1988 a wild, crazy, comedy fantasy film captured the box office and made millions of fans. Beetlejuice starred Michael Keaton, Alex Baldwin and Geena Davis. 523 more words

Crime and Punishment

It only took one serious conversation with a serious Dom for me to finally realize that ‘the lifestyle’ might not be for me. 112 more words


Easy Ryder - Why The World Still Needs Winona

‘Winona Forever’ goes the slogan. Immortalised by a generation raised on the Gothic glamour of Beetlejuice, it was also the phrase that was, ironically, temporarily etched onto the arm of eccentric movie alternahunk Johnny Depp. 595 more words


Last week, my housemate came home to find us sitting in the dark due to a rotational brownout. When she asked why, we told her that it’s because we were waiting for her, waiting for light. 388 more words

Reality Bites

What do professors do?

I found at least one answer to that question yesterday when going through some old boxes full with paper in my office: they seem to read and comment whatever drafts and texts their grad students bring to them. 32 more words

Hardworking Historians

The Ever-Elusive "Someday"

You can talk about “someday” forever

“Someday” is only a word

It’s not really a place…

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