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So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Week No.1, Season 12

E:  So that’s a lot of ground to cover!  We’ve got the usual amount of brutal cuts, breakdowns, injuries and general disasters.  And we’ve got the editors’ mission – to give us a dramatic show – that sometimes sits at odds with my preference to meet the actual contestants.  2,586 more words


So You Think You Can Dance: New York City Auditions, Season 12

E:   Is it weird that all I can think at this point is how many awesome dancers aren’t going to make the Top Twenty?  I mean, wow.  3,183 more words


So You Think You Can Dance: L.A. Auditions, Season 12

E:  Before we talk about the amazing auditions — and seriously, wow — let’s chat about the revelation for this year’s format.  Turns out Standing Ovation was right; street dancer will only do street styles, and stage dancers will only do stage styles. 4,905 more words


So You Think You Can Dance: Detroit Auditions, Season 12

E: I don’t know if you would have guessed this, but the city that produced Eminem virtually teems with amazing street performers.  Yes.  I know.  It’s shocking.  3,757 more words


So You Think You Can Dance: Memphis and Dallas Auditions, Season 12

E: Okay, it might have been 47 degrees out and raining here on June 1st – but my summer has started anyway, because SYT is back, baby!  3,242 more words


Mother Knows Best

I was watching a reality singing competition, 我是歌手3 (I am a singer 3) with my Mum.
It is a show where they pit professional singers against each other and I enjoy watching snippets of it as every singer is so good, it is impossible to pick a favourite. 292 more words


Day 7 - Ultimate Survival Alaska (season 2)

Today was damn cold. I didn’t want to leave my house cold. I barely wanted to leave my bed cold. What better way to get through the day than to huddle up and watch other people be super cold? 367 more words