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My first encounter with reality distortion-1

Steve Jobs had a phenomenal reality distortion field as shown in the documentaries made on him and his biography also claims this. While reading, watching, and thinking about Steve Jobs, I always paid more attention to his urge for perfection, his brilliance, his struggles, his travels, his family, and his relationships with his co-workers. 477 more words


Reality Distortion Courtesy of Damn Depression *TW*

My second day of my apprenticeship has mostly been done now. Only a meal out to go. But fuck that’s going to be hard work when it involves food (obviously!) and socialisation which are two of the things I want to reject most right now. 755 more words

The reality distortion in Steve Jobs, the movie

STEVE JOBS directed by Danny Boyle (USA, 2015)

The remarkable life of Steve Jobs cannot possibly be condensed into 122 minutes without making significant compromises. You have to distort events to create a cinematic reality. 488 more words