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Shows That Should Just Stop While They’re Ahead

So many shows come and overstay their welcome on air. Because of changing writers, networks, replacing actors or characters from the original cast, more shows end at their post-timely demise. 482 more words

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The Bachelor: He Has No Idea Who I Am

I started this season with no hope at all that Boring Ben would be even remotely interesting. The season premiere, with its annual parade of women who have career titles like “Chicken Enthusiast” gave me an inkling of hope that the casting would offset Boring Ben’s bland personality. 1,329 more words


Koping with the Kardashians

“Andy doesn’t have time for that real shit.”

Photo via Getty Images and Enstarz

Two weeks later and I’m back at it, and I apologize for missing a week. 689 more words

Reality Television

The Next President of the US Is...

In the last 40 or so years one or more of the presidents of the United States have been womanizers, liars, movie stars, recovering alcoholics, etc. 371 more words

Survivor: Koh Rong

After 8 long months, the sun has finally set on Survivor: Cambodia/Second Chances, and now it’s time for the sun to rise on a new season, with fresh faces, and a used locations. 349 more words


Revisiting Smartest Guy in the Room & Biggest Loser

Preface: Exhale. Something about the first couple of weeks back at school send my life into chaos and my body into shock. Part of it is getting back into a particular daily rhythm (aka, not sleeping for 10 hours each day); another part of it though, is figuring out which classes I really need to sink my teeth into. 398 more words