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@Discovery Channel Supplied Footage That "Should Have Remained Lost" In An Attempt to Cash In On #AlaskanBushPeople , But The #BushBashers Went For The Kill and Won Instead!

Before announcing the winners of #BB40 a quick public service announcement to our “friends” at Discovery. Here at Bitch By Bravo we have very simple rules for #BushBashing during “Alaskan Bush People.” Tweets must be posted during the premiere showing of the latest episode each Friday to be eligible.Said Tweets must also be YOUR OWN. 232 more words

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Big Brother 17 - Wednesday - July 29, 2015

Who wins Veto?  Will they use it?  How does Vanessa continue to run the house as the sole HoH?  Let’s Get Excited!

Which I feel like I should restate, as I don’t think I have this season, the whole “Let’s Get Excited!” comes from Comics Should Be Good’s very own Chad Nevett, That’s how he started his Random Thoughts column, which I use as an inspiration for these posts. 868 more words

Reality Television

Amazing Race Canada - Week 4 recap: Passport, passport, who's got the passport?

Always read the clue. Always be nice to the locals. Always have your passport. Always keep trying.

Follow these rules and you’ll be that much closer to taking the top prize in The Amazing Race Canada. 661 more words


The Bachelorette: Storytelling Misfires and the Triumph of the Male Gaze

The Bachelorette Season 11 was full of controversy and disappointment in the eyes of many fans, but not for the reasons you think. I’ve been a loyal viewer of the show for several years, though I usually feel uncomfortable with the original of the franchise: somehow watching a collection of women fawn over and subsequently get their heart broken by The Bachelor doesn’t quite suit me, but the show’s feminist answer that comes on every summer is a favorite of mine and my friends. 730 more words