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5 Best Reality Shows for Bros

The Amazing Race. Because you are amazing and you always win. And you like beating people that are inferior.

The Bachelor. Again, you always win. And in the very least there are 20 broads that are trying to sleep with you. 111 more words


The One About The Alaskan Bush People


That is the only word I have to describe the events surrounding 62-year-old Billy Brown and five members of his family who were charged with… 653 more words


Why it is important to be wrong (sometimes).

Dealing with imperfection has made many of us pretty insecure, particularly the young. I think growing into yourself makes you realise that you will be wrong a lot, technically, but you can kind of bluff your way through most of these situations. 2,667 more words


RHOBH Behind The Scenes: Dinner Party From Hell Explained ... Not Really

Camille’s sneaky DinnerPartyFromHell is explained.

Watch as Cami sits back and lets her employee, Alison Dubois (Cami produced Alison’s show “Medium”), do her dirty work. 22 more words


Our Love For “Human Zoos”: Explaining the Allure of Reality Television

By Emily Freed

Today, many television viewers unabashedly proclaim their love for the unique genre of reality programs. This medium first emerged on TV in the early 1990s, but it truly became a staple of American entertainment with the advent of popular shows like “Big Brother”, “Survivor”, and “American Idol”, among others. 841 more words


Cooking with Celebrities

Bella Hollingsworth wasn’t talented enough to be a professional actress.  She was completely tone deaf as well, making her chances of winning a singing competition next to nil.  464 more words

Braxton Family Feud Reportedly Erupts Over Tamar Doing ‘DWTS’

Tamar Braxton may have gotten her share of supporters from appearing on “Dancing With the Stars,” but don’t count her sisters among them.

The Daily Mail reports that a family feud has allegedly erupted between Tamar’ and her sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina and Traci. 387 more words