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To people who did not put me on "Married at First Sight"

I can’t believe you people.

It’s awkward enough to be this attractive and not already be on TV. It really grinds my gears that you rustled up a whole lot of people who just can’t seem to nail down The One and matched them up with each other and I wasn’t informed or contacted. 195 more words


Shaun vs. the volcano: Survivalist from Faribault leads team on new TV show

Ever since he left his hometown of Faribault for Navy SEAL training, Shaun Keilen has usually worked in front of an audience confined to his fellow team members. 272 more words


America is indeed naked and afraid, of the truth

I’ve ignored most of the so-called reality shows for decades. Never watched a second of that obvious travesty Honey-Boo-Boo. Had no idea who the Duggars even were until the sex scandals broke and the family was exposed for its ugly secrets. 1,012 more words

History of Reality TV

I would consider myself a Reality TV enthusiast. For me, there’s something captivating about the ability to turn on a TV show and having the ability to observe how people from all walks of life are living (or portray to be living) in so many different parts of the world. 446 more words

Reality TV

About those Mexican sharks

You know entrepreneurship has gone mainstream when a local Shark Tank hits cable TV. I was approached by the Shark Tank production team in Mexico to recommend startups for the show. 1,159 more words


The Reality of Reality Part I: Docu Soaps

I heard tell of a Docu Soap where they accidentally broke up a couple they were supposed to be following to the altar. In the producers’ zeal to create peril regarding the impending nuptials, they put the characters into scenarios that revealed actual issues in the relationship; this led to great fights (for Production) and an unintended breakup. 432 more words

Reality TV

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, Bad Girls Club is one of the worst reality shows on TV. The women are vulgar, behave like wild animals, and should be enrolled in obidence school.

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