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A Thanksgiving tribute to The Real Housewives of Hulu

Okay, maybe tribute’s a strong word. I’m sure there are fans out there who have been watching the various iterations of The Real Housewives since the debut of the first series, … 779 more words

Slashvivor! by Stephen Kozeniewski and Stevie Kopas


Try Not to Die

TV-XXX (Salty language, Sexual innuendo, Vomit-inducing ultraviolence)

TBA. Pirate transmission.

North America’s number one reality television show returns with instant fan favorite Dawn Churchill, a plucky, hometown girl from the irradiated ruins of the former United States. 421 more words


Viewer Perspective - S35 E9

First of all, sorry for the wonky week here on SurvivorBuff! We basically took the week off, but we’re back! Yay!

We get back from tribal, where our poor Desi was the latest in sacrificial ceremony. 427 more words

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You're not really supposed to have a baby shower for your fourth baby....

James feels like he doesn’t need to attend a childbirth class because he’s a middle child.  I think he’s confusing childcare for childbirth.  Very different.  This is where a doula would come in to help during a birth where the partner is scared, needs support, or not participating!  348 more words


#TheApprentice S13 ep 8: Furry growlers

Week 8 and the candidates are surprised by a beardy if not so jolly man. He informs them a quarter of Brit households have a dog and they have to tap into the market. 2,064 more words

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RHOCheshire S6 Reunion: Dawn and Leanne Lose It, Tanya and Stacey Squabble and Ester and Nermina Make No Progress

So it’s over! The final episode of this series of RHOCheshire has aired. Still, Series 6 went out with a bang. What a reunion show the last episode was – arguments were had, insults were traded and, at one point, Leanne had to be restrained! 665 more words

Ever wonder what's the difference between you and Kimmie?

Do you ever wonder what’s the difference between you and the Kardashians? Or even the difference between you and a successful entrepreneur? Well there’s a couple of differences but for the purpose of this post I’m going to focus on the importance of  923 more words