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I said okay.

When you work for a bank, and you are presenting a loan to your boss for approval, stop talking when the pen goes to the paper and scrawls out a signature.

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Life can be boring!

Life can be quite boring.

Life can be absolutely mundane at times.

Life can also be repetitive.

Phew! Someone had to say it out loud. 175 more words

Before I say goodnight...

First of all, you can’t buy your way out of racism.  When you are at a position that you have a safety net in that you can afford to stand up and address societal issues you’re only able to do so because you are not living pay check to pay check.   71 more words

Blind masks

As a walk the street of truth,

I see no longer the real me and you,

I ask where do the land of life exist, 81 more words


Thoughts on Addictions and Public Perception

I came across the attached image today on the Free Thought Project’s Facebook page. The variety of reactions to it were pretty amazing. Lots of LOLs. 703 more words


"Follow Your Passion" And Other Lies That Make It Sound Like Art Isn't Work

As a professional artist I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me, “You’re so lucky that you get to do what you love everyday.” It’s in that one statement (and countless others…chase your dreams, follow your passion, etc.) that the unreality of art is born. 823 more words