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Getting all your ducks in a row.. 🦆🦆🦆

Hey everyone hope your having a great Bank Holiday weekend..

At last we have some nice weather wherever you are in the world I hope you doing well. 507 more words



There really isn’t much about feminism really;

It originated from gender stereotypes (check out my recent post GENDER ROLES) , and the ladies decided they’d had enough; 292 more words


Moving on (or not)

The people we love

Lives in our heart.

They’re like a piece of us

We cannot live apart.

But to survive

We stay alive

Though far far away… 45 more words


Programming Expectation vs. Reality

Made a meme about programming expectation vs. reality. The left picture is from Tokyo Xanadu Ex+.

If you ever coded extensively, then you know that it’s mostly about googling your problems, looking at forums or reference sites, and fixing typos; not a computer genius looking at multiple screens of code 😂

Video Game

As Amazon Fires Spread, So Do the Misleading Photos - The New York Times

I saw this on the internet and thought it brought an interesting dimension to the documentary debate over realism.

The New York Times states “ 224 more words

Reflections And Misc

Me, and Myself

There is a calm

but confusion
all around,

and it is quite

in a strange
sadistic way,

when after

the taken
for granted, 37 more words