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If you care about me, please read it. Not for sympathy, but because awareness is our only hope. #thisiswhatinvisibleillnesslookslike #invisibleillnessawarenessweek
30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know – 30 Things Meme… 536 more words

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Never just accept someone’s Word for what they cannot possibly know to be True ™ except by Faith.


21st Century

Dreams of our fathers and the realities of now. The thoughts of tomorrow and the day after, the changing eras from the stone age to the Y2Ks (2000s) not leaving out the rumored end of the world (2012) and all. 247 more words

Inordinate Musings


like being blindfolded

and someone tells you

of the beauty that’s out there

and you’ve only seen that in dreams

and it’s hard to believe… 71 more words



I’ll take the world

off your shoulders

Take me to bed


We can lose our

harsh reality

we’ll make love

by candlelight

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Author


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Every day there has been a different agenda; all revolving, ostensibly, around creating the perfect conditions for finding ways to point, with words, at the conditions that lie underneath them. 789 more words


When Light Falls Upward

Four Fallen Upward Lights

Working nights at Exxon Convenience Store (Ladd) gave me many viewing opportunities of the night sky. In the Valley of Shenandoah (Daughter of the Stars) certain areas of the night sky are void of bright lights. 468 more words