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Terence McKenna on freedom from illusion...

“There is no liberation to compare with freeing oneself from the illusions and delusions of the age in which one lives.”

Terence McKenna

Semi Structured Semi Flight

(a beat-up villanelle)

When small it is all floor
knees and hands rolling about
move a little do a little more.

Go outside fall into grass… 72 more words


The Mirage of Reality

Black and White,

In a sea of Grey.

You see Black,

While I find White.

Your Black is my wrong,

While my White yours.

Can Black be White? 152 more words

Poetic Endeavours



It was not like manner; although, in Rabbits and often the high-ceilinged room for the fighters for we pulled our present time to penetrate. 1,813 more words


Should information online have an expiry date?

I don’t know about you, but it feels weird when you try and delete something and Google asks you “do you mean archive?”

No. I definitely do not mean “archive.” I have absolutely no use for this random coupon that is going to expire in 30 days. 416 more words