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2 Major Life Changes I wouldn't have missed for the world

Anyone who’s been around 12-step programs for any amount of time has probably heard the warnings not to make any major life changes in the first year. 745 more words


Are we showing our kids a better alternative?-Noa's Freestyle Friday

As I reflect on all the children I met on my tour of Spirituality for Kids programs in Colombia and Peru last week, I am struck by how all children, from the poorest to richest, face similar internal challenges. 483 more words

Following Dreams

As humans,

It’s inevitable that we dream,

Sometimes when we close our eyes to sleep,

Other times when we sit in a daze.

Dreaming dreams that are feasible, 252 more words

Addressing The Problem

All Of My Life, I Waited Too…

This post is a sequel of  All Of My Life, I Waited…

All of my life,
I waited too for you to blush,
After I say hello with smile, 686 more words


Love Becomes A Memory

What does it matter if we worship
God or the Devil
as long as we have peace?

But why is peace only
too many people possessing… 120 more words


The Song

courtesy of: www.spanishdict.com

In daybreaks glow

Whispers of a new day

A sleeping world stirs

Act one of the play


And I sing

Off key… 21 more words


Duality is the reality of our current minds

The perception that most human beings have at this time, is based on separation. Every word defines, words make up a concept which supports the idea of individuality. 416 more words