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I decided a few weeks ago to write another short story, but I haven’t gotten anywhere. I’ve created the fictitious universe, but I have no idea how I want to tell a story in it. 888 more words


Blonder Hair Won't Make You Happier

Before I got engaged back in October, I held on to this strange belief that once I got engaged my looks would change. Not like I would suddenly turn into a Victoria’s Secret model or grow a huge Beyonce booty overnight, but that I just wouldn’t have to try as hard to look good. 611 more words


Different Circumstances=Different Decisions

People make choices. Oftentimes, the decisions that people make are determined by the different circumstances that they are under.

My lived experiences and others’ life stories have REALLY made me look at the limits of human capacities differently; whether or not the saying, such as if we can dream it we can achieve it, is just an unrealistically brainwashing mechanism that we deploy when we are immaturely innocent as citizens of this world, who are with a certain amount of privileges. 197 more words


Reality vs Fantasy

See what is in front of you, not what you wish to see.


Of Green & Blue

Relativity is not just Einstein’s theory.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: time is relative online.

We’ve had a good run, you and I. 169 more words


Letter To Lover

Dear you,
You say you love me but I don’t see it in your eyes anymore. You say you love me but why don’t you look me in the eyes? 214 more words


On wine and aging !

With all the aging it gets better they say,
The body ages but the soul grows younger,

and with this thought unbound, in happiness and still on this earthy grass i lay!