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At the Statue

I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty a couple of times before.  Once, we even go to go up to the crown.  Each time I’ve gone, I can’t help be a little sad feeling that the reality of the nation and culture is different than the ideals set forth in the symbolism of the statue. 168 more words


Everyone Matters! Change needs all of us!

Many people ask themselves, why change isn’t happening, most of the time it’s the people not participating, that cynically ask that question. This however is already the root of the problem, most people aren’t participating, they don’t even try to use their lifes to change something. 175 more words


Sweetness Worth the Wait

When my husband and I visited our friends in Colorado, they told us about a donut place that was a “must have.” But we were only there for a couple days, and we ended up having to rush back home for a family emergency, so we didn’t get to try the amazing donuts. 193 more words

My Life With God

"There's a hidden truth behind that face"

“There’s a hidden truth behind that face
Which she’s used to now.. 43 more words

No direction

There are millions of college seniors beginning their job search in earnest.

And many of them are using the skills they’ve been rewarded for in the past: 190 more words



When I was in the fifth grade my family and I took a road trip down to Mexico for Christmas vacation. While we were in Mexico, my parents urged  my grandparents to take a trip to a very popular church in Talpa, Mexico, so we headed over there. 427 more words