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10 Ways to Cope with Your Stress and Anxiety

You’re choking. You’re drowning. You’re going down for the count. How many times have we all been there?

I’m sure everyone has their own way of coping — or else we wouldn’t be here. 823 more words


Endless Possibilities

Driving out endless possibilities/pictures skating over thin ice/holes chopped through frozen reality/broken dreams in hospital/waiting for repair.

Unknown encounters passing by/sparks of visions wondering why/lives joined in sequence/the river meandering by/sweet and terrible waters. 41 more words


As all as it is

When the dialogue ends
The silence begins

When one door shuts
A new door opens

When a dream ends
The reality begins

When there is a cut… 27 more words


Essence of life

What we want, we don’t get,

What heart like, mind doesn’t accept,

What heart desires, situations neglect,

What we think, we don’t speak,

What we speak, we don’t think, 42 more words

Different Aspects

The heart wants

The authentic French accent had impressed Melissa once. Even before she realised it, she’d fallen in love——with those slender locks bouncing off  her shoulders and coming to a rest by the hips, manicured finger nails reflecting the soft sunlight, and pruned eyelashes batting against lined, blue eyes. 55 more words



You turn the knob counterclockwise
And the door, freshly framed, creeks open
Into the apartment. Complex
Emotions wind through you,
You can’t put your finger on it, 108 more words


Choice ~ Outlawed and Enforced

The natural product of Hemp has been stigmatized and people during the last century have been led to believe that this beneficial plant is poison … all the while governments and corporations have allowed the systematic toxifying of Americans. 139 more words