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Day 59: Challenge #6 - True Colors

The challenge this time was “A Shift in Reality”. This was a really fun story for me to write, I think mostly because I can relate to Ginger so much. 3,162 more words

Being Creative



worn into your skin,

Begin again.

Hold close your soul that does itch.

Scraping at your innards, keen for escape.

Keep it at bay. 33 more words


Question Your Perspective 

If everything is you and you create your reality and this is all apart of my subconscious then what about when I die… What about if I was you and I just died but everyone else lives on… Is it the souls imagination and so we are still alive when we leave the body so everything lives on. 91 more words

The Ancient Futurian Manifesto

All my life I’ve fought to stay on the periphery of conversations regarding the subjects in which I am, in truth, most interested. The reason for this is stubborn obsession. ¬† 162 more words


XXXI: Addict

Once upon a time, when I was much younger, naive, and frankly…dumb, I got involved in an event in high school that resulted in a… 442 more words

Daily Events

giving up and buying in

fuck it, you know
you probably don’t really have it in you
you’re probably better off just buying that ticket to Dockers-ville
get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes and paint yourself plaid… 81 more words