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Mindscapes #1: The Group vs The Individual

It was as an individual that you were introduced to the world. Since that day, however, you and I have been coerced by stealth into a designated form of collectivism. 469 more words


Vermin Drabbles of Disquiet

Photo Courtesy @Spillwords

My poem ‘Vermin Drabbles of Disquiet’ finds a beautiful place in Spillwords. Spillwords is a creative online journal published from Poland and is global in its outlook.Please click on the following link to read the poem: 12 more words


Mend my broken heart

If you are happier with him, go on.

I’ll paint a smile over my broken heart.

As the tears rush in, I will eventually drown in my own sadness. 12 more words


I had read her book Heaven is so Real (in English) twice and in  Filipino  once three years ago.

I’m glad this video is uploaded. Now it’s possible for those who are not fond of reading to witness her testimony. 36 more words

End Times

What Happens When Everybody Else Goes to Sleep

Living miles away from my home has been my life for more than a year now. I left my country and started my journey towards success. 508 more words


Toddler Taming.

There is a toddler screaming its head off! It matters not a jot if it is a boy or a girl, it wants attention and means to get its way. 1,923 more words