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Should I go to Harbin?



my brain says no, wtf. you want to get frostbite is it?? 160 more words


Your right way vs my right way

A boy caught for stealing was in the police station again. The inspector told the father, “Your kid has been in this station too many times already, and frankly I’m tired of seeing him here.” 59 more words


When My Legs Don't Work That Good Anymore

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“When My Legs Don’t Work That Good Anymore”

Yes baby take me underneath the stars and kiss me baby and I can be old gray and totally insane and out of my mind but I’ll always be loving you because you are my heart and soul and you make me feel this way everyday and in every way and each day and I love you throughout all your flaws and mistakes and we found love in the deep south right where we are until the end of eternity and I’ll be loving only you and please kiss me underneath the stars and when my legs gets to weaken from my disease but you are still pushing and swaying us around the dance floor and all I need is a touch of your hand on the lower portion of my back to make me fall in love with you more each day and you hold all the keys to my heart no one can open it without the keys you possess and please take my hand and lead us off into the burning sun set way over yonder and baby I am yours faithfully and unconditionally for the rest of our lives here and in the after life to and we are always better together than we are apart and I am always yours baby… 74 more words


Do Tell It!

When often silence speaks
In the echoing stillness of thoughts awakening
When purpose leaping up, seeks fulfillment
When dreams are birthed from the fiery mists of hope… 148 more words

Jesus Christ

Quote of the Day | 02.22.17

It does no good to ignore it, and even less good to rail against it. It’s a reality we have to deal with.

  • Larry Osborne

Cute Dog Memes 

That’s right if my pitbull Miss Abby don’t like you well I won’t like you either!!

No–No–No Wait bro I’m not ready dang it!!!

Wait a minute I think I’ve got it by George!!! 332 more words


It was all a dream, or was it?

I’ve been seeing interesting dreams lately. In the most recent episode, I played my sax in front of my friends and a large crowd at a dimly lit, yet spacious venue. 641 more words