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Chop wood, carry water

Eventually you realize that the state of the universe at any particular time is merely that with the maximum entropy – that which best preserves equilibrium, the lowest energy difference from the previous state. 957 more words


The Truth Hurts

There’s a difference between being depressed and being realistic

Kinda like understanding the fact you think your smart but don’t understand string theory or quantum physics… 167 more words



I wonder if I am real,
like the burning presence
of your fragrance. I wonder if I know
myself like I claim to,
or if I am just another darkness… 117 more words


Not Everything Is About You!

That’s not a bad thing but actually that’s a great thing!

This doesn’t mean that your selfish and want all the spotlight on you.

Meaning: You don’t need or have to figure everything out on your own. 514 more words

Pass me straight

When I told my girlfriend that I saw her ex at breakfast yesterday,she asked.” Did he say Hello?”
“No” I responded, “and that’s OK.”
When I was younger and someone whom I casually knew did not acknowledge my presence I used to feel annoyed. 212 more words


Expectations V Reality

When you’re young, you have huge expectations. You think you’re life is going to be one big party, you’re going to be with the man of your dreams, you’re going to be super skinny and have a closet that’s as big, if not bigger, than your bedroom. 504 more words


Woman, Interrupted

This is my life – do I choose to be with the mentally insane and not fit into their world, or deal with “reality” in the “real world” which has become unreal due to revenge stalking… 116 more words