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I Will, One Day

One day, while looking
At the reflection
The mirror holds before me

I will find the way my hair curls
Like the match as the fire ends… 69 more words


The Picture of Life

The beautiful brown of the brush below the tree
The tree whose leaves were once upon green
Lies bare yet wears layers of wisdom
Gifted from the eternity of years yet to come… 235 more words


Boy Band (ABC)

Boy Band (ABC) – Premieres 22nd June

Singing competition hosted by Rita Ora where 30 lads are judged by three “architects”, Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton, where the final five singers remaining will become a signed boyband. 131 more words


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel)

Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel) – Premieres 21st June

Science show where the host Todd Sampson introduces a scientific law that he demonstrates in a small scale experiment to members of public, and then devises a large scale experiment that puts him in a situation that could prove fatal if the sums behind it go awry. 101 more words


Don’t resent yourself,

Choose your happiness,

Others may not like it—

But you are you,

You may change your face

Even your name,

You are still ‘you’, …

14 more words

Nathaniel Hawthorne says:

We dream in our
waking moments,
and walk in our sleep.