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Ore's Adventures in Underland

Hmm so its been a while since I’ve posted anything other than a short story or a piece of fiction hasn’t it? Some time ago I did a summary of my weird dreams. 1,327 more words


Lets Talk Laini

Despite the title of this post, I don’t intend to only talk about Liani Taylor (my favorite writer in the whole entire world), but we are going to begin by talking about her. 796 more words


I Critique

The Flower Girl

in seventeen words: The girl with thistledown hair was a dream that Allen could almost have fallen in love with.

The reason I suppose I am so fond of this short story is because its a piece of the larger story that I am writing. 1,342 more words


I exist

Funny enough…my big creative writing ‘aha’ moment wasn’t even about writing, it happened during a certain Sarah Kay presentation and was more of a question than anything else. 700 more words


The Blog Speaks

Hello: my name is Iron-Ore, I’m not just a regular blog, I’m a cool blog. Sure there is some random chick that writes me… but she isn’t important. 425 more words


My Identity

One thing that I have always liked about writing is that it keeps its own records.  You can look at something you wrote in grade nine and compare it with something you wrote in grade twelve, then BAM that right there is not only your writing identity but also the way in which it has changed and developed. 826 more words


Raw Minerals


In Yoruba (A Nigerian Language) Oreoluwa means: gift from God- but most of the people who speak Yoruba are several kilometers away in a continent several degrees hotter than this one. 214 more words