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Happy गूँगा

कन्नड़, हिंदी, तमिल, तेलुगु……..और न जाने कितने लड़ झगड़ रहे थे, किसी ‘PRIDE’ नाम की चीज को लेकर।

एक बन्दा शांतिपूर्वक, बिना लड़े, बिना डरे, बिना पिटे इन सबके इलाके से निकल गया।
शायद गूंगा होना ही अच्छा है।


Let's Roll!

“Let’s Roll!” Are you talking about driving or filming?… In this case: both! You’ve gotta figure though, if you work on a show about cars there’s bound to be some time on the road sooner or later. 114 more words


Lost Art


To be experienced and shared
Not be erased like it was never there
Or ever existed
Because no one resisted
The plans or actions… 158 more words


The Other Side of Reality TV

It seems there’s always a reality star in the media these days, and very seldom is it to celebrate their successes and achievements. More often than not, it is to parade their failures for the discontented masses to feast on. 480 more words

Personal Development

I feel awful...

My lovelies… if you’re reading this, I can only apologise for the lengthy period of time that I haven’t written! There are many reasons.

Just like there are many reasons why I haven’t written in a while, there are many things that I want to tell you about in this blog. 1,014 more words

What future holds?

Have you ever believed in palmistry? I was only curious about this subject trying to find out what future holds for me. Obviously in the department of romantic relationships. 173 more words


Our reality

In this week’s podcast, I talk about how we interpret information which in turns forms our reality and how that can affect your lives and our beliefs. 508 more words

Life Lessons