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Am I Successful?

I’ve been thinking…I’ve been thinking…

What does success look like to me? At least, at this point in my life. What does it mean for me to be successful?

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Comfort Zones

There are these places or zones in all of our psyches that a lot of us stumble upon and eventually settle into, knowingly or unknowingly. They are places that many of us spend countless days in, plotting to leave or escape but eventually opt not to. 523 more words


A Walk Through Realization

Today I took a walk after going to a few interviews that didn’t really pan out. I could have made them work but I want to keep looking. 885 more words


The Time Tale

I had a meeting one morning.

I reached the venue and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The people I had to meet were occupied with something else. 178 more words


Sometimes no matter how many times people tell you how important you are, it’s still not enough. It doesn’t feel enough to actually believe it. Sometimes they are just empty words. 145 more words

How the story goes

The other night, I decided to re-watch an episode of this popular series with my Dad. It was the very first time that he has seen an episode of this show, and the only reason why he was so interested is to be able to witness the epic battle scene that broke the internet last month. 590 more words


| Self Medicating |

A 5 year old boy pushed his bicycle and kept thinking: “I’m going to fall. It’s going to hurt. I’m going to fall. I’m going to fall.” He was comfortable with the training wheels. 1,041 more words