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A Realization on Knife Rolls

Packing a knife roll or kit is something a chef or cook gets used to pretty quickly. It’s a task done at the end of a shift in a restaurant and it gets unpacked again, whether it’s the next day or another, in that same restaurant, or as a fresh start somewhere else. 159 more words


Forever and a day

It’s been so long since I’ve posted because I’ve been so busy, I just sleep when I can. I mean, it’s taken me a week to finish a book I’d have normally finished in a day, maybe two! 327 more words

Letter to My Unborn Daughter

I was sitting there today, in Whole Foods, eating my sandwich and watching the crowds.  I felt you move against my abdomen wall as my sandwich became food for you and me.   1,133 more words


Self-Reflection and Realizations

There truly is no replacement for self-reflection.  It is so imperative to your current and future path.  Over the weekend I was blessed to attend what has been dubbed by my peers as the greatest party of the year.   817 more words

Beth Wyatt

Running Past

Hello, daily dosers! Today I was definitely experiencing some nostalgia. As I ran for the third time this summer, I thought about how I used to do it everyday and how I classified myself as a “runner” just a few months ago. 247 more words


25 at Twenty Five

Often times, people in their early twenties dread the year that they would turn 25 for it would mean that you have already spent a quarter of a lifetime. 634 more words


Dear Inner-self,

I think Im starting to lose you again. You are back to your usual-clinomaniac-crazy-old-soul-inside-a-young-human-body-who-hates-talking-because-you-miss-the-real-you-tolerating-your-moles-in-your-hands-and-sole self.

I promise to roll over your books, buy you paper and pens to write and book you a climb soon. 15 more words