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The sweet taste of indifference!

“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” ―  450 more words

Daily Life

in praise of water

a grocery store’s empty shelf
is where a kid dared to go and
he saw wires and cobwebs
and a bug that didn’t move.
it was the kid’s little secret and… 12 more words


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Another painting by colorsetbrushes with words.

A death in the family.

At midnight
The phone rang.
Bad news, as always,
(The fastest words), they
Tell my mother
Her aunt
Passed away
Half an hour ago.

It’s fifteen to twelve. 538 more words

Random Musings

EDS 103 - At The Finish Line

Wow! The end is near. I can see the finish line and I am close to reaching it. This course has been a good journey. I’ve learned and discovered a lot about my students and myself. 343 more words


EDS 103 - Epistemology

Epistemology has many substantial implications for learning. For example, students who believe that learning occurs quickly, tend to read texts more superficially. Students who believe that knowledge is certain, tend to learn facts by heart rather than understanding the meaning of the to-be-learned. 367 more words


That moment when you realize Gods can be assholes too. Maybe not so much assholes as fuck ups. Broken hearted fuck ups.

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