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extricate from wrong disposition

At an early age, I thought I had it all figured out; I knew what school I’d go to in college, I knew who I want to spend the rest of my life with, I knew how happy I was and I thought everything felt weightless somehow. 271 more words


Mood Swings

I’ve begun alienating myself.
It happens, sometimes.
I start and stop talking to people completely randomly.
One moment I’d be locking the world outside, the other I would go talking to random strangers. 135 more words

Deep Thoughts

Art Therapy

I try to use art therapy as a medium to help with my anxiety, to calm my fears and help lift the depression. Sometimes it works and sometimes it frustrates me. 159 more words

Random Thoughts, Depression, Self-discovery


The past couple of weeks have been tough and emotional for me.  I’ve come to so many realizations. My life is definitely changing, and for the better.   286 more words


Today was not the best day!

Today, I went in for a consultation for my physical therapy so that I could start aquatic therapy. Needless, to say today was a very painful day. 626 more words


You told me you wanted space

Reluctantly, but yes,

I agreed for you

For us, most of all

To be okay

Now and always

But you wanted more… 217 more words


I'm grateful I still have freedom because I'm single

I’m grateful I still have the freedom to choose by my own. I’m grateful that I can still direct my life wherever I wanted to be. 652 more words

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