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[Oct 2013] My Perfectionism

I am a textbook example of a perfectionist. And it sucks. Perfectionism is my obsession that grabs my throat every now and then. 379 more words

Life Story


Here we sit,
huddled side by side
halfway up the sky
watching the darkness of the dawn
fade into day
with nothing to say-

(Also, 6 more words


I Wonder Will I Ever

I wonder what it feels like to be hugged.
Be hugged despite my awkwardness.
Feel the comfort and security his body provides.
Will I ever have that kind of embrace? 131 more words

Random Posts

Apenas te vi, supe que eras para toda la vida


“Realize that when you have people working under you, your blunders do not only affect you but everyone under you.”

One of the difficult things about being a leader is admitting your mistake. 57 more words

Kian Didn't Have to Die

Can you imagine his confusion when  men in uniform came rushing in? He was alone, unarmed and vulnerable.

Can you imagine how he felt, when they handed him the gun? 191 more words


Nothing in life is perfect. Well, except moments. Snippets of time when everything is just right, every piece is where it should be, and the moon and the stars and the lights and the wind and the fucking clouds are in symphony. 176 more words