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Realizations of Note

Been sick this 4-Day Weekend – usually am on long weekends, hate that – so have had time to think and reflect on my New Life New Adventure. 1,053 more words



When the Seasons are measured on my face and settle across my brow
and the rattling bones of Winter moan with bent and broken boughs.
158 more words


Alone or with a group?

It has been said many times and by many people that writing is a lonely profession.

While the act of writing is solitary — who can get into our heads and create stories except ourselves? 553 more words


Pit Stop

“All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop” says one of Tamia’s songs from wayback when I used to cry over unrequited love (I am fortunate enough now to have all my love thrown at the universe requited one way or another); but also exactly everything I am hearing, seeing, and feeling now. 548 more words


summertime sadness

To many, the word “summer” brings visuals of the beach, friends, and freedom. To me, it brings sadness.

To me, summer means the end of something. 151 more words


Changing Demoninations; an Episcopalian's Experience with Converting to Catholicism

   Before the hate comments start streaming in, I’d like to say something. This blog is NOT about me shaming anyone’s religion/religious views or religious denomination. I’m just stating my experience with starting to convert from one denomination to another… 1,570 more words


Finding Love In the Oddest of Ends

After being attached to people for such a long time, there is a point in life where a person has to ind themselves. They have to distance themselves from others and realize what they believe in and what their morals are. 429 more words