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Interpreting dreams..

This writing is not for the faint hearted, please choose your discretion to read on..

I fell into the deepest sleep last night. Yet, I was awake in my dream. 441 more words

Random Thoughts


She is not a fake

She is just who she is.

A very disturbing puzzle

An insanely predictable mystery

with layers beyond infinity.

I know her only as… 106 more words

My Box Of Chocolates



I laugh at the epiphany

That I am just an irony.

I smile at the truth

That I am awkward; uncouth.

My Box Of Chocolates


One day I hope it doesn’t hurt as much when I see you happy. One day I hope time stops the sting. I’m finding ways to keep myself busy but thoughts of you always seem to creep in. 134 more words

What I've Learned from 80 Days of Sobriety

So, I’ve been alcohol-free for 80 days. That feels like everything and nothing at all. I thought I’d write a little piece here about some of the things I’ve come to realize for myself in the past 80 days – things I wish someone would’ve explained to me before I started. 688 more words


That Sunday morning

It has been a few days since we part ways that Sunday morning — the both of us struggling to voice out our disappointments and frustrations on each other because our weekly task has just failed. 610 more words


Dead ends, black holes and finding your way out

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you will never get out? Or maybe you are currently in that situation where you feel that life will never be perfect again.

1,035 more words