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Weekend Funnies - To Blog-Or Not to Blog... A reference.

To Blog, or Not to Blog… in at least 500 words… (no promises).

Okay people. There are some crazy weird blogs out there. Whatever you do, DO NOT read… 909 more words

Viral Video: "Police Squad!" Really Invented The Mannequin Challenge

Sorry “Friends”, “Police Squad!” really invented the Mannequin Challenge in 1982!

Yesterday, it was suggested that “Friends” kind of started the Mannequin Challenge back in 2003, but it has been pointed out that the old “Police Squad!” TV show with Leslie Nielsen was doing it in its epilogues back in 1982!


This particular Y-Shaped Home Concept Is really a Fun Highly advanced Fantasy

This Y-Shaped House Idea Is A Enjoyable Futuristic Fable | CONTEMPORIST

Idea © MVRDV
Architecture company MVRDV together along with KAI Designers, and in cooperation with Imagine Engineering Specialists, h…

Hello WP!!!

MoM is decorating today and I am annoying her getting into the boxes and tubs-Hahaha!!! Oh I am better and back to myself seeking her attention…

Love, Tyler

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I Keep A Journal

That’s right I said a journal. I’d just like to clarify that I don’t keep a ‘journal’, I keep a ‘journal’. The kind that you can use to keep track of all your weekly ‘to do’s’ and ‘to dont’s’. 546 more words


Is DirecTV Now Really Worth It?

With its new DirecTV Now streaming service, AT&T is coming after cheapskate cordcutters in a real way. The service launches tomorrow, and for an introductory period, it will offer more than 100 streaming channels for $35 a month. 1,595 more words


Decrypted: Who needs linear time when you’ve got Westworld?

(Source: arstechnica.com)

This week’s Westworld episode, “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” gave us all the answers. Well, most of the answers. OK, SOME answers. Fine. We’re still freakin’ mystified. 329 more words