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I used to work in for the fire brigade but I didn’t ever put out fires. People would still make suggestive comments about uniforms, poles and helmets. 225 more words


Eleanor Holmes Norton's Bad Parking Job

The height of Congressional dysfunction at work…they can’t even park their own cars.

Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Bad Parking Job.

And we wonder why Congress has a bad reputation? 24 more words


A new study suggests people have a hard time believing black and Latina women are scientists

Nearly half of black and Latina women scientists say they’ve been mistaken for administrative or custodial staff in the workplace, a recent study finds.

(Harvard Business Review) 364 more words


Perfect Gluten Free PIZZA!!!

My quest is over.  And I am a happy girl.  I have been searching for a GOOD gluten free pizza dough recipe for 6 years. I have tried more than I can count. 1,072 more words

Gluten Free

You hurt my feelings.

You hurt my feelings. I’m so FREAKIN’ tired of hearing that!  I have been on this Earth for 42 years and in the past 3 years I’ve grown so tired of hearing the words, “you/he/she hurt my feelings.” Seriously people, grow some thicker skin and move the F%$& on! 203 more words


He treats what she says as if it were ___________. She hears what he says as if it were __________, though she wishes __________.

She thinks it is always _________ and always __________. 75 more words


The Average Babysitter Now Costs $13.50 an Hour

According to CareBabysitting has gotten so lucrative, your kid could REALLY be cashing in.  If only he wasn’t a delinquent who can’t be trusted to keep a PLANT alive for three hours, right?  112 more words