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Throughout my life I’ve been told how admired I am because of the fact that I “tell it how it is” and I’m “not afraid to be myself” and that I “don’t care what people say.” I hate how typical these phrases sound, but in all honesty, I have never tried to be  354 more words


How is That Racist?

It’s funny what a black person may hear or witness throughout their life growing up in the land we call free. Are we overly sensitive? Perhaps. 277 more words


Thinking back to the Age of Realness

We have the Stone Age, the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, the War Period, and a whole pile of periods in between. My favorite, not-really-a-real-thing period, tucked into the intelligent folds of the Information Age somewhere, is the Age of Realness… 412 more words

Attack of The Penis

I am not one to post any feminist craziness on any kind of platform, but there is something that happens when you are a female:  Random guys think it’s ok to SAY and, in this case, DO whatever they want at you. 645 more words

Bougie Beauty: Let's Talk About Acne

So here’s a question: why is acne such a taboo topic? I’d safely bet that the majority of the global population has experienced an embarrassing period of breakouts in their lives, however long or short. 1,173 more words

Bougie Beauty


It’s not for the oppressor to tell the oppressed how to feel. Too long we’ve settled for just enough, knowing that we are bright enough to have it all. 281 more words


What Happens After The Good Die Young?

When the young die suddenly… grief ripples unlike that of when an elderly person, who has lived a full life, passes.

Yes, all grief is grief. 1,626 more words