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Challenge Accepted

Silence engulfed me as the flashing lights ceased. The people that came out to watch, give condolences and advice, retreated to their homes and prepared for their day. 925 more words


Good realness; It's the new Rupaul album! - Album Review

Rupaul’s Drag Race is back in town, and you better know it! More popular than ever, mama Ru shows her realness with the release of a brand new album, coinciding the season 7’s drag race premiere. 239 more words


Febuary 30, 2015

It is a bit breezy monday morning, you’re probably having a cup of hot coffee or ice coffee. Ice coffee has became a fad for me, I am wonderig if I would be able to quit soda and coffee. 92 more words


How Rich is Your Soul

Id rather be rich with compassion, affection and humanity rather than things that feed my vanity.

Because money, wealth and fancy things can’t buy me a soul and what use are these riches to fill my life when my being is not whole.

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Self Reflection

Hello World

How is one suppose to start a blog? Huh? huh?

Oh, right, right, I know, they have classes for this type of thing, youtube tutorials and ‘blogging blogsĀ for the beginning blogger’, but classes never let me express my heart. 185 more words


When the heart wonders...

This isn’t going to last is it?

We’re running out of steam I can feel it.

It isn’t free like it was.

It’s not US… 113 more words


Febuary 25, 2015

Last night, I was watching Scandal on Netflix, I was procrastinating on studying for german vocabulary test which is usually how I study for that class anyways. 49 more words