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Give yourself a much needed break!

Hey all,

I know, I know. I’ve been gone for a more than a week. However, I have very good reasons for being absent, you want a list? 500 more words


People Tell Me I'm Blunt...

People tell me all the time that I’m one of the most blunt people they’ve ever met.

Regardless of their intended meaning, I take this as a compliment. 125 more words


This is What happens when you learn a second language

Sometimes your second language runs away from your lips like water from a faucet.  Your mind can’t even catch up with your tongue but your alma knows what you are saying.  139 more words


Longer Than It Takes

You think we’d have learned by now. Me and James, I mean. You’d think it’d have sunk in, two months into our time here in New Zealand, not to mention 11 1/2 years since we became parents. 1,238 more words


The Validity of Realness

In a world full of satirical stuff, where lies became too subtle that we do not know what to believe in anymore, realness has become something so abstract that it marks the individuality of people. 716 more words



The other day, I think it was yesterday my cousin and I were talking about how excited we were for September. Because we just both already know it’s going to be a great month! 285 more words

Rain In the Forecast...

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow in Christchurch. And the weather forecast for all of the places we could easily drive to get away for the weekend are also filled with rain. 82 more words

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