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My collection signifies beauty, feminine sensuality and inner strength: Neeta Lulla

Her work depicts life and style. She is Bollywood’s favourite designer and has bagged many prestigious awards for her contribution to the craft. Neeta Lulla is one of India’s foremost designers. 921 more words


So Unfair

Can’t deny that I’m sexy,
boy I know you want it – I see
the you dream at it when sitting on ya

face so fine, lips so round… 92 more words


My own "natural birth" misconceptions (and yours, too)

I’m now at that point in my pregnancy (nearly 23 weeks … AHHHH!) where the midwives are asking me to think about what I want for my birth plan. 1,174 more words


As I woke this morning,
shuffling towards the bathroom with distressed iPhone in hand I smile bright – I’m the shxt.

Yes, I know this deep down, 105 more words


A Damn Truth

To be a fool for you would be
a waste of his time: he loves you beyond your flaws, yet you still
are blind.

All he wants is to be held by your doughy eyes; show him you care as he prepares your world of tranquil when you arrive. 82 more words


Choose to Smile

No pain and no misery can take
that decision from me.
I, too, can be content.

Prancing through crowds of ney-sayers, smackin’ my gum, living my smiley truth: I am strong. 105 more words



No lie:
I want to be famous.
There’s a ball of light
in me keeping me from living –

Admit it,
routines are helpful, 98 more words