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Sunday blues realness...

The truth is tonight I was hoping on posting the recipe for a chicken & chorizo risotto dish I came up with this week which was delish! 433 more words


To Write a Heart

How do we trace the outlines of the invisible?
where despair won’t touch you gentle
and secret won’t fingerprint its way out of chest
and won’t poetry its way out of fear… 201 more words


Beauty in Ordinary

The beauty within you isn’t transcribed by the colour you wear on your flesh or the dim number your scaling machine displays or the texture your hair decides to be this morning. 283 more words


Teresa Palmer - Game night realness @phoebejtonkin @likemark thanks for hos...

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I have always loved eyes.

Green eyes, Blue eyes, Happy Eyes, Sad Eyes…

Little windows into the soul

Allowing an ever so slight glimpse

into the reality of the person hiding beneath. 57 more words

This is Basic Stuff Guys.

Lets stop pretending that there’s anything that makes you a “real man” or “real woman” aside from deciding you are one.

The Short And Sweets

Following Your Heart: Being Authentic and Learning to Breathe More

I know it has been at least a couple of weeks since I have written a blog post. I got sad for a while and…the many things that have happened in our world got to me. 519 more words