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5 Things You Need In Your Pantry

I’ve recently added these 5 things to my pantry and they’re too good not to share! They’re healthy and tasty alternatives to the things we all love!! 346 more words


On Realness...

To me, true wellness requires realness. It’s not just about drinking matcha lattes, eating plant-based, doing yoga, and meditating. There are hundreds of thousands of people and programs out there, preaching to us about how to be well and ultimately, offering us the recipe on how to change our lives. 667 more words


Being The Bigger Person

Despite all the pettiness our deranged hormones make us feel, there’s one thing I’ve learned from being petty: It doesn’t do a thing for you, OBVI. 503 more words


Friends in Toxic Relationships and How to Deal

I’ve been waiting so long to finally post this, but I just feel this piece was so necessary to write. Having that ONE friend who’s in a toxic relationship or who’s been in one for forever is not just common, it’s an EPIDEMIC. 883 more words

Friday Nutshell # 1

  1. I started reading this impossibly “in your face” book called SELF-Esteem by Matthew Mckay. First, no wonder I am not happy. Second, holy crap I am a messed up human being that has some giant boot straps to yank.
  2. 192 more words

The Office - Ep4 - The New Girl.... or Lady

Remember way back in July I mentioned that I was being moved to a new branch at work? Well it happened.  On the 4th of Sept 2017. 1,035 more words


The kids are "okay"

My divorce sucked. Then again, I don’t know anyone who is excited to get a divorce. Lots of emotions and ugly crying happened. My biggest fear was the kids hating me, and traumatizing them for the rest of their lives and needing counseling for some unresolved issues from the divorce. 389 more words