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Babies = stuff. Babies also = expensive as fuck. I = cheap.

I’ve never been a fan of spending money. Never. Not even as a kid, when all the “cool” kids were wearing Gap, and I was just like, “Whatevs, I’ll just wear what I like from Goodwill, cuz why spend $40 on one thing when you can spend $4/ea on 10 things?” 1,130 more words


Not every eyes closed is asleep,
Not every vast sea is as deep
Believe not everything your eyes see
The realness of most things is not as it seems… 112 more words


My thoughts on working moms are dark and full of terrors

HOW DO YOU DO IT?! That is, in fact, a serious question. How do you work full time while pregnant?

With a baby? 

With a child?  861 more words

A letter I wish I never had to write

Dear SS,

Today I went to see a guy friend of mine, with the children. On the drive back Ay asked me if he was my friend like you are my friend, I told her no. 396 more words

It's my own special story.

Something happens in my life

I tell you, you tell your wife

The next day everyone knows

There’s nothing Facebook doesn’t show.

I don’t want secrets or lies… 67 more words