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I Take Medication For My Mental Health - So What?

Not that it’s really anyone’s business, nor should I have to justify what medications I take, but I feel that writing an article on this topic is important – for I have vowed to be open and honest about my mental health and the hardships I have subsequently faced. 1,270 more words


More Issues Than Vogue

Daily I reflect on what encourages my creative
My attitudes,
My successes –
As it turns out,
That daddy ain’t so invisible.
His imprint still influences… 155 more words



The brownlow, the night of nights in the AFL world is now a time where we get to see the beautiful WAGS and who is wearing what, sure I believe we are entitled to our own opinion’s – if I don’t like something I’d turn to Matt and tell him ‘Oh I don’t like that!’ – 259 more words


Do What You Love and, You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life. Also, if You Have a Shitload of Money Already You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life.

This might be you:

  • Day job working as a contractor / consultant
  • Working on projects on the side. These ‘projects’ have a low probability of success but high reward if they are successful.
  • 317 more words

A Damn Truth Pt.5: I Does Not Care

Growing up on Eighth street on the east side in a colorless city
had me feelin’ little
Just knew I wasn’t gone be like at least like the ones teaching me everyday… 92 more words


Itchy, Scratchy, Poopy, Stretchy: This is pregnancy.

Truth In Pregnancy: Week 26

If I go full term, I only have 14 weeks left to this pregnancy. That’s totally freaking frightening and exciting all at once (which can also be said of pregnancy in general). 1,080 more words

Church Lessons

This is me purging the weight of you
Parameters of my mind need not be
invaded my the likes of you
Coward blood is what you’d bleed if I beat you down like you deserved… 95 more words