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Becoming an "as-it-happens" business

Steve Wooledge, VP Marketing at MapR Technologies, highlights the shift to realtime analytics and the value of a data-centric approach to deliver “as-it-happens” results. 492 more words


Record Breaking in Real-Time

On the 9th of March 2015 Vicon, the motion capture technology specialist for the entertainment, engineering and life sciences industries, joined forces with Audiomotion Studios… 196 more words


Introduction to Apache Spark

Big Data is very hot in market. Hadoop is one of the top rated technologies in big data. Hadoop became very popular in the market because of its elegant design, its capability to handle large structured/unstructured/semi-structured data and the better community support. 778 more words

BigData World


Pypestream: the e-mail revolution is coming soon!!! Things will never be the same…



Hideout bedroom. Maya Screenshot Viewport 2.0

Screenshot from maya viewport 2.0. Hideout scene. Modeled, textured and lit following concept. Difuse, specular, reflection, normal maps created and applied. under 50k polycount.

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DNA Clicker - Unity3D

DNA Clicker is a game based on the web game Cookie Clicker.

My goal was to make a little game where you will see a planet evolution. 31 more words

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