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Global Fishing Watch provides the global footprint of commercial fishing and supporting data for free to the public and also provides a platform for better monitoring control and enforcement.



Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS Gaining Real-Time Co-Authoring, Drag and Drop Support

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With support for real-time co-authoring, multiple people can contribute to and edit documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iOS devices. Changes made by each user will sync within seconds, plus you’ll be able to see everyone that’s working on a document and what they’re working on. 407 more words


I know that the clouds will clear, and that the sun will rise

I’m so annoyed with myself. I said I was going to start something. Post a blog every Sunday about my weight loss journey, fitness journey. It’s been two weeks since I posted my first one, and there has been nothing since. 183 more words

Office for Mac now shares a codebase with Windows, gets real-time collaboration

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Microsoft has released a major Office update for Mac. Update 16.9.0 finally brings long-anticipated real-time collaboration features and automatic cloud saving. Notably, the Mac version of this software is now built from the same codebase as the Windows version, which means that Office shares a codebase across all platforms… 374 more words


Are You Compliant with New Federal Captioning Guidelines?

New Federal Captioning Guidelines – Beginning January 18, 2018, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was “refreshed” to require that information and communication technology in the public sector, especially web content, be accessible to all.  425 more words


Realtime: Evaluation

The presentation for my project consisted of the project being displayed and run in the background while I talked about it. This worked well for me as the dates ticked up every second or so, meaning I had plenty of time to tell everyone what was going on before the data either ran out or I had the chance to talk in depth about it. 170 more words

Luke Christison

A Haunting Realisation

The Beginning

To start off my project I decided I wanted to do something to do with nature – whether that’s Earth Science or Astronomy I hadn’t quite decided. 1,406 more words

Luke Christison