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Ruby's Pluck (Limerick)

It took every bit of Ruby’s pluck

To leave her spouse, greedy raging buck.

He never believed she’d really do it…

Just one aspect he failed to intuit. 23 more words


My Meanderings

Freshly carpeted turf assembled.

Such as, a magnet drawing me back.

My meanderings…a sad attempt at coloring between the lines.

Contours to a landscape that will never be defined. 61 more words


The Secret

I’ve seen people who are always nice. I even know people who are always nice. I look at them and think “seriously?” But that’s just who they are. 635 more words

Gossip Stops with Me!

One of the things in this world that is even easier to spread than soft butter is dirty gossip! It seems that people love to hear the bad, evil, sick, pathetic, conniving and harmful things about someone a lot more than they want to hear the good things about them. 874 more words


I Don't Know How to Adult

Sometimes I look down at the sweet little angel baby in my arms, and I think…

“Who said I could be in charge of a person!?” 1,944 more words


The Most Wicked of Them All

No biblical figure is more synonymous with evil than Jezebel.

She has come down through the ages as the primary symbol of shameless womanhood.  From Shakespeare to Shelley, literature used her name.   754 more words

Women Of The Old Testament

Life, as I know it.

I hate it when someone is ahead of me, but I am happy when I’m ahead of someone. Why is that? I asked myself, what did he do? 727 more words