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A chill to the bone - Reaper Miniatures' Iconic Wizard Ezren

Dreadful chimes can be heard in the larder, abominations in garish dress haunt the good people of our village and not long until a blood sacrifice to the old gnarly tree is due…yes, …the Quickening and Krampus are coming closer every day. 2,120 more words


Terror in Tendale Wood

Derek was called into work, furiously cooking gluten-free alternatives for customers’ Thanksgiving celebrations, but Matt and I got together over a quick ‘one-of’ ASOBH game last night. 639 more words


77161: Ghost King

Quick thing I did, mostly with the airbrush.


Current WIPs

Working on Secret Santa/Sophie entries for Privateer forums and Reaper forums.

The iconic Psychic is a fun model – I am actually a little sad I decided to do glowing eyes, because they’re big enough that I might have been able to paint irises.  77 more words


Current WIPs

Darkspace Hasami from Relic Knights.  I’m loving the Spectral Moss/Clear Magenta combination.  Thanks to Adrift for suggesting Clear Magenta.

Experimenting with the new airbrush, inks, and techniques I learned at ReaperCon. 8 more words


ReaperCon Status Report

ReaperCon ’16 was just as amazing as always.  The best part is always hanging out with everyone – I got to see Mocha, nyteflyer (sic?), Paul, SGHawkins, leopardpixie and so many others.  114 more words

Reaper Miniatures

2015 ReaperCon Gold Mini - Vampire Lord by Bobby Jackson

Painted this guy for edz16 on the Reaper forums (his partner, who received 01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N) bailed on him).  I got most of the painting done at ReaperCon ’16.  33 more words