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Losing my Marble - Reaper Bones Pillars of Good and Evil

Another pair of Bones painted up a few weeks ago, this time it’s Sandra Garrity’s  Pillar of Good and Pillar of Evil from Reaper’s Bones line, from their second Bones Kickstarter. 351 more words

Wargame Scenery

Odds and ends Update

Reaper miniatures are some of the most fun minis one can get. They’re easy to paint, easy to assemble, and usually look pretty unique. At least for the pewter models. 63 more words


Bats and Rats

My rather pathetic entry for the Undead army part of the painting challenge in July was a single “swarm” unit that I’ve only photographed this morning – made up of a trio of Reaper Bones’ Bat Swarms ( 744 more words

Kings Of War

Mini Monday: D&D Third Edition

Do you need to use miniatures to play D&D Third Edition?

In the year 2000, this was a big question for prospective players and Dungeon Masters. 505 more words

The Art Of Roleplaying

Quick Update

So my Very first model for my new army has been completed. She was already painted she just needed to be rebased.

She has a pair of magnets that Ive crammed up her *cough*bottom*cough* so I can make new bases for her as I move forward so she can appear in whatever projects I make in the future. 35 more words

Building my army. Initial planning and inspiration.

So my first thoughts on making the army came when I was idly looking around at miniatures and stumbled across this little lady by Reaper Miniatures: 326 more words

Something different

Well, it has again been quite a while.  I have continued to acquire and microworld minis, but lately have been rounding out the forces i have by completing additional units, and working on other projects.  608 more words