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Red Hair Tutorial Part One: Dain Deepaxe

Over on the Reaper Forums I started a red hair tutorial and thought I would cross post it here as well. I love painting red hair and have done so on a far amount of miniatures. 803 more words

Reaper Miniatures

Project K - Update 1

Project K is for the 2015 Fall Miniature Exchange on the Reaper forums.  My partner didn’t have particularly specific instructions, so I was able to go through my bag of Bones and pick out something I felt like painting.  59 more words


Sir Forscale aka Garrick the Bold

The summer of slapping paint marches on with the ever-helpful Sir Forscale, Knight of Weights and Measures. Well, measures, anyway.

The overarching goal of these projects is to keep painting /something/ while time is short for hobbies in the summer. 64 more words


Sir Forscale WIP 3

Got up early this morning, carved out some paint time, woohoo! Wish I was a morning person.

First I put some shade glazes and washes on the armor. 145 more words


03485: Alfred Redlute, Bard (modified)

Malakai Sorrowsbane is my friend’s tiefling bard in a short 5e campaign we’re playing.  Modifications were done by klarg1

With this, I’ve painted up a miniature for all the players and the DM.  24 more words


Sir Forscale WIP 2

Ze tabletop marches on! The blue is roughly done, white is also though I wonder if I might take it up a bit higher as it’s still reading a bit too blue. 67 more words


03485: Alfred Redlute, Bard (modified) - Update 2

Not much to say, just filling in fields.  Nightmare Black hair.  Ginger Cookie horns.  Grass Green pants.  Beasty Brown boots.  Splattered Crimson armor.