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Ranta Cravis - the Right Hand of the Liche

Our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign is coming to an end.

This past Tuesday eve, our intrepid adventurers were reinforced by an additional party led by Thematurge Malik D’Orr. 287 more words


50321: Wild West Missionary

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

I picked this guy up at ReaperCon a few years ago, got him to about 90% then left him for a while.  42 more words


Dungeon Crate March 2017

I received my first Dungeon Crate yesterday, and the theme was dragons. First off, there was a mini-catapult that can roll a d20. There are 4 dragon breath weapon tokens (fire, poison, acid, small fire) from Advanced Deployment. 160 more words

Game Of Thrones

Recent Work...

I’ve been finishing up the primed figures that I have laying around the hobby room. I have a few more to go, but this seemed like a sufficient amount of painting for a blog post. 812 more words


Reptile evolution

Also known as WIP.

I have decided to start on Cinder by Reaper, the only dragon I got with my Bones 2 kickstarter.

This is one huge dragon, and a bit intimidating to paint for that reason alone. 325 more words


Bit of progress

Despite officially having this week off of work, I have been into work nearly every day for a few hours.

I have managed to find a bit of time though, and did get a couple of figures painted. 508 more words


Hello....is there anybody in there....

Just nod if you can here me…

Of course it has been a while since I last posted, but unlike Pink Floyd I can’t promise it was worth the wait. 646 more words