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Ep. 181: Overwatch, Our Year In Review


It’s been a year since this award winning social shooter has come out, here what the gang things about it in our year in review! 48 more words


Figure of the Week: Po Wi Set, Nagendra Warlord

Today’s figure of the week is from Reaper. Named Po Wi Set, Nagendra Warlord, wielding a glaive and double sia, pauldrons and greaves. He is a beautiful four armed quetzl-like dragon, Nagendras are in the Reptus faction of the Reaper line. 8 more words


Lost and Abandoned Reveal

This week Garth DeAngelis and Jake Solomon livestreamed Lost and Abandoned, a reveal of a narrative mission that is part of the XCOM2: War of the Chosen expansion. 83 more words


´╗┐Sisterhood of the Stench - Part 1

They stank. They were dirty, grimy – and they stank. They sat down directly across from Rena Blackanvil. One had long matted blonde hair with icy blue eyes. 1,906 more words


Proxy Metagame

There is actually an interesting metagame for proxy now for TvP and TvT. 639 more words


Reaper Knight

The Reaper Knight is one of four knights I made in 2015. This one is a redone version. This was also meant to be Uriel’s main armor.


Another fabric update and my adventure!

So I guess us Spoonflower folks stirred up quite the feedback, because the other day in my inbox I saw this:

So I guess Poly Crepe is staying after all! 342 more words