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Welcome to Bedroom Music :)

Purpose of this website is to give helpful guidelines and tips on various subjects related to electronic music production to bedroom producers . You’ll find tutorials, links to free audio samples and VST plugins and everything that is somehow helpful and related to making electronic music with computer. 6 more words

Fl Studio

A Pungent Blood Cocktail

The smell is like bathing in the hoarse cough of a reaper,
Her lungs a putrid fruit
The last of anything
For centuries now… 86 more words


Music Making Begins

Well now, my hobby has taken off, and I am very pleased.

It has all been rather too easy to be frank. I decided on what I wanted to do, and within a few days I had sourced software, got tips and sourced the hardware too. 441 more words

Let me be

Let the wind blow me away;
Let the earth swallow me whole;
Let the sea drown my voice;
Let the fire burn my soul;
Just Let me be;



i know im like a week late to the Team Old jokes i just cant keep up with u kids these days on the internet…

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Without Wings

Introduction: We don’t always get what we want but existence has a way of surprising us.

I have done the unthinkable. I have done the one thing that no angel should do!

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I am here for you

I am still here
Why can’t they see me.
Crying, engulfed by fear.
Why can’t they hear me.

My mortal feels like a rime.
No pain. 59 more words